This $20 Guitar Pick May Be The Last One You Will Ever Have To Buy

The Luxe Contour Pick is designed and manufactured by the Martin in-house experts that deliver the guitars you know and trust. 

It features an asymmetrical triangular shape that offers three different corners to use for picking and strumming, each with a unique bevel that is precisely engineered so all three provide a different tone all their own.

A comfortable satin surface and etched logo offer added grip and less fatigue over long playing sessions. 

Made from a wear-resistant material that is both strong and light, this may be the last guitar pick you will ever need to buy. The polymer used is polyetheretherketone, known commonly as PEEK. It was developed for the aerospace industry, so it is amazingly strong and can be finely machined and shaped while being nearly impervious to wear and tear. These mechanical properties translate to an exciting balance of rigidity and flexibility, right when you need it.

A special disc is included that can be peeled and stuck on the back of the pick to maximize its grip-ability. 

Includes tin, 1.0 mm pick, grip enhancement disc, and pouch. Order HERE for $19.99.

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