Funko Reveals New Micro-Sized Star Wars Bitty Pop! Line And More

At Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 today, Funko unveiled the Star Wars Bitty Pop! line — tiny versions of the toy maker’s iconic Star Wars Pop!s. Launching this summer, the first wave of Star Wars Bitty Pop! takes inspiration from the film that started it all, Star Wars: A New Hope, and features Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Darth Vader, and more.

Funko will release four standalone four-packs of these mini marvels — three devoted to the light side, and one focusing on the dark — with each including one rare or hyper-rare mystery Bitty Pop! to complete the series.

(Rare mystery items are available as a 1-in-3 chase, while hyper-rare items are 1-in-6.) Every Bitty Pop! comes in miniature packaging protected by an acrylic case, and the figures (only about .9 inches tall!) can be removed for play and display. But this is not the only Funko fun coming to our galaxy.

Funko Games revealed Star Wars Rivals, an all-new head-to-head dueling game arriving late spring 2023. In Star Wars Rivals, players choose a side — light side or dark side characters — to create a squadron to duel for strategic control of iconic locations from throughout Star Wars lore. Heroes and villains come in the form of animation-style, character-themed game movers, and each character has three unique action cards with unique abilities. Funko will release a Premier Set and Character Booster Packs, allowing for expansion of the game experience.

Finally, Funko’s lifestyle accessories brand, Loungefly, debuted a new Darth Vader crossbody bag at Star Wars Celebration. The clever design is based on the Sith Lord’s iconic helmet, while the interior lining features images of Vader and the Empire’s signature vertical lighting. A most impressive accessory for fans of the dark side.

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