1 By ONE High Fidelity H009 All-In-One Turntable

The 1 by ONE High Fidelity H009 All-in-one Turntable is the perfect affordable starter record player system with everything you need to begin listening to vinyl immediately. Its all-in-one retro inspired design thoughtfully combines a turntable, preamp and speakers. 

At a small footprint of 17” x 14”, you can easily place the record player anywhere. Together with a built-in preamp and powerful Bluetooth enabled speakers, it delivers authentic stereo with clean, full sound. Perfect for a dorm room, teenager’s bedroom, or family room!

Features a plug-and-play Audio-Technica MM AT3600L cartridge

The low-noise DC motor evenly spins the platter via the vibration-damping belt with minimized speed variations while the static-balanced tonearm ensures the stylus sits in the center of the groove for distortion-free performance.



Built from wood and metal materials, the retro design will look great with any decor.

33 and 45 RPM speeds

This turntable spins at both 33 and 45 RPM speeds.

Magnet-Type Cartridge & Adjustable Counterweight

The magnet-type cartridge and adjustable counterweight are essentials for any serious classic turntable; These work to balance each channel and produce rich and warm audio.

Bluetooth Streaming

Pair and play music from all your favorite devices such as an iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet, USB player, and PC through the turntable’s speakers using Bluetooth.

Audio-Technica Stylus

The diamond-tipped Audio-Technica stylus cartridge is designed to produce rich sound and outstanding clarity, tracking your record’s grooves with precision for accurate, high-definition audio.

Order the 1 By ONE High Fidelity H009 All-In-One Turntable HERE for $199.97.

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