This Marvel Swarovski Spider-Man Figurine Costs A Whopping $23,000

In an unexpected collaboration, Marvel and Swarovksi have teamed up for a crystal-laden jewelry and home goods collection inspired by your favorite superheroes.

In the limited-edition lineup, Marvel characters such as Black Panther, Spider-Man and the Hulk, are transformed into gorgeous pendant necklaces, gold bracelets and glass-cut figurines.

“Stan Lee was a master storyteller,” Swarovski creative director Giovanna Engelbert, said in a statement. “He has given the world some incredibly influential and exciting super heroes, so it has been a genuine honor to delve into these Marvel favorites and express their individual qualities with our crystals.”

The Spider-Man figure costs $23,000 and measures 22 inches tall. It contains more than 32,000 crystals and is exclusively made to order, taking 233 hours to create using Swarovski’s patented Pointiage technology.

Fans can shop the entire Swarovski Marvel collection HERE!

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