Bruce Springsteen On His Landmark Album “Nebraska”

In-between his chart-topping album “The River” and his classic “Born in the U.S.A.,” Bruce Springsteen recorded a collection of songs on a 4-track cassette recorder in a bedroom at his rented farmhouse – dark, mournful, and rough-hewn songs that reflected the upheaval in his life at a time of rising success. 

The resulting album, 1982’s “Nebraska,” would be one of his most personal, and helped solidify his status as one of music’s most soulful voices. 

Springsteen talks with correspondent Jim Axelrod about how “Nebraska” spoke to his evolution as a songwriter. Axelrod also talks with Warren Zanes, author of the new book, “Deliver Me from Nowhere: The Making of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’.”

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