McDonald’s Celebrates Grimace’s Birthday With Special Meal And Shake

Starting June 12, McDonald’s fans can get in on the festivities with the Grimace Birthday Meal – featuring a limited-edition purple shake inspired by Grimace’s iconic color and sweetness.

The meal also comes with the choice of a Big Mac or 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, and World Famous Fries. Some other ways to toast to Grimace’s birthday this month include:

Break out the B-day games: McDonald’s is launching an exclusive video game in collaboration with Krool Toys, where you can immerse yourself in Grimace’s world as he races around classic McDonald’s birthday scenes to find his pals – like Birdie and Hamburglar – all in a quest to cut his birthday cake. The game will be free to play on desktop and mobile beginning June 12.

Get your party outfit on: Dress to impress in Grimace-inspired merch – from tees to socks – available to purchase beginning June 12 on, while supplies last.

In lieu of gifts: Fans can help drive a donation to a charity near and dear to Grimace – Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC). RMHC is there when families need them most, and Grimace couldn’t think of a better way to mark his birthday occasion than by having fans join him in giving to those in need. From June 13 – 14, fans can visit McDonald’s Instagram story and share a picture of their favorite birthday memory via the “add yours” sticker. For every picture shared, we’ll donate $5 to RMHC up to $200k.

For those just realizing how little you actually know about your purple pal…Grimace is from Grimace Island and comes from a huge family (including his Grandma Winky, aunts Millie and Tillie and his Uncle O’Grimacey!) Our timeless bestie has become a fan-favorite known for his signature fuzzy purple look, friendly and playful personality, love for shakes, and of course – ambiguous nature. What exactly is Grimace? Perhaps we’ll never know…

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