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Earlier today, Netflix stars including Henry Cavill (The Witcher), Gal Gadot (Heart of Stone), Chris Hemsworth (Extraction 2), Arnold Schwarzenegger (FUBAR) and more hit the stage from Ibirapuera Park in San Paulo, Brazil, for Tudum: A Global Fan Event. Tudum Emcees Chase Stokes (Outer Banks), Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Never Have I Ever), and Maisa (Back to 15) were joined by more than ten thousand fans in person and many more globally on YouTube.com/Netflix. The fan joy was palpable as they shared breaking news and exclusive first looks with appearances from the creators and stars behind your favorite Netflix series and films.

Below are highlights of what was announced during Tudum: A Global Fan Event.

Squid Game: Season 2 Cast Announcement 

“Squid Game” Season 2 has added an additional four more cast members, Yim Si-wan, Kang Ha-neul, Park Sung-hoon and Yang Dong-guen, Netflix announced at its Tudum event out of Brazil on Saturday.

The four new actors join returning cast members Lee Jung-jae, Lee Byung-Hun, Wi Ha-jun and Gong Yoo, all of who made main roles in Season 1.

The second season is set to premiere on the streamer in 2024

Watch The Cobra Kai Season 6 Cast Reunion

Fighting positions! Cobra Kai is getting pumped for its sixth and final season. Watch the Cobra Kai season 6 cast reunion

Live Action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender

Water Tribe. Earth Kingdom. Fire Nation. Air Nomads. These four nations are the focal points of Avatar: The Last Airbender, a legendary story that’s being reimagined in a live-action series. On Saturday, the show’s stars — Gordon Cormier,  Kiawentiio, Ian Ousley and Dallas Liu — unveiled an exciting first look at their faithfully realized characters at Tudum: A Global Fan Event in Brazil.

Avatar: The Last Airbender premieres in 2024.

‘Wednesday’ Renewed For Season 2

Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) has been put through the wringer. She’s been stalked by a bloodthirsty monster. Her Rave’N gown was ruined by red paint. (The normies couldn’t even spring for real blood?) And she’s had to brave the scariest threat of all: other teens. But things are looking up for Nevermore Academy’s most popular goth. Wednesday has officially been renewed for Season 2. 

“We can’t wait to dive headfirst into another season and explore the kooky, spooky world of Nevermore,” Wednesday Season 1 co-showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough exclusively told Tudum in January 2023. “We just need to make sure Wednesday hasn’t emptied the pool first.” 

Fubar Renewed For Season 2

Netflix has renewed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s spy adventure series Fubar for a second season. Schwarzenegger revealed the news himself Saturday at Netflix’s Tudum event.

Fubar revolves around a CIA Operative on the verge of retirement who discovers a family secret. Forced to go back into the field for one last job, the series tackles universal family dynamics set against a global backdrop of spies, action and humor.

Schwarzenegger stars along with Monica Barbaro, Milan Carter, Gabriel Luna, Fortune Feimster, Travis Van Winkle, Fabiana Udenio, Barbara Eve Harris, Aparna Brielle, Andy Buckley and Jay Baruchel.

Rebel Moon Arrives On Netflix December 22, 2023

From the mind of Zack Snyder comes Rebel Moon — and we’re getting a sneak peek. In an action-packed new teaser that debuted at Netflix’s Tudum: A Global Fan Event, fans finally got a chance to feast their eyes on the visionary auteur’s eagerly awaited new sci-fi fantasy epic. “I thought I knew what a big movie was until I came onto this,” says one of the film’s stars, Ed Skrein, amidst an eye-candy assault of behind-the-scenes footage that includes wild green-screen battles, grueling weapons training and fiery explosions. Front and center in the new featurette are star Sofia Boutella and director Snyder himself, who says that he has been dreaming up the Rebel Moon universe for more than two decades. 

The details on the blockbuster are still hush-hush, but here’s what we know: A small peaceful colony on the outskirts of the galaxy is targeted by the insidious Imperium (embodied by a deliciously evil Skrein). But they won’t be facing down the forces of darkness on their own. A team of intrepid warriors will soon come to their aid and turn the tide against the interplanetary interlopers. Inspired by the classic 1954 Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai, Rebel Moon is a big-canvas ballad of galactic resistance as only Snyder could portray it. Read on for more information about the film. 

Rebel Moon hits Netflix on Dec. 22 — and Part Two will follow soon after. 

Heart of Stone Starring Gal Gadot Will Stream On August 11

Gal Gadot is taking action to new heights this summer — literally. In a new trailer for Heart of Stone, introduced by the cast at the Tudum: Global Fan Event in Brazil, you can see the star and producer parachuting off a snowy cliff and fighting thousands of feet up in the air.

Gadot plays secret agent Rachel Stone in the upcoming blockbuster directed by Tom Harper (Peaky Blinders, Wild Rose). But she’s not your average operative — Stone is a member of an elusive and mysterious group of elite spies known as the Charter. In the trailer, they’re described as “the most highly trained agents — no political leanings, no national allegiances — working together to keep peace in a turbulent world.” To achieve their lofty aims, those agents rely on a one-of-a-kind asset called the Heart. “If you own the Heart, you own the world,” Rachel Stone’s MI6 counterpart Parker (Jamie Dornan) explains in the trailer. That sounds like a plan to Keya Dhawan (Alia Bhatt), whose quest to find and control the Heart threatens global stability. Can Stone stop her before it’s too late?

Heart of Stone will stream on Netflix on Aug. 11.

Linda Hamilton Is Coming To Hawkins For ‘Stranger Things’ 5

Chrissy, wake up! We just got some big Stranger Things casting news straight from Tudum: A Global Fan Event. 

Linda Hamilton (The Terminator, Children of the Corn, Chuck) is joining the cast of Stranger Things 5. What role will she play? How will she interact with the traumatized denizens of Hawkins? Will she join the fight against Vecna? That, we don’t know quite yet. But we do know that Hamilton is a major fan of the series.

“I don’t know how to be a fangirl and an actress at the same time,” she said during her video announcement at Tudum. “I’m gonna work on that.”

While she wasn’t live onstage at Tudum in Brazil, her old pal and Netflix’s Chief Action Officer Arnold Schwarzenegger was there to set the stage for his Terminator co-star. “Good to see you, Arnold. Let’s get dinner soon,” she said. “And everyone else, I’ll see you in Hawkins…”

Hamilton heading to Hawkins is the first casting dispatch that’s been announced regarding any new key players in Season 5 of Stranger Things.

Back on Stranger Things Day on Nov. 6, 2022, the Duffer brothers revealed the first episode title of Stranger Things 5 — “The Crawl.” As to who’s crawling and where they’re crawling to, we’ll have to wait and see. 

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