Visionary Creator Frank Miller Returns To Daredevil With A New Cover

Legendary creator Frank Miller is back at Marvel Comics, gracing the covers of each month’s hottest titles with bold depictions of iconic heroes! This September marks the beginning of a new run of Daredevil from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Aaron Kuder, and Miller, the writer and artist behind one of the character’s greatest eras, will grace the debut issue with an exciting variant cover!

During his landmark run in the early 80s, Miller redefined Daredevil alongside artist Klaus Janson with daring storytelling and pulse-pounding artwork. From the introduction of characters like Elektra and Stick to his reinvention of villains like Kingpin and Bullseye, Miller’s influential work completely  revolutionized Daredevil’s mythology and transformed the character into the pop culture icon he is today! Now witness this visionary return to one his trademark characters and send them off into their thrilling next chapter!

Daredevil #1
Written by Saladin Ahmed
Art by Aaron Kuder
Variant Cover by Frank Miller
On Sale September 13

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