OREO x Super Mario Cookies

OREO announced the release of new, limited-edition cookies inspired by Super Mario, sending fans on a mission and inviting fans to help Mario stop Bowser by collecting character-embossed cookies and save the Mushroom Kingdom.

The limited-edition OREO x Super Mario cookies feature 16 unique embossments that include iconic Super Mario characters and Power-Ups, including Mario, Luigi, a Super Star, a Goomba, and Bowser Jr. Each pack has its character embossments filled randomly so each new pack offers a new adventure for fans to find all 16 of the designs.

Cookie fans are also invited to participate in a social challenge. Princess Peach is missing and OREO is asking fans to participate to stop Bowser from taking over her castle. All fans have to do is take the rim of a glass of milk and stack as many hero-embossed cookies as possible on top of a Bowser embossed cookie until he’s defeated — aka the cookies fall into the glass of milk. Fans are invited to share video of the defeat on social media to get in on the fun.

The OREO x Super Mario cookies are set to roll out to retailers nationwide starting Monday, July 10th. They are available for presale starting today at OREO.com/SuperMario and will be available for a limited time only.

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