Furby Is Back!

Hasbro announced that the next era of the cute, cool, and weird Furby interactive toy hits shelves just in time for summer. A new generation of kids can discover their own curious little creature and kindred spirit, that’s sure to be their next BFF. With a history of disrupting pop culture and the toy aisle, Furby reminds kids that they can be their hilarious, wacky, perfectly imperfect selves, because that is what makes them – and the world – a little more special. Furby is available now in two new colors, Purple and Coral, on Amazon and will be at all major retailers starting July 15th for  $69.99.

This incredibly interactive toy friend features 5 voice activated modes and over 600 responses to discover, including lights, sounds, and 10 unique songs. Want to speak a secret language that only you and your bestie can understand? Feel like breaking out into a random dance? Need a moment to just pause everything, chill out and recharge? Furby does all of that and so much more. Tell Furby what you want to do with 5 commands – “Dance Party,” “Copy Cat,” “Tell My Fortune,” “Let’s Chill,” or “Lightshow” – for an un-fur-gettable time that matches any mood or vibe.

Furby also responds to hugs, pats, belly tickles, shaking, and feeding of its pretend Pizza Charm, yum! Kids can care for Furby by feeding them, combing their furhawk, and dressing them up with the included clip-on beads and fashion accessories. Don’t forget to comb and style that iconic fur for even more best friend moments. The more playtime with Furby, the more fun they can unlock.

During a time of major digital disruption in the late 90s, Furby instantly became one of the toy world’s biggest and most iconic launches, with over 40 million units globally in the first three years. With realistic ear wiggles, iconic expressive eyes, and even its own language called Furbish, Furby was more than just a toy… it was a personality meant to make you believe it was alive. It sparked a collector craze which drove auction prices above retail prices. Furby was cool, cute, and loveably weird – a combination that kids and the world needed. Over the years, Furby has remained a unique symbol of self-expression for fans across the globe due to the immense and growing fandom that has taken Furby from just a toy to an imaginative brand and lifestyle.

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