Rebecca Ferguson Talks Shocking Twist of The ‘Silo’ Finale

This story contains spoilers for “Outside,” the season finale of “Silo” now streaming on Apple TV+.

In the final moments of the ambitious, world-building thriller Silo, Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) was banished from the silo and sent out to “clean,” just as Bernard (Tim Robbins) had threatened to do, because of her attempts to broadcast the secrets on the elusive hard drive. But unlike the doomed lovers Allison (Rashida Jones) and Holston (David Oyelowo), who both died in their respective turns cleaning earlier this season, Juliette makes it beyond the ridge, thanks to the super-sealing heat tape supplied by Walker (Harriet Walter). Who knew all that talk about Juliette stealing the heat tape would be the lynchpin to the whole story?

But surviving long enough to ascend the ridge presents a new set of issues. First, Juliette learns the video of blue skies and green grass she’d seen on the hard drive –– the one she and the Flamekeepers thought proves the world outside the silo isn’t a toxic wasteland –– was in fact an illusion meant to give those sent out to clean a blissful final image before the toxic air seeps into their suit and they die.

The even bigger shock comes when the camera zooms out from Juliette’s walk to show the silo she just left is surrounded by dozens of other possible silos, meaning there could be countless other subterranean communities that also think they are the last 10,000 people on Earth.

Fortunately, the wait for answers won’t be long, as Apple has already greenlit Season 2, and production is underway in the United Kingdom.

During a break on set, Ferguson talked about the finale, and why she wants people to know Juliette never resigns to her bleak circumstances by the end of the season.

“We always hold onto hope, and I don’t want people to feel that she lets go of it,” Ferguson says. “That is what Juliette represents. It is that last breath, it is that last bloody push as a rebel against everything.”

Looking ahead to Season 2, Ferguson shared with Variety the finale scene that ranks among her favorites, how it was to film on the show’s enormous practically built sets — and teases what little she can about what’s to come on the show.

Read the interview HERE.

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