If Apple Made A Turntable, It Might Look Like The $60,000 Linn Sondek LP12-50

Linn enlisted ex-Apple chief design officer Jony Ive and his LoveFrom studio to celebrate its 50th anniversary of the Sondek LP12-50 turntable ($60,000). 

Since Jony Ive left Apple to launch LoveFrom in 2019, we’ve seen his firm’s work on a historic typeface, King Charles’ Coronation Emblem, and even one red clown nose. 

However, the Linn Sondek LP12-50 turntable is his first hardware project post-Apple!

The special edition model features the Scottish audio brand’s new Bedrok plinth technology. It uses layers of beech placed under extreme pressure to create a solid, ultra-dense material to house the turntable. 

A precision-machined power/speed control button and hinges give the piece a minimalist aesthetic, while an aluminum plaque displays details of the partnership and the edition number. The Linn Sondek LP12-50 Turntable is limited to only 250 pieces.

The combination of performance, usability, and aesthetic improvements result in an historic piece with unrivaled sonic quality and beauty. 

To reserve your Sondek LP12-50, please fill out the form HERE. Following its submission, Linn will be in touch as soon as possible to both confirm your reservation, and to pair you up with a Linn specialist in your geographical area, who will then hand-deliver and install your new turntable once it has shipped from the Linn factory in Scotland.

Thanks to Greg Kirkos for the recommendation!

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