LEGO Harry Potter Gringotts Wizarding Bank – Collectors’ Edition

Be transported to the Wizarding World as you build this LEGO Harry Potter Gringotts Bank – Collectors’ Edition (76417) set. 

Recreate the bank’s opulent foyer and mezzanine floor with a safe in the wall to store Hagrid’s secret letter. 

Construct a spiraling vault cart track with a mechanism that stops the cart at each of 3 underground vaults – including Bellatrix’s vault, which has a magical surprise inside! The set also includes a posable Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon figure and a buildable model of the Magical Menagerie shop.

This LEGO Harry Potter set makes a special gift for any adult fan, and it can be connected to the 75978 Diagon Alley set (sold separately).


LEGO Harry Potter Collectors’ Edition set (76417) – Relive Harry Potter scenes at Gringotts Wizarding Bank as you build stackable models of the bank, 3 of its vaults and a posable Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon

13 LEGO minifigures – 2 Harry Potter minifigures, Ron Weasley, Bellatrix Lestrange /Hermione Granger, Rubeus Hagrid, Death Eater, Bogrod, Griphook, Ricbert, 2 goblins and 2 guards

Authentic features – A vault cart that glides down the spiraling track and stops at each vault, Bellatrix’s vault (which has a surprise inside), space for 3 minifigures on the dragon’s back, and more

Lots to explore – Recreate the detailed foyer and mezzanine floor of bank and the Magical Menagerie shop next door

Gift idea – Treat yourself or give this 4,803-piece buildable model to adult Harry Potter fans and collectors as a birthday gift, holiday present or special surprise

Build and display – The Gringotts Bank section measures over 14.5 in. (36 cm) high, 12.5 in. (32 cm) wide and 10 in. (25 cm) deep. The 3 models combined measure over 29.5 in. (75 cm) high

Combines with other LEGO Harry Potter sets (sold separately) – The Gringotts Wizarding Bank build connects to Diagon Alley (75978), which is sold separately

Pre-order HERE for $429.99; the set will be released on September 4, 2023.

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