Cap’n Crunch’s Uniform Finally Reflects His Name

All these years, he was actually Commander Crunch, not Captain Crunch.

But as a way to celebrate the cereal mascot’s 60th birthday, Cap’n Crunch will finally get a fourth gold stripe on his sleeve, signifying the rank of captain for commissioned naval officers, one more than the usual three he’s had for decades (worn by commanders).

The PepsiCo-owned brand worked with Haugaard Creative Group to permanently update the cartoon sailor’s look on Cap’n Crunch cereal boxes, treat bars and other packaging nationwide.

The brand has already been teasing the upgrade on social media.

It’s not clear why the correct uniform was overlooked for Cap’n Crunch when he first hit grocery store shelves in 1963. While three stripes on a naval uniform did once signify a captain’s rank, the four stripes have been the norm since 1869. The last Cap’n Crunch packaging change was in 2005.

“The question of ‘where’s the Cap’n’s fourth stripe?’ has been a topic of debate and intrigue among his fans for decades now,” Kristin Kroepfl, VP and chief marketing officer of PepsiCo’s Quaker Foods North America, wrote via email. “We figured it was high time to make it official…and while we were at it we also decided to give him his fifth finger.” She added, “It will be another 60 years before we address the eyebrow issue!” referring to fans questioning why Cap’n Crunch’s eyebrows appear attached to his hat, and not anatomically correct.

As part of the birthday celebration, Cap’n Crunch and 60 “Crunchmates” will make an appearance outside of this week’s San Diego Comic-Con, all dressed in the new four-striped sleeves.

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