You Need This Mars Attacks Martian Warrior Animatronic For Halloween

Earthlings beware – the first-ever life-size animatronic from Mars Attacks is flying into Spirit Halloween this season. Straight from the cult-classic Topps trading card series and the beloved Tim Burton film, the exclusive, officially-licensed Martian Warrior Animatronic will make any house look like it’s under an alien attack this Halloween.  

Standing at 6’5”, the Martian Warrior Animatronic comes to life with side-to-side movements of its signature enlarged head and an intergalactic space weapon that shoots mist to remind foes that it does not come in peace. Once the space creature comes to life with his IR sensor activated side-to-side head movement you better make sure you’re not in his crosshairs or you might get zapped! To add to the fun, this animatronic extraterrestrial features alien with laser and wind sounds.

The Mars Attacks Martian Warrior Animatronic is available for $399.99 from and in all Spirit Halloween stores where décor is sold, now while supplies last. 

Dimensions: 78” H x 36.2” W x 32.3” D
Box Dimensions: 16.9” H x 35.4” W x 25.4” D
Weight: 17.58 pounds
Material: Metal, fabric, plastic, PE foam

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