LEGO Announces LEGO Insiders, A New Loyalty Program

The LEGO Group announced LEGO Insiders, a loyalty program where members can discover a wealth of exciting experiences and exclusive rewards, including offers and gifts. Launching on the 21st August, LEGO Insiders will replace the previous LEGO VIP membership program, but also brings all LEGO accounts into one place. Making it easier to manage your account, earn and spend points, access special offers and be part of the LEGO Insiders community.

LEGO Insiders features all the great benefits VIP members have come to love, but with some great new perks:

One Account

All LEGO logins, for members over 18 years old, are now in the same place.

This includes previous separate memberships/logins for LEGO VIP, checkout, LEGO Life magazine, LEGO apps and LEGO Ideas.

All LEGO VIP members will automatically transfer over to LEGO Insiders, including all valid VIP points.

Earn Points

LEGO Insiders can earn points by participating in activities, purchasing sets on, in participating LEGO Stores, and in Target in the USA.

Members can now also earn points by registering previously purchased sets via the unique QR code on the building instructions and cataloguing them on their account.

Redeem Points

Points can be spent in the LEGO Insiders Reward Center for discounts on sets, member-only merchandise, sweepstakes entries for cool collectibles, and more.

Member Perks

Early access to sets, exclusive content, digital family fun, play ideas and activities.

Member only gifts when purchasing certain sets.

Access to LEGO Ideas, LEGO Life magazine, plus early details of exclusive in-store events.

Member Access

Members can share their fandom and be inspired by others. This includes:

LEGO Ideas – share designs, vote on other fans’ designs and perhaps even see their creation become a real LEGO set.

LEGO Insiders Community – a place where fans can unwind, share inspiring builds, learn more about LEGO sets and designers, and connect with other LEGO fans.

Commenting on articles and leaving reviews on

Family activities – via the family area on

In-store Events – meet other fans and members.

LEGO Insiders will launch on 21st August. To find out more visit

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