Conversation Tree Press Announces Faun Signed Limited Edition Book By Joe Hill

Conversation Tree Press has announced a signed limited edition of Joe Hill’s Faun.

In Faun, Joe Hill displays his mastery of the short form in a dark fantasy novella about a group of wealthy hunters whose members seek the thrill of hunting exotic animals.

During an expedition, one of the hunters mentions the existence of an even more exclusive hunting area, accessed through a little door somewhere in Maine. To see what lies on the other side, just speak with the ominous-sounding Mr. Charn. Oh, and bring your checkbook.

The story raises questions about the ethics of hunting, the repercussions of exploiting the natural world, and the consequences of human greed, masterfully interwoven in a tale that highlights Hill’s boundless imagination and leaves us wanting for more.

Limited to 500 copies and meant to evoke the everlasting twilight of the lands of Palinode, the Standard state of Faun is quarter bound in Elephant Hide and burgundy Napura Kepera papers.

Elephant Hide possesses a durable, parchment-like finish that takes the gold foil-stamped title on the spine exceptionally well.

The Khepera paper has a speckled appearance which changes texture and appearance when blind stamped on the front board with the faun skull and horn motif that runs throughout the edition.

Copies of the Standard state of Faun will be available to the public for $225 starting on Wednesday August 30th at 11am ET at this link. Please check back then.

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