Kraft Mac & Cheese College Care Pack

For the first time ever, Kraft Mac & Cheese has created a college care package that is sure to bring comfort to your student.

The Kraft Mac & Cheese College Care Pack includes 30 easy mac cups (add water, cook in microwave then add cheese powder) along with all-in-one re-usable cutlery.

The care package – enough for the first 30 days of the semester – can be ordered HERE for $29.99.

“College students often become overwhelmed and homesick during this back-to-school time and turn to their favorite comfort foods during the adjustment period, particularly those that are easy-to-make in a dorm room microwave, like Kraft Mac & Cheese Cups.

Kraft Mac & Cheese is the perfect comfort food for every stage of life – including going off to college – and this new pack makes easy, cheesy, and delicious meals more accessible than ever before,” Kraft said.

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