Disney California Adventure Park Announces New Ride At Avengers Campus

At Disney California Adventure Park, a new world-jumping vehicle is coming to the next attraction in Avengers Campus to help transport Super Heroes into the Multiverse. 

Brent Strong, executive creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering, shared an early peek at DestinationD23.

The ride vehicle features a design that combines elements of Tony Stark’s time-suits with Xandarian jump points and Wakandan technology.   

In 2022, during the Super Heroes at Disney Parks panel at New York Comic Con, Imagineers shared updates on this Multiverse E-ticket attraction for Avengers Campus. The attraction will feature King Thanos, a version of the villain who “won,” and Super Heroes from across the Marvel Multiverse.

The concept art included with the original announcement features King Thanos surrounded by a number of Marvel Super Heroes from across the Multiverse, like Captain Carter, as well as characters from the MCU in different art styles.

More details on this high-tech vehicle that’ll travel to new worlds are coming in the future!

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