Avengers Vault Now Open At Disney California Adventure Park

Avengers Vault, a new retail location located in a portion of Avengers Headquarters at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California opens today (September 18, 2023). 

Guests will be able to discover the most powerful artifacts collected by the Avengers and equip themselves with iconic gear from alternate realities.

For 2 years, Super Heroes have been assembling across space and time to train the next generation of heroes. They use the Avengers Campus as a hub for multi-world exploration, keeping unique artifacts they’ve collected here. However, the most powerful relics of their collection have been kept closed in the Avengers Vault… until now.

Discover impressive artifacts from other worlds, such as an orphaned Captain America shield found by Ant-Man, an empty Iron Man armor suit webbed up by Spider-Man and foreign Infinity Stones uncovered by the Hulk

The Avengers Vault staff have Level 7 clearance, allowing them to handle these powerful artifacts and ensure that they don’t end up in the wrong hands—such as HYDRA, hostile Skrulls or Loki variants.

With the approval of the Vault staff, you’re able to acquire items as part of the campus initiative to empower more heroes to defend our world. There is one caveat: you may be called upon by the Avengers to help defend our reality.

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