Bob Ross Painting From The First Episode of The Joy of Painting On Sale For Almost 10 Million Dollars

The very first painting from Bob Ross’ 1980s TV series “The Joy of Painting” is now up for sale. The original oil painting “A Walk in the Woods” is listed at $9.85 million dollars.

On January 11, 1983, The Joy of Painting debuted. During the first episode, Bob Ross introduced aspiring artists to the joy of painting with a 30-minute tutorial on “A Walk in the Woods.” 

Measuring 24″ by 18”, the painting depicts a forest scene with a walking path and features the artist’s signature all-mighty trees and a happy little path.

Modern Artifact, a Minnesota-based gallery is selling this piece. It is one of several Bob Ross paintings the owner, Ryan Nelson, has acquired over the years.

“This painting right here is the most important painting. You could call it the rookie card of Bob Ross. This is the painting painted on season one, episode one,” Nelson said.

The gallery bought “A Walk in the Woods” from a woman working at PBS during the filming of the show. Nelson says the woman had the painting for the last 40 years and likely paid under $100 for it. However, he declined to share how much Modern Artifact paid for it.

A Walk in the Woods is just one of the close to 30,000 paintings Ross is said to have created in his lifetime and over 1,000 for his television

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