An Office Reboot May Be Underway By The Original U.S. Creator

It’s been revealed that a reboot of The Office from the creator of the U.S. adaptation of the series is underway.

Greg Daniels, who adapted the series for the United States of America from the original British show, is “set to do a reboot of The Office.” The series is apparently one of many that will make up a plethora of announcements of projects and castings once the strikes are officially concluded.

It’s still unclear if any returning cast would be involved with the reboot. Given the acclaimed comedy series ended in May of 2013, this news comes over a decade after the original conclusion of the show.

The American version of The Office originally premiered in 2005 and starred Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, Ed Helms, and more. The series was a massive hit and ran for nine seasons, featuring guest stars like Jack Black, Jim Carrey, Ray Romano, and Conan O’Brien.

The Office was nominated for 42 Emmys and ended up winning five, as well as a Golden Globe award, two SAG awards, three WGA awards, and more.

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