Baskin-Robbins Reveals New Apple Cider Donut Ice Cream

Whether it’s after a hayride or a photoshoot at the apple orchards, fall is the perfect time to stop by Baskin-Robbins. Just like your favorite fall traditions, this new Flavor of the Month makes the season that much sweeter. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time apple cider fan, just here for the donuts, or you need a break from pumpkin spice everything, you’ll want to get your hands on this seasonal scoop. 

Starting October 1, 2023 Baskin-Robbins will introduce its new Flavor of the Month – Apple Cider Donut ice cream.

Apple Cider Donut features rich apple cider donut ice cream complete with pieces of real apple cider donut, finished with textured cinnamon sugar swirls throughout.

As an extra treat, you can get this scoop 31% off on October 31 as part of Celebrate 31.

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