There Is A New Variant of Loki Charms

There is a new variant of Loki Charms!

Inspired by the time-slipping chaos of Marvel Studios’ Loki Season 2, the box magically transforms between a retro Loki and Lucky.

A few limited-edition Loki Charms boxes were available exclusively online at

The boxes feature a retro-themed Lucky Charms box with the trickster god holding a green rainbow mimicking the classic mascot’s pose. Marvel fans will appreciate the multiple references within the symbols on the box including Loki’s horned helmet, the Time Variance Authority handbook and even the eerie Miss Minutes character voiced by Tara Strong.

Lucky Charms first released the cereal collaboration in 2021 for the show’s first season featuring a different design. Only 3,500 boxes were released during that promotion and were available on a different website.

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