Deck Out Your Pet With Disney-Themed Accessories From Loungefly

Loungefly, the pop culture style brand has introduced new line of Disney-themed pet collars, harnesses and treat bags themed after characters like Winnie The Pooh and Stitch.

Deck your doggie out in a collar, harness and leash bearing the smiling faces of Christopher Robin and Lilo’s fluffy pals… and don’t forget the treat bag.

The Loungefly Disney Stitch & Winnie the Pooh Collar 

Stitch and Pooh Bear will be a dog’s best friend courtesy of these colorful nylon collars. Retailing for $20 each, the collars include whimsical drawings of both characters and an enamel paw print charm by the leash hook.

The Loungefly Disney Stitch and Scrump & Winnie the Pooh Leash 

Loungefly also has you covered in the leash department. Retailing for $20 each, these Stitch and Winnie the Pooh leashes has a padded handle, and a D-ring for treat bags.

The Loungefly Disney Stitch Cosplay Treat Bag

Don’t worry — the always-hungry Stitch and Pooh Bear can’t get at the goodies inside your doggo’s treat bag. Retailing for $20 each, these 2.25 x 3 x 1.25 carriers have zippered pockets and a bag dispenser. Honey not included.

The Loungefly Disney Pooh Bear Cosplay Harness 

Strap Stitch and Pooh Bear to your dog’s back with Loungefly’s Cosplay Harnesses, modeled after the company’s signature human-sized mini-backpacks. Both harnesses retail for between $45-$55 depending on size, and boast adjustable nylon straps, zippered pockets and the finest in vegan leather.

There are even Loungefly Star Wars and Marvel pet options to choose from as well!

Click HERE to check out and order Loungefly’s Disney-themed pet accessories!

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