Pebble Flow All-Electric Camper

Pebble, a California-based startup unveiled its flagship 100% electric, travel trailer: the Pebble Flow.

Created with the intention to introduce a new user experience, Pebble is using innovative technology to advance the RV industry toward sustainability, while making RVing easier and more accessible. 

With a magic hitch, the Pebble Flow All-Electric Camper ($109,000+) ensures both stay intact. The smart trailer has sensors that allow it to automatically hitch and unhitch from your car. Once linked to the accompanying app, owners can control its motorized wheels remotely, making backing into the campsite stress-free.

Tap the InstaCamp function to set up camp instantly — it’ll automatically level the camper, deploy the stabilizers, stairs, and awning, and activate the thermostat and lights. Its minimalist interior runs off a 45 kWh LFP battery powered by a 1,000-watt solar panel on the roof for off-grid use, and when you aren’t exploring the outdoors, the Pebble can double as a bonus room for your home.

Design & Layout

– Aerodynamic Design: We’ve spent countless hours refining the curves and lines through

advanced computational simulations. The Pebble Flow is 300% as aerodynamic as a

conventional travel trailer. Better mileage, longer range, and an overall safer towing experience.

– Wrap-around Windows: Giving way to a 270° view and a roof panel with constant sky views.

– Room Flip: Lightweight, flexible configurations that move from leisure to work time within


– The queen bed converts to a work-from-anywhere office.

– Sleeping Capacity: sleep up to 4 people with 1 convertible Murphy queen bed and 1 convertible full bed

– Storage: Ample interior storage + 1 exterior passthrough storage

– Kitchen: Removable induction cooktop, a 4-in-1 convection microwave and a full-size fridge. The flip-up service window gives flexibility to cook inside or al fresco.

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