How Marques Brownlee Became YouTube’s Biggest Name in Tech

Marques Brownlee, the preeminent YouTube creator lauded for his high-quality reviews of newly released technology, is the cover story for Fast Company’s Winter 2023 magazine.

His polished, quietly authoritative product evaluations, ability to capture the attention of tech enthusiasts, and knack for single-handedly raising visibility for lesser-known gadgets and smaller companies have made Brownlee one of the most influential players in today’s tech ecosystem. 

Brownlee, who turns 30 in December, has come a long way since he began shooting videos about tech hardware and software in his family’s suburban New Jersey home at age 15, under his channel name MKBHD – for  “Marques Keith Brownlee” and “high definition” – a moniker that has been synonymous with his own name ever since.  

His affable vibe and knack for talking about technology were there from the start, but the production quality took time to develop. “My taste for how good I wanted the videos to be was always above my skill level,” he remembers. Even in his first video, he was apologizing for the quality of the lighting.  

Marques has rewired the way people shop for products – and how companies sell them. Read the interview with Marques Brownlee in the Fast Company Winter 2023 cover story HERE.

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