The Yoto Player For Kids – No Microphone, No Camera, And No Ads

The Yoto Player (3rd Generation) revolutionizes the future of play while seamlessly integrating into families’ daily routines as their children grow. It’s the next generation player for the next generation of play.

The Yoto Player is an audio player specifically designed for children (ages 3-12) , offering a screen-free experience. Unlike other devices, it does not have a microphone, camera, or any advertisements!

Shaped like a small box, all Yoto Players operate on the same principle. You simply insert a Yoto Card, which is about the size of a credit card, into a slot on the top of the device.

This card contains audio books, songs, stories, or any other audio files that you want to listen to. Once inserted, the Yoto Player downloads the content allowing you to enjoy it whenever you want.  The Yoto Player also includes additional features such as a nightlight, a clock with sleep trainer settings, and a room thermometer. 

Moreover, it comes with a Make Your Own card, which enables you to add your own audio using the Yoto app. If you need more content, you can purchase additional Yoto Cards from their online store. Alternatively, you can access a wide range of free content, including sleep sounds like white noise, and even a daily podcast. Additionally, you have the option to join the Yoto Space community, where Yoto users come together to share original content and ideas.  Controlling the Yoto Player is simple, thanks to two small knobs located on the top of the device. These knobs allow you to adjust the volume or nightlight brightness, navigate through the track listing, and power the device on and off. Overall, the Yoto Player is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy for children of all ages to use.

The Yoto Player (3rd Generation) now includes major improvements and updates, such as:

– Acoustically-engineered, sparkling stereo sound

– A more powerful battery life (3x longer charge than the 2nd Generation)

– USB-C fast-charging and wireless charging for choice and convenience

– A durable casing defending against daily rough and tumble

– 32GB of storage for 600+ hours of audio for offline listening

– Improved pixel display, night light and WiFi signal

The third generation Player is available to purchase for $119.99 at For more information about the Players, and additional offerings, please visit

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