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Patented: 1,000 Design Patents Book By Thomas Rinaldi

An unprecedented, essential field guide to more than a century of fascinating product and industrial design

From legendary classics to anonymous objects that are indispensable in homes and offices, this one-of-a-kind collection of original patent documents celebrates the creative genius of designers, inventors, creators, innovators, and dreamers the world over. The range is phenomenal: patents by Eero Saarinen, Charles Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Ettore Sottsass, Raymond Loewy, and George Nelson sit alongside everyday designs for tape dispensers, pencil sharpeners, food processors, desk fans, and drink bottles to create an valuable reference that’s also an irresistible browse.

The book will be released on  April 21, 2021  and you can pre-order it HERE.

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Stephen King Plays On The Book With Drew Barrymore

Horror legend Stephen King plays On the Book with Drew Barrymore, and shares incredible insight into some of his most famous works, like why he didn’t like The Shining and talks about his new novel Later!

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Star Wars Complete Vehicles New Edition


Explore the epic Star Wars saga through incredible cross-sections

More than 100 magnificent cross-section artworks bring the vehicles of Star Wars to life. New cross-sections, amazing detail, and comprehensive text make this the ultimate reference to the craft of a galaxy far, far away….


– Poe Dameron’s X-wing in action
– The terrifying power of Darth Vader’s TIE Advanced x1
– Obi-Wan Kenobi’s fast and agile Jedi starfighter


– The inner workings of Rey’s speeder
– The advanced technology of the Rebel Alliance’s U-wing
– The devastating weaponry of the Death Star


– The famous corridors of the Millennium Falcon
– The brutal design of the Knights of Ren’s Night Buzzard
– The mighty and fearsome Final Order Star Destroyer

Order HERE for $40.

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5 Tricks For A Stunning Makeover of Your Luxury Resort

The world is on its way to recovery after a long tumultuous phase of COVID-19. One of the clear indications of this is the travel predictions of the new year. The revenue in the tourism market is projected to reach $539,936 million in 2021 in which hotel is the largest segment with an estimated volume of $284,779 million, according to figures released by Statista.

This is a great opportunity for hoteliers to yield significant revenue. One smart way is to consider a makeover with clear defined actions. You do not have to begin from the scratch yet be able to raise the spirit of your establishment through simple solutions. Take a look at a few realistic ways to spruce up the hotel for a lively transformation.   

1. Modern Artwork 

Art can enhance the value of a space, bring attention to certain parts, invoke emotions and add clarity, according to an interview published in The Washington Post. Pick high-quality contemporary artwork, digital works, paintings, sculptures and photographs from online art gallery created by world-famous artists, according to experts at Phoenix International Art (PIA) Gallery. Get your collection from top art galleries in Phoenix Arizona, AZ, which are likely to add the much needed thrill and chic to the hotel lobby and lounges. 

2. Entrance Makeover

For a great first impression, create an extravagant and high-impact entrance. This helps guests cut off from the real-world and enter a mystical zone. Add loads of plants with pleasant smell, right type of lighting and fixtures along with exotic warm colors and gem undertones, according to an article by eHotelier. However, before adding pieces from a fine art gallery or making floor-changes, make sure the entrance and interiors do not clash against each other. 

3. Bedroom Refurbish 

To help the suites and rooms continue to look high-profile without massive changes, work on the linens. Go for plush white duvets and neutral toned sheets and replace patterned blankets with solid ones, according to an article by Tivago Business Blog. Further, look for original art work for sale in top contemporary art galleries in Scottsdale to adorn the walls. Lastly, check-out the furniture trends which will dominate in 2021 and make the required changes. 

4. Upgrade The Baths 

The washrooms are likely to be equipped with Spas and Jacuzzis. Further, you can add waterfall showers, museum quality art, lots of fresh plants, colorful glass stones and a new set of mirrors. These elements can quickly transform the look and create a wellness oriented space. Make sure to use energy efficient and eco-friendly products to receive impressive reviews while cutting down on electricity bills. 

5. Work On Functionality 

Unless the renovation is aesthetically motivated, invest in guest satisfaction. Increase the staff flow, change the existing layouts and offer more amenities. This can help create a great travel experience for your visitors while improving the profit opportunities. Work with interior designers and architectures to execute the plans. 

You might be required to go an extra mile to stand out from your competitors. However, using statement pieces from a local fine art gallery, loads of greenery and minimal changes can also be fruitful. Guests are likely to look forward to the stay-experience.


Watch The Bad Trip Trailer

From one of the guys that brought you Jackass and Bad Grandpa, this hidden camera comedy follows two best friends as they go on a cross-country road trip full of hilarious, inventive pranks, pulling its real-life audience into the mayhem. 

Bad Trip stars Eric Andre, Lil Rel Howery, Tiffany Haddish and Michaela Conlin.  The film is directed by Kitao Sakurai from the minds of Dan Curry, Kitao Sakurai, and Andre.

Bad Trip will be released on Netflix March 26, 2021.

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Stephen King Talks About His New Book Later On Good Morning America

Stephen King, the king of horror and one of the greatest storytellers of our time discusses his latest novel, Later on Good Morning America. The author also shares what he thinks his character Carrie would be up to during quarantine.

Later is available today wherever books are sold.

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Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers

For the first time ever, explore the amazing visual history of Marvel Comics variant covers in this definitive collection.

Comprising some of the most sought-after and valuable comic art in the world, variant covers are a time-honored tradition in comics publishing. The variant cover phenomenon began in 1986 and was immediately embraced by fans everywhere; it was then bolstered in 1991 by Marvel Comics’ X-Men #1 setting the world record for the best-selling comic of all time, which is attributed to the astonishing collection of five variant covers released for the issue. The notion of variant covers caught on and has now become a regular part of Marvel Comics’ diverse output, with a spectacularly creative set of alternate covers being created for many key issues. 

These works of art are collected in Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers, which showcases some of the finest and most famous variant covers ever produced alongside exclusive interviews from leading comic artists and industry experts. Featuring an astounding selection of covers starring fan-favorite characters, such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, the X-Men, and many more, Marvel Comics: Variant Covers: The Complete Visual History is a must-have for casual fans and comic book aficionados alike.

Marvel Comics: The Variant Covers will be released on March 30, 2021.

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Are Penny Slots Worth Playing?

Everyone loves spinning the reels of slots and even those who don’t play the games routinely try them every now and then. These games provide the kind of carefree entertainment that used to bring many people to land-based casinos. They continue to appeal to a broad audience and the only thing that has changed is the preference for online gaming. Penny slot machines are some of the most attractive games because of the perceived low costs. In theory, you can bet as little as one cent to get the reels in motion. Even though it usually costs more to do it, penny slots are worth playing and these are the reasons why.

An Inexpensive Form of Entertainment

The name speaks for itself and when you decide to give penny slots at trial, you don’t need a sizable bankroll. In land-based casinos, these games are quite popular in spite of the fact that the name is quite misleading. That’s because the minimum speed values usually revolve around 50 or 100 credits. Since the credit is worth one cent, you end up betting significantly more, up to one dollar per round. Even this amount is quite affordable even for recreational players, so they don’t mind the deception.

Playing any slots online with websites like is in many regards a more transparent and straightforward affair. That’s because you are actually allowed to bet one cent, just to get the feeling you’re betting real money. Online casinos allow players to spin the reels of slots and try any other games for free. Under these circumstances, they don’t mind people making the transition to penny slots and allowing them to bet as little as one cent. You can spin the reels much faster online, so even these tiny amounts add up in the long run.

No Pain, No Gain Even For Penny Slots

Online penny slots are the perfect choice for players who want to bet real money without taking big financial chances. The fact that you are allowed to bet such low amounts is refreshing and act as an incentive to try real money games. Some penny slots even offer the promise of big payouts, with progressive jackpot games being a shining example. This is where things get interesting, because even Internet slots will require you to go well beyond the minimum amounts for a chance to win jackpots.

The rules clearly state that in order to claim any of these potentially life-changing amounts you have to bet the maximum amount. You can win tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, but only if you increase the stakes. In order to activate these payouts, one would have to bet on every available pay line. The minimum coin size is low, so at least you don’t end up spending a lot of money per spin. With the right bankroll management strategy, you can be successful with progressive jackpots penny slots.


Mattel Partners With Projectart To Auction Star Wars – The Mandalorian The Child

Whether you call him “The Child”, “Grogu”, or “Baby Yoda”, this tiny figure in Star Wars The Mandalorian has become the most important character in the show. 

Mattel partnered with ProjectArt to create this one-of-a-kind levitating pram that holds a plush version of Grogu. The pram levitates about 2.5 inches above the base and holds the exclusive 11″-tall figure that comes complete with a blanket and necklace. 

The piece is being auctioned on eBay with proceeds to benefit ProjectArt: a charity that empowers youth, emerging artists, and communities with free after-school art programs. 

Led by Mattel Designer, Michael Kadile, this levitating masterpiece was a labor of love.

Bidding is open now and runs through March 5th.

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San Diego Comic-Con Postponed & Will Go Virtual Again With Comic-Con@Home

San Diego Comic-Con has once again been postponed to 2022. The free virtual event Comic-Con@Home will be returning this summer for three days, spanning July 23-25. Additionally, WonderCon in Anaheim has also been canceled and in its place, WonderCon@Home will again be held as a free online event on March 26 and 27 this year.

The announcement also revealed that San Diego Comic Convention is “planning to present a three-day in-person convention in San Diego in November.” Further details on the November event will be forthcoming.

“It is the policy of the organization to continue to closely monitor information from local and national healthcare officials as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement read. “Never could we have imagined what the world experienced in 2020 and continues to experience today. While we are buoyed by the rollout of the vaccine and the growing number of individuals being inoculated, it appears that July will still be too early to safely hold an in-person event of the magnitude of Comic-Con.”

The announcement added: “While we lament the postponement of the in-person Comic-Con, our commitment to this community of fans and our celebration of comics and the related popular arts endures as an important part of who we are.”

Those who have purchased badges that were rolled over to SDCC 2021 will have those badges automatically transferred to the 2022 event unless a refund is requested. To submit a badge refund request, visit

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