Saturday Night Live’s Newest Cast Member… Bobby Moynihan

SNL has named a new cast member: New York City comedy scene stalwart Bobby Moynihan. E! Online is reporting, and sources from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater are confirming, that longtime UCB performer Bobby Moynihan is joining the cast of “Saturday Night Live” this fall. Executive Producer Lorne Michaels presided over the final auditions showcase,Continue reading “Saturday Night Live’s Newest Cast Member… Bobby Moynihan”

Black and Decker Gecko Grip Level

Black & Decker’s 36-inch Accu Mark level ($27) is designed to perform any basic leveling job with ease. Now you can hang pictures, shelves, decorative items and much more with all the precision of a professional — and none of the guessing and re-guessing that damages walls with repeated drilling or nailing. The BDSL10 isContinue reading “Black and Decker Gecko Grip Level”

25 Classic Sesame Street Visits

With the kiddie show starting its 39th season today with an appearance by Feist, Entertainment Weekly counts their favorite celebrity guests who figured out how to get to Sesame Street — including Ben Stiller, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, and lots more.  Watch them HERE.  

Writing Begins on The Hobbit Movie

The Lord of the Rings screenwriting team of Peter Jackson , Fran Walsh, and Philippa Boyens will join The Hobbit director Guillermo del Toro to pen the screenplay for the two planned Hobbit movies. Sources tell Entertainment Weekly that the scribes’ deals are all complete and they have already begun writing. (With shooting scheduled toContinue reading “Writing Begins on The Hobbit Movie”

The Pogo Stylus for the iPhone

My sister just purchased an iPhone 3G and asked me if I knew of a stylus that worked with the touch screen.  She likes to take notes on the fly.   I looked into it and found the Pogo Stylus.   The sleek design of the Pogo Stylus features an ultra-light aluminum body with anContinue reading “The Pogo Stylus for the iPhone”

Introducing Ronald Chevalier

  While we’re waiting for HBO to premiere a second season of Flight of the Conchords, at least we have Ronald Chevalier to help pass the time.   Chevalier is a character played by FOTC‘s Jemaine Clement in the upcoming film Gentlemen Broncos. A hilarious viral website includes video, photos, messages and more from theContinue reading “Introducing Ronald Chevalier”

It Ain’t That Hard, Folks. Make Better Cars by Jay Leno

The type of vehicles America makes best are, unfortunately, not the type of vehicles that people really want anymore. Nobody builds better trucks than the Americans do. Not even the Japanese build as good a truck as the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado. It’s the same with performance cars. The Corvette Z06 has 505Continue reading “It Ain’t That Hard, Folks. Make Better Cars by Jay Leno”

Meet Emily, She’s Not Real

Extraordinarily lifelike characters are to begin appearing in films and computer games thanks to a new type of animation technology. Emily – the woman in the above animation – was produced using a new modelling technology that enables the most minute details of a facial expression to be captured and recreated. She is considered toContinue reading “Meet Emily, She’s Not Real”

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