New Guns N’ Roses Single, “Chinese Democracy”

Stream the first single off Guns N’ Roses’s upcoming album of the same name HERE.  

Early Voting Suggests 2008 May See Record Turnout

Officials in early voting states are reporting record turnout with Election Day still two weeks away. The numbers indicate a record percentage of voters could participate in the presidential election, a voting expert said. Michael McDonald, an associate professor of politics and government at George Mason University, said at least 2.2 million people already haveContinue reading “Early Voting Suggests 2008 May See Record Turnout”

Apple Is Third Largest Handset Supplier

Though he typically shies away from company earnings calls, Steve Jobs took the mic on Tuesday to announce that Apple is now the third-largest mobile phone supplier in the world.   Jobs stated that the company’s $4.6 billion in iPhone revenues this quarter place it right behind mobile phone giants Nokia ($12.7 billion for theContinue reading “Apple Is Third Largest Handset Supplier”

Star Trek Side By Side Photo Comparisons

By now you’ve probably already been blown away by the amazing, first images released by Paramount from their new Star Trek movie several hours ago here. HERE are a few side by side comparisons, facing off characters and items revealed in the new pictures with their classic Trek interpretations. How does Chris Pine’s Captain KirkContinue reading “Star Trek Side By Side Photo Comparisons”

Win A Tea Party With J.K. Rowling

Pick up your pencils, young Potter-philes. Scholastic announced today that they are sponsoring a national essay contest for kids in conjunction with the Dec. 4 release of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter companion book, The Tales of Beedle the Bard. The grand prize? An all-expense paid trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, where five winners, each accompanied byContinue reading “Win A Tea Party With J.K. Rowling”

Motorola Introduces The $2,000 AURA Mobile Phone

Motorola just introduced AURA, a phone that possesses 700+ individual components, a stainless steel housing including a front plate that takes a day to create. The admittedly gorgeous AURA (previously coined V70) is the world’s first handset with a 16-million color circular display, and aside from making and receiving calls with the utmost clarity, itContinue reading “Motorola Introduces The $2,000 AURA Mobile Phone”

Rob Reiner to Direct Book of Shadows

Castle Rock has picked up Book of Shadows, an action-adventure pitch from Zoe Green that will act as a directing vehicle for Rob Reiner, says The Hollywood Reporter. The story follows a young man who must embark on the perilous journey of first love and face many trials of maturity while on the dangerous questContinue reading “Rob Reiner to Direct Book of Shadows”

Limited Edition Ultimate Collector’s Box: Beatles iPod Set

Introducing the Limited Edition Ultimate Collector’s Box: Beatles iPod Set ($795). This is the ultimate Beatles collector’s gift. The set includes a numbered 120G iPod in classic black etched with the Beatles’ logo on the front and Abbey Road on the back. Also included are 13 original Beatles’ CDs, plus two masters and the “Love”Continue reading “Limited Edition Ultimate Collector’s Box: Beatles iPod Set”

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