Tropic Thunder’s “Rain of Madness” Now on iTunes

Beginning today, DreamWorks Pictures is offering the original documentary Rain of Madness for download exclusively on the iTunes Store. Rain of Madness, starring Jay Baruchel, Jack Black, Steve Coogan, Robert Downey Jr., Bill Hader, Nick Nolte and Ben Stiller, is a companion piece to the hit comedy Tropic Thunder, which debuted in theaters nationwide onContinue reading “Tropic Thunder’s “Rain of Madness” Now on iTunes”

Sony Rolls Out New iPhone-ready Car Stereos

Sony has introduced three new iPod-ready car stereos. The CDX-GT630UI features the ability to connect directly to both iPods and iPhones via USB, and Passenger Control which allows passengers to control the connected device while being charged. Other features include front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs, a flip-down detachable faceplate, and a 13-segment, LCD withContinue reading “Sony Rolls Out New iPhone-ready Car Stereos”

The Lego Minifig Turns 30

On August 25, 1978, the Lego minifigure was born. This was a hugely important transition for Lego. For many years they sold sets allowing builders to create cars or buildings, but something was missing — a human element. The minifig gave them that humanity, and very quickly it became an iconic symbol of the companyContinue reading “The Lego Minifig Turns 30”

Kelley Blue Book Launches Web Site Optimized for iPhone

Kelly Blue Book has announced the launch of its new website optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. The web app will allow users to access new and used vehicle information, view videos, images, and new car reviews, and submit free dealer price quotes. Kelly Blue Book’s iPhone mobile site can be accessed by visitingContinue reading “Kelley Blue Book Launches Web Site Optimized for iPhone”

What Do I Do With My Old iPhone?

NextWorth, a consumer electronics upgrade and trade-in company, has announced its new trade-in service for the original iPhone. NextWorth is offering customers up to $200 for an original 8GB iPhone in “light wear” condition and $300 for 16GB models; trade-ins for more heavily worn or broken iPhones will be accepted as well, with prices adjustedContinue reading “What Do I Do With My Old iPhone?”

The 10 Coolest Superhero Cakes

It’s time to give recognition to an often unnoticed form of art… Cake. Long have the mountains of sugar, flour, eggs, milk, and icing lovingly shaped into our favorite heroes (and villains, and superhero paraphenalia) gone unappreciated and unnoticed, consumed by greedy and hungry masses who fail to notice that someone took the time toContinue reading “The 10 Coolest Superhero Cakes”

Rumor: Apple To Release New iPods On September 9th

There have been rampant rumors on the net about new iPod nanos, a less expensive iPod touch, and iTunes 8. The Apple Event is scheduled on September 9th. September is the traditional month for an iPod refresh.  There has been discussion about a “stick” nano and it appears the new design is increasingly likely. MacRumors recentlyContinue reading “Rumor: Apple To Release New iPods On September 9th”

Time Magazine’s 10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer

You came up with the story for your first book, Twilight, in a dream. From there, how did you come up with the characters? —Theresa Kolberg, PHOENIX I think you only get one dream like that in a lifetime, and it was all I needed. Once I unlocked the door, there were a lot ofContinue reading “Time Magazine’s 10 Questions for Stephenie Meyer”

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