New Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Trailer

What’s In The iPhone 2.2 Software Update?

Apple recently started seeding to developers the second beta version of its 2.2 software update for the iPhone and iPod touch and it’s becoming more clear what will be included in the update.   Right now, it looks like the key new features focus on the Maps application which is built for the iPhone byContinue reading “What’s In The iPhone 2.2 Software Update?”

Pepsi Unveils New Logo & Bottles

Pepsi is redesigning its globe logo. A ’smile’ will characterize brand Pepsi, while a ‘grin’ is used for Diet Pepsi and a ‘laugh’ is used for Pepsi Max. The company will spend $1.2 billion over three years to change everything about its brands – “How they look, how they’re packaged, how they will be merchandisedContinue reading “Pepsi Unveils New Logo & Bottles”

Stephen King on TV’s Role In The Election

The most popular soap opera of 2008 has been the presidential campaign. Those of us who’ve become addicted to it (I am one, although I say it with no pride) have had a chance to savor every quip, gaffe, and tear. We’ve listened to thousands of pundits and 10,000 sound bites. If words were weasels,Continue reading “Stephen King on TV’s Role In The Election”

Jay Walker’s Amazing Library

Nothing quite prepares you for the culture shock of Jay Walker’s library. You exit the austere parlor of his New England home and pass through a hallway into the bibliographic equivalent of a Disney ride. Stuffed with landmark tomes and eye-grabbing historical objects—on the walls, on tables, standing on the floor—the room occupies about 3,600Continue reading “Jay Walker’s Amazing Library”

Dr Pepper Making Good On Guns N’ Roses Offer

Guns N’ Roses fans thirsting for the upcoming “Chinese Democracy” will have a sweet, fizzy treat to savor as they listen.Dr Pepper is making good on a prior promise to provide every person in America a can of the soft drink if the album were to arrive in 2008, and yesterday (Oct. 22) revealed details ofContinue reading “Dr Pepper Making Good On Guns N’ Roses Offer”

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