McDonald’s Hamburglar Is Back!

McDonald’s Hamburglar is one of the most recognizable fast-food mascots. As the foil to the lovable Ronald McDonald, the mischief maker will stop at nothing to steal and hoard every last burger for himself. But for the past several years, the Hamburglar’s whereabouts have been unknown.  Now the cunning food criminal is back—and up toContinue reading “McDonald’s Hamburglar Is Back!”

Watch The Asteroid City Trailer

The Asteroid City trailer has been released for the upcoming Wes Anderson movie, which takes place in a fictional American desert town in 1955. Focus Features will release the movie in a limited capacity on June 16, 2023, before expanding it one week later on June 23, 2023. “The itinerary of a Junior Stargazer/Space CadetContinue reading “Watch The Asteroid City Trailer”

Disney Debuts “Disney100 Special Look” Super Bowl LVII Commercial

The Walt Disney Company marks its 100th anniversary on Oct. 16, 2023, and throughout the year, will celebrate the fans and storytellers who have sparked the joy and magic that is Disney over the last 100 years. Today, Disney honors those fans and creators with a special commercial debuting during Super Bowl LVII that spotlightsContinue reading “Disney Debuts “Disney100 Special Look” Super Bowl LVII Commercial”

PopCorners Breaking Bad Commercial

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have a new product on the market and it’s “air popped, not fried.” Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their “Breaking Bad” characters in a new commercial for PopCorners that debuted February 6 and will air during the Super Bowl.

Irv’s Burgers Partners With ‘The Menu’ To Offer ‘Just A Well-Made Cheeseburger’

This month, historic West Hollywood stand Irv’s Burgers is collaborating with Searchlight Pictures to offer a special based on the thriller’s climactic dish. One of the crucial plot points from “The Menu” revolves around a cheeseburger? The satire which is now streaming on HBO Max is largely about a pretentious tasting menu restaurant situated onContinue reading “Irv’s Burgers Partners With ‘The Menu’ To Offer ‘Just A Well-Made Cheeseburger’”

Watch The Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? Trailer

The year was 1996, and the cola wars were raging. Despite Pepsi’s celeb-soaked advertisements, Coke still held the bigger market share, so the second-place brand decided to roll out their biggest campaign ever: Called “Pepsi Stuff,” it featured a soon-to-be infamous commercial implying that if you just bought enough of their products, you could useContinue reading “Watch The Pepsi, Where’s My Jet? Trailer”

Danny DeVito Is Jersey Mike’s First-Ever Celebrity Endorser

Veteran actor and New Jersey native Danny DeVito grew up mere miles from the original Jersey Mike’s sub shop on Point Pleasant Beach. While that certainly isn’t a requirement to star in one of the brand’s ads, it does make him uniquely suited to speak to its enduring draw, which is exactly what he’s doingContinue reading “Danny DeVito Is Jersey Mike’s First-Ever Celebrity Endorser”

Ad-Supported Disney+ Subscription Tier To Launch In The U.S. On December 8

On December 8, Disney+ will introduce its much-anticipated ad-supported subscription offering in the U.S., delivering more choice to consumers than ever before. With the launch, a new and comprehensive slate of subscription plans will be made available across Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, and the Disney Bundle, giving viewers ultimate flexibility in choosing an option that suitsContinue reading “Ad-Supported Disney+ Subscription Tier To Launch In The U.S. On December 8”

Mark Hamill Works The Jack In The Box Drive Thru

Actor and movie icon Mark Hamill returns to one of his very first roles: working the Jack in the Box drive thru. He was fired the first time for doing character voices. Now he’s surprising fans with voices, autographs and tales from the past.  A teenaged Mark Hamill worked at the chain in the 1970sContinue reading “Mark Hamill Works The Jack In The Box Drive Thru”

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