Amazon Kindle 2

With over 500,000 units sold, the Amazon Kindle e-book reader might just be the coolest thing to happen to books since Gutenberg, but just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean you can’t make it better. Enter the Amazon Kindle 2 ($359), a svelte device overhaul featuring the sort of upgrades that seem to imply that Amazon actuallyContinue reading “Amazon Kindle 2”

More Information On The Limited Edition Of Stephen King’s, “One For The Road”

Stephen King’s short story “One For The Road” will be released in a strictly-limited, extensively illustrated, full color hardcover edition that will be published by PS Publishing in the spring of 2009. Jim Hannah is the artist for the book.  There will be 19 color illustrations plus a wraparound cover and each of them willContinue reading “More Information On The Limited Edition Of Stephen King’s, “One For The Road””

Stephen King’s UR, Exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle

Author Stephen King announced today that he is releasing a novella, “Ur,” which will only be available on Amazon’s Kindle. At the center of Ur is lovelorn college English instructor Wesley Smith, who can’t seem to get his ex-girlfriend’s parting shot out of his head: “Why can’t you just read off the computer like theContinue reading “Stephen King’s UR, Exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle”

Google Launches Google Book Search for iPhone

Google has launched a mobile version of its Google Book Search service. The new iPhone- and iPod touch-friendly interface gives users access to over 1.5 million public domain books directly from their device. The books have been optimized to be read on a small screen, and are available for free. To access Google Book SearchContinue reading “Google Launches Google Book Search for iPhone”

Free Stephen King Digital Comic

Marvel Comics is offering visitors of a complimentary digital version of the complete first issue of The Stand: Captain Trips issue # 1.  This download also includes the Captain Trips Sketch Book.  – A must have file for The Stand’s constant readers.  Click HERE for the download.  

The Future Of Books

Designer Kyle Bean has created a design that illustrates the issues with “technology and the Internet, and the effect it is having on the way we source information”. We are becoming a society that is more virtual. We download music rather than purchase CD’s, we research on the net, rather than going to the libraryContinue reading “The Future Of Books”

Cover Art For Stephen King’s The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two)

Cemetery Dance Publications sent me the cover art for The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two) today. This second venture into the world of Stephen King’s stories will contain even more artwork and detailed illustrations that could only have come from the inspired hands of artist Glenn Chadbourne. An original Cemetery Dance Publications publishing event, thisContinue reading “Cover Art For Stephen King’s The Secretary of Dreams (Volume Two)”

Stephen King Novella Will Appear In Summer Esquire Magazine

I spoke to Stephen King’s office yesterday about the upcoming novella entitled Morality.  According to Marsha DeFilippo, Mr. King’s assistant, the story will appear this summer in Esquire magazine possibly around July.  I’ll post more information when it becomes available.

What To Do With Books If You Don’t Like To Read

Just because you don’t enjoy reading a good book, doesn’t mean there aren’t many other uses for all of those books piled up in the attic.  Check them out HERE.  

Amazon’s Kindle 2.0?

Amazon will host a media event in the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City on Feb. 9. The timing and the venue strongly suggest that Amazon will use the event to announce Kindle 2.0, which industry watchers say will likely be a slimmer and better-designed device, aimed at spurring adoption by more mainstreamContinue reading “Amazon’s Kindle 2.0?”

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