LG StanbyME Go Portable Smart Touch Screen

From camping to tailgating, there are plenty of reasons to want a portable TV.  Yet most displays are fragile and not well-suited for life on the move. LG’s StanbyME GO is a welcome exception.  It integrates a 27-inch display into a hard sided briefcase-style design, keeping it protected when moving from place to place whileContinue reading “LG StanbyME Go Portable Smart Touch Screen”

Klarus CL2 Camping Light

This bright CL2 camping light from Klarus is ideal for camping, dinner parties, tailgating, and other outdoor activities.  It packs four folding light blades that produce a total of 750 lumens.  It can hang, be used in tabletop mode, or as a handheld flashlight, and offers multiple color temperatures, SOS, and red flashing light modes.Continue reading “Klarus CL2 Camping Light”

Hedgehog Toiletry Roll

The Hedgehog is ready to roll wherever the road takes you. Whether you are Overlanding in the outback or tackling a big city, nobody likes to be funky any longer than they have to.  This Toiletry Roll is packed with features that make getting clean fun and easy. Rolled up, the Hedgehog is actually moreContinue reading “Hedgehog Toiletry Roll”

The Airstream Rangeline

Get ready to explore the new frontier of travel with the all-new Airstream Rangeline Touring Coach (Pricing starts at $134,582). Built on the proven RAM ProMaster 3500 chassis, Rangeline features a modern, European-inspired interior that puts a premium on versatility. Whether heading out on a long road trip or simply heading across town, this 21-footContinue reading “The Airstream Rangeline”

Bass Pro Shops Announces New Outdoor Superstore Coming To Irvine, California

Bass Pro Shops has announced plans for a new destination retail superstore in Alton Marketplace in Irvine, California. The 140,000-square-foot store is expected to open in late 2022 or early 2023, Alton Marketplace sits squarely within one of the most desirable retail locations in North America. Located in the heart of Irvine near the junctionContinue reading “Bass Pro Shops Announces New Outdoor Superstore Coming To Irvine, California”

The Muncher – Titanium Multi Tool Utensil

The Muncher titanium multi tool utensil ($40) is a must-have utility accessory for those who love to explore and partake in outdoor activities like camping, backpacking, and rock climbing. It is lightweight, capable of performing nine dining and activity-related functionalities, and is made from aerospace-grade titanium for lasting durability. The meticulously engineered tip of theContinue reading “The Muncher – Titanium Multi Tool Utensil”

LifeStraw Peak Series Straw

The new Peak Series Personal Water Filter Straw ($19.95) is an ultra-lightweight personal water filter that boasts a better grip, an enhanced flow rate for easy sipping, a built-in gravity hose attachment, and universal threading for attaching to squeeze bottles.  Weighing only 2.3 oz. and taking up little space, the LifeStraw Peak water filter strawContinue reading “LifeStraw Peak Series Straw”

PACT Outdoors Bathroom Kit

The first all-in-one bathroom kit for your outdoor adventures, and the cleanest way to poop outdoors.  PACT Wipes are thicker, more compact, and get you cleaner. PACT Tabs use mycelium from fungi to breakdown poop 10x faster, while killing bacteria that endanger wildlife and waterways. Drop the wipe and tabs into the hole and letContinue reading “PACT Outdoors Bathroom Kit”

Introducing The REI Co-Op Special Edition Basecamp Camper

Airstream and REI have teamed up to deliver a fully-equipped Basecamp camper that is adventure-ready, inside and out! Pulling from REI’s extensive catalog of outdoor gear, the camper features a composting toilet, recirculating water heater, and a UV-LED water filtration system. An optional upgrade adds 360 watts of solar power thanks to flexible Merlin solarContinue reading “Introducing The REI Co-Op Special Edition Basecamp Camper”

Victorinox Replica 1897 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife

The original Swiss icon synonymous with intrepid adventure is back. Meet Replica 1897 Limited Edition, a collector’s blade of undeniable exclusivity. Created to celebrate the 125-year anniversary of the original Swiss Army Knife, this covetable design is set to cause a stir. Decked out in red retro glory, it features vulcanized fiber scales and theContinue reading “Victorinox Replica 1897 Limited Edition Swiss Army Knife”

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