Introducing The GTU 10 From Garmin

The Garmin GTU 10 Tracker ($200) is a tiny GPS locator that both is both lightweight and waterproof. The device attaches easily to a backpack, pet collar or rear seat headrest. With it you get one year of standard tracking, which lets you see its location via computer or via app, the latter of whichContinue reading “Introducing The GTU 10 From Garmin”

Pacsafe SlingSafe 300 Review

Pacsafe’s SlingSafe 300 ($99.99) Travel Daypack is an attractive, lightweight, and secure option for sightseeing, short day trips, or everyday use. The backpack is made of nylon twill that is available in 3 colors: black, deep chocolate, and sage green. I found the pack to be very comfortable to wear, and the adjustable shoulder strapsContinue reading “Pacsafe SlingSafe 300 Review”

Coleman Micro Quad Lantern

The Coleman Micro Quad Lantern ($36) is a clever new product that alleviates the need to purchase four separate flashlights. It includes four light pods that function as emergency hand-held lights or together act like a 360-degree lantern when combined in their base. Each pod charges via the base’s 4 AA batteries and features aContinue reading “Coleman Micro Quad Lantern”

British Army Knife

Made in England from solid stainless steel and sporting a no-nonsense look, the British Army Knife ($27-$32) is a fine pocket blade. Available in both two- and three-bladed versions, each one has a 2.25-inch straight blade and a hooked blade that serves as a can opener, while the three-bladed model also holds a pointed marlinspikeContinue reading “British Army Knife”

Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Multi-Purpose Swiss Army Knife

The Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Translucent Swiss Army Knife ($250) is the ultimate pocket knife that could have been conceived by “Q” for James Bond’s next mission. This handy versatile tool would put MacGyver out of business. The well constructed multi-tool includes familiar and traditional Victorinox tools such as a fish scaler, chisel, wood saw, scissors,Continue reading “Victorinox SwissChamp XLT Multi-Purpose Swiss Army Knife”

Transparent Canoe

Constructed of transparent Lexan the Transparent Canoe/Kayak ($1,475) measures just over 11′ in length and is designed for comfort with a wide water displacement with lower deck seating (adjustable). Carrying two people (up to 425 lbs) in high visibility comfort, the see-through skiff won’t satisfy our hard-core enthusiasts, but the Transparent Canoe isn’t just noveltyContinue reading “Transparent Canoe”

The Gerber Strata Multitool

The Gerber Strata ($104) is an amazing compact 7.4oz stainless steel finished multi-tool that includes 13 different components that any outdoorsman or craftsman would require. This handy multi-plier’s features include needle-nose pliers equipped with a wire cutter, carbide pinch cutters, saw, 1/2-inch fine edge and serrated blade, can and bottle opener, scissors, large flathead driver,Continue reading “The Gerber Strata Multitool”

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