Alfalfa Romeo

Designers at Warwick University have built a 150mph racing car using sustainable parts. The steering wheel is made from an extract of carrots, the breaks are from ground cashew nuts and the bodywork from potatoes. The vehicle runs on a mixture of chocolate and vegetable oils. Read more HERE.  

The Puma

  Introducing the PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) a sort of giant, two-person Segway that is designed for commuters, with a 35-mile range from its lithium-ion batteries. It has a top speed of 35 MPH, which is plenty for city cruising. Both GM and Segway hope to have the PUMA on the road byContinue reading “The Puma”

India Releases A $2,200 Car

The LA Times reports on the release of Tata Motors’ Nano, a car that costs as much as a nice notebook computer. A million people have applied, but because Tata is only making about 60,000 this year, they’ll only receive a Nano if they’re chosen in a lottery. The Nano will start at $2,200 afterContinue reading “India Releases A $2,200 Car”

It’s Officially The Future…The Flying Car Has Arrived

  After years of being the staple of science fiction movies and cartoons, the flying car is finally here.  The team at Terrafugia Transition have designed a car that changes into a plane in 30 seconds.  It runs on regular unleaded gas, and can be yours for a mere $194,000.  

A Century Of Motoring In America

The first Model T rolled out in 1908. In-N-Out introduced the drive-through in 1948. The first car phone—weighing 90 pounds—was released in Stockholm in 1956. These and other landmarks from our century of motoring in America are featured below. (Click image to make larger)

Best And Worst Used Cars

Buying a used car is often the best choice for consumers. If well-maintained, it can be a good value and later models have many of the newer safety features as well. The models listed HERE have the best and worst reliability history in the 10 years (1999-2008) covered by the Consumer Reports Annual Auto Survey. For moreContinue reading “Best And Worst Used Cars”

Car Tunes

The New Ford Focus ad features 21 instruments made from the parts two new Focus cars. Not only have they been made for real but trained musicians were used to play a specially created track by movie composer Craig Richey. The ad agency selected one of the worlds top Directors Noam Murro to capture Ford’sContinue reading “Car Tunes”

Dirty Car Art

  Scott Wade is an unusual artist. Instead of using canvas or paper, he creates images on dirty cars. While the rest of us exasperate the cliche of writing “Wash Me” on dirty car windows, Wade puts decidedly more time and effort into his creations. Some of the works found among his creations include portraitsContinue reading “Dirty Car Art”

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