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A New Dark Knight Rises – Check Out The New Batman

A new year means new beginnings, and DC is kicking off 2021 by introducing a new Dark Knight in the just released Future State: The Next Batman. This exciting four-issue limited series will be written by Academy Award-winning writer John Ridley and illustrated by Nick Derington and Laura Braga. The Next Batman will see Lucius Fox’s son Tim don the Batman mantle and take on Gotham’s corrupt ruling class.

While crafting his story, there was no question for Ridley on who the next Dark Knight would be.

“Tim (Fox) was the first choice,” explains Ridley. “I think there are a lot of characters out there that could have been Batman, but for me, I think their motivations were not hyper clear. And I don’t want to force change to either the detriment of stories that came before or having to overly modify what was going to come. Tim just allowed for a really particular narrative, which we believe is going to allow for a very particular incarnation of his Batman.”

Tim Fox first appeared in 1979’s Batman #313, where he was introduced as Lucius Fox’s troubled son. Ridley had fond memories of reading Len Wein and Irv Novick’s Bronze Age Batman storylines and enjoyed catching up on them in preparation for this series.

“DC’s got an amazing library of stuff that they’ve lent,” he reveals. “PDFs going back in the day, going back finding every occurrence of Tim. More than just the Batman stuff. Honestly, it’s just where the Fox family showed up, getting as much of a primer on them as humanly possible.”

The Gotham that Tim will be facing will be a bit different than the one most readers are familiar with. In the world of DC Future State, the city resembles a police state, with a law enforcement agency known as the Magistrate ruling with an iron fist.

“There are going to be changes in the hierarchical structure of the Gotham City police, of the administrations—all kinds of things going on with Bat people,” Ridley teases. “Gotham is a character. It represents any major urban area and all the challenges that go with it—all kinds of crime, high and low, all kinds of people, all kinds of neighborhoods, all kinds of perspectives, people on the right side of the law who view what implementation of the law means, and certainly all kinds of people on the wrong side of the law, who want to take advantage of everything that’s in the city, take advantage of people and opportunities. I want to lean into the human vastness of Gotham City. You look at any major metropolitan area and there are just difficulties of policing those cities, and I don’t mean the political difficulties of it. I mean just how many officers per capita, per square mile. How do the beat cops see things differently than the detectives and the political administration?”

Read more HERE.

Future State: The Next Batman by John Ridley, Nick Derington,Tamra Bonvillain and others is now available in print and as a digital comic book.

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Black Panther Linocut Print By Peter Santa-Maria

Sideshow presents the Black Panther Linocut on Lokta Paper, a handcrafted Marvel art collectible created by artist Peter Santa-Maria.

Leaping from the brush, the Black Panther strikes! This stylish depiction of the King of Wakanda uses detailed hatching and bold swathes of black ink to capture the dynamic motion and intricate designs in T’Challa’s vibranium-woven suit in action. Flanked by two prowling panthers, the hero is framed by a halo of spears while the futuristic skyline of Wakanda itself rises behind him, tall and proud.

Each Black Panther Linocut on Lokta Paper is handcrafted and one of a kind, created using certified archival printmaking ink on handmade Nepalese Lokta paper. Each unique print in the Sideshow exclusive edition of 120 pieces is hand-signed and numbered by Peter Santa-Maria, making this a must-have collector item for Marvel fans.

Bring home the beauty of Wakanda for your wall and add the Black Panther Linocut on Lokta Paper by Peter Santa-Maria to your collection today.

Print details:

– Officially licensed by Marvel
– Limited edition of 120
– Approx. 20 x 30” linocut block print, 25 x 31” with frame
– Handmade Nepalese Lokta paper
– Oil-based Certified Archival Printmaking Ink
– Hand signed and numbered by the artist, Peter Santa-Maria
– Please Note: Each print in this edition is handmade by the artist, and one-of-a-kind. Ink, marks and paper may vary slightly.
– Estimated Arrival: Feb 2021 – Mar 2021

Order HERE for $100.

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Disney Confirms That The New Avengers Campus Will Debut In 2021 At California Adventure

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Disneyland had to alter or delay many of its plans for 2020. While the park has been closed since March of last year and still has no confirmed date for reopening, the company is planning to get back on schedule in 2021.

Disney recently confirmed that the new Avengers Campus will debut in 2021 at its California Adventure theme park. The company made the announcement in a recent email to the D23 Disney fan club.

The Avengers Campus, based off the popular comic and movie characters, was originally set to open in mid-July of last year. A specific date has not been set for the Avengers Campus opening.

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The First Publishing Works For Star Wars: The High Republic Land On Shelves

The first publishing works for Star Wars: The High Republic, an all-new epic series of books, novels, and comics, is now available!  Whether you’re a core fan or new to Star Wars, young or young-at-heart, this vast, interconnected saga brings a new era never before seen in the Star Wars galaxy.

In this new saga, five high-profile, fan-favorite Star Wars authors tell an epic, interconnected story – across multiple publishers and formats for different age groups – establishing a new timeline of Star Wars storytelling for generations to come. 

This initial release of Star Wars: The High Republic works include Light of the Jedi, an adult novel by Charles Soule; A Test of Courage, a middle grade novel by Justina Ireland, and a Marvel comic book series and children’s picture book, both by Cavan Scott. Additional titles will come in February including Into the Dark, a YA novel by Claudia Gray, and The High Republic Adventures an IDW comic series for fans of all ages by Daniel José Older. 

The era of The High Republic takes place centuries before The Phantom Menace and the prequel trilogy, during a golden age of the Republic, when the Jedi Order are in their prime. Noble and wise, the Jedi serve as protectors in a much more peaceful and prosperous time in the galaxy.  The story begins as the Jedi face The Great Disaster, an intergalactic catastrophe that spins the galaxy in a dangerous new direction. 

You’ll be introduced to a new group of courageous heroes, as well as menacing villains. The young, diverse Padawans run the gamut of skill, devotion, and personality.  Keep a look-out for Burryaga, a Force-sensitive Wookiee who is skilled with a broadsword-like lightsaber in Light of the Jedi; Vernestra “Vern” Rwoh, a teenage Jedi Knight with a lightwhip in A Test of Courage, and even some familiar faces like Yoda. 

With new heroes comes a barrage of new villains to terrorize the galaxy including the Nihil—dangerous marauders who wreak havoc from the Outer Rim- and the menacing Drengir, a carnivorous plant-like species with tentacles and teeth!

In February, look for Into the Dark, a young adult novel by Claudia Gray and Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures, an all-ages comic book series by Daniel José Older.  

Lucasfilm’s Publishing and Story Group teams have carefully crafted this initiative, and these books, comics, and magazines are being published by Disney Lucasfilm Press, Del Rey, IDW Publishing, Marvel, and more. The authors of this publishing initiative also participated in a virtual launch event today, where they shared insights about what to expect, as well as some new announcements:

You can purchase the first books from Star Wars: The High Republic wherever books are sold. Download a free digital sampler of books HERE.

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Man, I Wish I Had A Time Machine – Vintage Pictures of Newsstands & Kids Reading Comics


When would you set the clock in your DeLorean, June of 1938 to pick up a fresh copy of Action Comics # 1, the first appearance of Superman?


Perhaps you’d set the timer to May 1939 and grab a stack of Detective 27’s, and rejoice with the rest of the world at the very first look at a certain caped crusader.

Maybe you’d travel back to a hot summer day in 1962, walk into the local newsstand and ask if they have any copies of Amazing Fantasy 15 and a Pepsi (it’s hot out…remember). The shopkeeper hands you a crisp copy with Spider-Man swooping through the city on a strand of web holding a green suited criminal in his other hand. You happily pay with 17 cents.

To better prepare you for your collector’s journey (yes, I have had this dream many times), here are some great vintage pictures of newsstands and kids reading classic comics.

Look carefully at the photos, you might spot some rarities that would go for astronomical prices today.



00ComicKid 5PointsNewsstand 25874 50345171 camp-murray-rack-4-41 COMIC-BOOK-RACK-1948 ComicBookStandBrooklyn comics20 comics29 comicsonsteps detective27 Naked City newsstand_TeenieHarris newsstand newsstandaction1  tumblr_m602d4hK9H1r93mfqo1_1280 tumblr_mm0ryugmut1s792qyo1_1280 w28_21-1615M

comicland ganewsstand

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One of The World’s Best Copies of Captain America Comics # 1 Heads To Auction

Captain America turned 80 years old this week. He still doesn’t look a day over 30. It must be the experimental serum. Or the ice bath.

Though the date on Timely’s Captain America Comics No. 1 reads March 1941, the first issue to feature Steve Rogers, sidekick Bucky and forever-enemy Red Skull actually arrived on newsstands on Dec. 20, 1940. To commemorate the landmark occasion, Heritage Auctions offers one of finest known copies in the January 14-17 Comics & Comic Art event.

The Captain America Comics No. 1 in this auction is graded VF+ 8.5 by Certified Guaranteed Company – one of only three copies to receive such a mark, with only six known to be in better condition. In almost 20 years, Heritage has offered only two finer than the one that is showcased in an event that also features the best-known Batman No. 1 ever to reach an auction block.

“Either one of these books would be the highlight and centerpiece of any auction, but to have them both in the same event is nothing short of extraordinary,” says Heritage Auctions Senior Vice President Ed Jaster. “These are the titles, the heroes, the writers and the artists that have defined comic books – and now cinema – for eight decades. And to see two extraordinary firsts in such remarkable condition in the same auction 80 years after they were published is something special not likely to happen again.”

Captain America’s debut, the handiwork of not-yet-legends Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, coincided with the first day of the three-day Christmas blitz on Liverpool by the German Luftwaffe. The United States was still a year away from entering World War II. But there was the star-spangled Cap on the comic’s cover delivering a right cross to Hitler in the sock heard ’round the world.

“The team of Simon and Kirby brought anatomy back into comic books,” cartoonist Jules Feiffer wrote in his 1965 book The Great Comic Book Heroes, which for many fledgling fans served as introduction to and explanation of the medium’s Golden Age.

“Not that the other artists didn’t draw well … but no one could put quite as much anatomy into a hero as Simon and Kirby,” he wrote. “Muscles stretched magically, fore-shortened shockingly. Legs were never less than four feet apart when a punch was thrown. Every panel was a population explosion – casts of thousands: all fighting, leaping, crawling. … Speed was the thing, rocking, uproarious speed. Blue Bolt, The Sandman, The Newsboy Legion, The Boy Commandoes and best of all: Captain America and Bucky.”

The issue’s storyline, in which a “frail young man” named Steve Rogers is injected with a serum that gives him “the strength and the will to safeguard our shores,” is familiar now even to someone who has never picked up a comic. It has served as template for a tentpole franchise; made a modern star of a World War II hero; and remains as timely as the name of the comic company that published Captain America’s stories before it was made Marvel.

Cap has been many things in the 80 years since his debut: Sentinel of Liberty, Commie Smasher, Invader, Avenger, time-traveler, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, pawn of Hydra. But in the end …

“Captain America isn’t a man. It’s an idea,” Mark Waid wrote in 2019’s Marvel Comics No. 1000, which celebrated the company’s 80th anniversary. “It’s a commitment to fight every day for justice, for acceptance and equality, for the rights of everyone in this nation.”

And it all began here.

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Watch The First Clip of Batman: Soul of The Dragon

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has released its first clip from the upcoming animated movie Batman: Soul of the Dragon, featuring David Giuntoli (Grimm, A Million Little Things) voicing Bruce Wayne/Batman.

An all-new original animated film, Batman: Soul of The Dragon does a deep dive into Elseworlds vibes by putting Batman in the midst of the swinging 1970s. Faced with a deadly menace from his past, and along with his mentor O-Sensei (voiced by James Hong, Big Trouble in Little China), Bruce Wayne must enlist the help of three former classmates – world-renowned martial artists Richard Dragon, Ben Turner, and Lady Shiva – to battle the monsters of this world and beyond. The film is rated R for some violence.

Batman: Soul of the Dragon will arrive on January 12, 2021, on Digital, and on January 26, 2021, on 4K Combo Pack and Blu-ray.

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Highest-Graded Copy of 1940’s Batman #1 Heads To Auction In January

Heritage Auctions will begin the new year by offering the finest-known copy of 1940’s Batman No. 1 – which until now has never been sold at auction.

This near-mint issue, the sole copy ever to receive a 9.4 grade from the Certified Guaranty Company, is the centerpiece of the Dallas-based house’s Jan. 14-15 Comics & Comic Art event. And this unrestored copy comes to market only weeks after Heritage sold a 7.0-graded copy of Detective Comics No. 27 for $1.5 million. For the moment, at least, that’s the highest price ever paid for a Dark Knight title.

“This Batman No. 1 is just breathtaking,” says Heritage Auctions Senior Vice President Ed Jaster of this newly certified, newly discovered copy estimated to sell for more than $1 million.

“Of course, no one can say for certain, but it’s highly unlikely that a better copy is anywhere out there,” Jaster says. “It has great color and white pages – not off-white, not off-off-white, but white,” as though it has just been bought off the newsstand. “And the color strike is exceptional.”

This extraordinary book – not just the first issue of Batman, but still one of the best – provides the template for countless Dark Knight tales to follow over the next 80 years.

First, there’s the iconic, oft-imitated cover image – Batman and Robin, smiling at each other as they swing across the Gotham City skyline against a bright yellow backdrop. Then there’s the back-page pin-up “autographed” by the Caped Crusader and his fledgling sidekick promising “bigger and better thrills.”

Inside, readers are presented with “The Legend of the Batman,” an origin story, which first appeared in Detective Comics No. 33, filled with grief and anger that will one day be retold, endlessly, in movies and television shows built upon that two-page narrative. After that comes the debut of a villain more popular now than ever before, star of his own blockbuster franchise: “a man with a changeless masklike face but for the eyes – burning, hate-filled eyes” called only the Joker.

Then, a few pages later, Batman squares off against the monsters of Hugo Strange, who made his first appearance only months earlier in Detective Comics No. 36 and quickly became one of the hero’s first recurring villains. A few pages after that follows another iconic debut: a burglar and “beautiful young woman” called The Cat, who, 80 years later, is married to Batman in an acclaimed new book penned by writer Tom King, who won an Eisner Award last year for his run on Batman.

This copy, too, has a storied background, having spent the last 38 years in the hands of a collector who bought it from a renowned comic-book shop in Houston.

In 1979, Billy T. Giles moved from Shreveport, La., to Houston, when Texas Eastern Transmission Pipeline Co. relocated its headquarters to Texas. Billy fell in with the local comics shops and dealers, and helped his son complete an Amazing Spider-Man collection and obtain other key comics. 

Billy then decided to collect Batman for himself, starting with the purchase of six of the first nine issues from Camelot Bookstore owner Willie Patterson’s personal collection. 

Camelot was located in downtown Houston, where Billy spent many lunch hours discussing comics — especially the Batman No. 1 — with Patterson. Around that time, Patterson advertised Camelot’s copy of Batman No. 1 in the Comics Buyer’s Guide for $5,000, at the time a costly investment. When it failed to sell at such a steep price – remember, this is around 1982 – Billy offered him $3,000 cash, which Willie happily accepted.

The first Batman became Billy’s, and friends and neighbors teased him for spending that much for a comic book they insisted might one day be worthless. History, of course, proved otherwise.

When Billy retired from Texas Eastern, he began a comic-book business called BTandWDGiles, and spent the rest of his life buying and selling comics; his passion had turned professional. When he died in 2019, Billy’s son inherited his father’s remarkable collection, and a year later decided it was someone else’s turn to own the finest known copy of Batman No. 1.

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Renowned Artist Michael Cho Debuts New Two-Tone Marvel Cover Series

Award-winning artist Michael Cho will bring some of Marvel’s most iconic heroes to life on a series of extraordinary variant covers this March. Done in his trademark two-tone style, these vibrant covers capture Marvel’s heroes at their most timeless versions. The two-tone variant covers will grace your favorite ongoing series this March, featuring one-of-a-kind depictions of Ant-Man, Wasp, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, and Spider-Woman.

“It was a privilege and a joy to draw iconic images of the classic Marvel heroes, in the way that I remembered them from childhood,” Cho said.

Check out the covers below collect all ten Michael Cho Two-Tone variant covers when they arrive at your local comic shop this March!

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DC Comics Cover Art Book

From the trailblazing works of Bob Kane, to the photorealistic stylings of Adam Hughes and quirky humor of Amanda Conner, DC Comics Cover Art is a collection of the most iconic covers in DC’s history. The stunning artwork is accompanied by expert commentary exploring the significance of each cover, while artist profiles shed light on their creators.

Discover the most striking covers from more than 85 years of DC Comics.

Order HERE.

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