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Funko Soda Pennywise – Rhode Island Comic Con Exclusive

This Funko Soda Pennywise – Rhode Island Comic Con Exclusive will be available on the weekend of November 6-8th, 2020 for $15 each with a limit of 2 per person.

Limited stock will be available at all 5 Toy Vault locations that same weekend.

The tem is limited to 10,000 in the USA with RICC sticker and 5000 international without sticker. The Black and White Chase is a 1/6 ratio.

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Funko NYCC 2020 Fezzik (Super-Sized) Pop!

Today, Funko revealed another Pop! that will be available online for New York Comic Con. 

This very well might be one of my favorite Funko figures within the past few years. Meet the Super Sized Fezzik (Andre The Giant) complete with his trusty boulder ready to battle Wesley, the Man in Black from the wonderful 1987 film, The Princess Bride.

No word on pricing or ordering info yet but I imagine it will be similar to how Funko handled San Diego Comic Con orders via their website.

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Comic-Con’s 2020 Souvenir Book Is Available Now

It just wouldn’t be Comic-Con, @Home or otherwise, without the yearly Souvenir Book! The 260-page 2020 Comic-Con Souvenir Book is now available as a free PDF download.

The PDF is set up in 2-page spreads, to better mimic the feel of an actual book. Throughout the book are advertisements, for most of them, clicking anywhere on the actual ad will take you to the advertiser’s website, where you may find exclusive merchandise for sale or exclusive content. To navigate the PDF, we recommend you use your keyboard’s left and right arrow keys; clicking on the ad pages will take you onto the web. Remember to zoom in for easier reading of the great articles in the book!

What’s in this year’s Souvenir Book? With an original cover by famed artist/illustrator William Stout, our main feature is the Ray Bradbury Centennial, honoring the 100th birthday of the beloved author and favorite Comic-Con guest. In addition, the Souvenir Book also celebrates the following anniversaries:

– Ray Harryhausen Centennial—The 100th birthday of the stop-motion animation legend
– 75th Anniversary of EC Comics—They brought us Tales from the Crypt and MAD magazine
– 75th Anniversary of Moomin—The world-wide comics sensation for all ages
– 50th Anniversary of Conan in Comics—Robert E. Howard’s barbarian conquered comics starting in 1970
– 50th Anniversary of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World—The King of Comics moved to DC in 1970 and created a whole new world of characters
– 50th Anniversary of Last Gasp—The pioneer underground comix publisher and distributor
– Plus the Proverbial “Much More”—Comic-Con Museum, 2019 Award Winners, and the “In Memoriam” section

Click HERE to download the Comic-Con 2020 Souvenir Book.


Comiccon@home Panel Featuring Cast & Filmmakers From “The New Mutants” To Debut On July 23, 2020

A special ComicCon@Home panel featuring writer/director Josh Boone and the stars of “The New Mutants,” including: Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga and moderated by Ira Madison III, will debut on July 23, 2020.

Twentieth Century Studios in association with Marvel Entertainment presents “The New Mutants,” an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive. Directed by Josh Boone (“The Fault in our Stars”) and written by Josh Boone & Knate Lee, “The New Mutants” stars: Maisie Williams (“Game of Thrones”); Anya Taylor-Joy (“Glass”); Charlie Heaton (“Stranger Things”); Alice Braga (“Predators”); Blu Hunt (“The Originals”); and Henry Zaga (“13 Reasons Why”). The film is produced by Simon Kinberg, p.g.a., Karen Rosenfelt  and Lauren Shuler Donner with Stan Lee and Michele Imperato Stabile serving as executive producers.

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Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Jaws, Batman Beyond, The Dark Knight & Cornetto – Bottleneck Gallery On Sale Info

The week is swinging on by, and Bottleneck Gallery is tremendously thankful for everybody enjoying their attempt at bringing the comic-con art experience right to the safety of your home!

First up, Matt Ferguson thwips into action with his officially licensed print for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and pub crawls his way to the conclusion of Edgar Wright’s Cornetto Trilogy, The World’s End. Matt’s Marvel work is always marvelous, and we’re always excited for more art with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost!

Tom Whalen helps us celebrate the Golden Age of comics with his newest print featuring Golden Age Wonder Woman! Tom’s print features a majestic Diana towering over Themyscira, in a protective and noble pose, rocking those Golden Age colors!

We’re shifting from DC Comics’ past to the future with Dave Perillo’s print for Batman Beyond! Terry McGinnis as future Batman was one of the first interesting and successful future superheroes from the late 90s, due in large part to Paul Dini and Bruce Timm using Beyond as a continuation of their Batman: The Animated Series. Rad villains, cool future slang, and of course, Old Man Bruce–Dave’s print is beyond awesome.

Doaly’s newest print really bites! His ode to Roger Kastel’s iconic Jaws movie poster lovingly embraces the classic imagery while also adding some of Doaly’s design flair. 

Lastly, Jack C. Gregory reinterprets one of the most intense scenes from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight: Joker’s hostage video with a fake Batman. The danger and intensity behind Heath Ledger’s Joker is fully realized during the hostage video, and Jack’s print is visceral and vicious, perfectly reflecting the scene!

All of these will be available for purchase Thursday, July 16 at 12PM ET at,!

Spider-Man: Homecoming by Matt Ferguson
Screen print
24 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 300

The World’s End by Matt Ferguson
Screen print
24 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 195

Golden Age: Wonder Woman by Tom Whalen
Screen print
12 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 175

Golden Age: Wonder Woman – Variant by Tom Whalen
Screen print
12 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100

Batman Beyond by Dave Perillo
Screen print
18 x 24 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 150

Jaws by Doaly
Screen print
24 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 150

Jaws – Variant by Doaly
Screen print
24 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 50

The Dark Knight by Jack C. Gregory
Screen print
24 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 200

The Dark Knight – Variant by Jack C. Gregory
Screen print
24 x 36 inches
Hand-numbered edition of 100

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Jurassic Park Barbasol Dennis Nedry Action Figure – 2020 Convention Exclusive

The Jurassic Park Barbasol Dennis Nedry Action Figure was originally slated as a San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive for Mattel and Entertainment Earth. 

Mattel / Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! “Nedry! Nedry! We’ve got a Nedry figure here!” Based on the original Jurassic Park film, this Jurassic Park Barbasol Dennis Nedry Action Figure – 2020 Convention Exclusive is a must-have collectible for fans. In his splashy Hawaiian shirt and shorts, he measures about 3 3/4-inches tall and comes with film-accurate accessories that include the bag of money from Dodgson, a piece of pie, and the Barbasol can of embryos so you can reenact your favorite scenes. The 7 1/2-inch tall packaging is based on the Barbasol Beard Buster shaving can seen in the movie – it lights up and speaks authentic Dennis Nedry dialog! This exclusive figure is available for a limited time only, so grab yours before it goes extinct and you miss out. Colors and decorations may vary. Ages 8 and up. 

This cool Nedry figure is hidden in a Barbasol can that holds him and serves as a display case. For extra fun, twist the base of the can package to trigger a dramatic light effect and reveal the figure! Press the top of the can to hear these iconic lines Nedry says in the movie:

“Ah, ah, ah! You didn’t say the magic word!”

“Dodgson! Dodgson! We’ve got Dodgson here!”

“Don’t get cheap on me, Dodgson.”

“Ah, no wonder you’re extinct.”

“I’m totally unappreciated in my time.”

Relive the exciting big-screen action of Jurassic Park with this highly collectible Dennis Nedry figure! The fan-favorite villain and devious programmer is inspired by the scene when Nedry meets Dodgson for the cash-for-embryos deal in the original film. As Nedry enjoys a nice seaside breakfast, Dodgson shows up with a bag of money and the modified Barbasol can to hold the embryos.

Coming soon!

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Comic-Con’s 2020 Souvenir Book Cover Revealed

Today Comic-Con revealed this year’s Souvenir Book cover. This year Comic-Con’s famed Souvenir Book takes on a new life as a FREE downloadable PDF, weighing in at over 250 pages!

Artist William Stout—famed for his illustrations and murals depicting dinosaurs, and his comics and movie poster work—graces the Souvenir Book with one of his incredible covers, this one saluting the centennial of famed author Ray Bradbury, one of Comic-Con’s most beloved guests over the years. Stout is also one of the very few people to have attended every Comic-Con, as a special “Cover Story” feature reveals in this year’s book. Learn the “Easter Eggs” Bill worked into this cover, plus his process of creating this amazing illustration, along with his past association with Bradbury.

In addition to a long section devoted to Ray Bradbury (including an extensive biography, plus articles on his work in movies and TV, comics, and personal reminiscences), there’s also a special section devoted to the “other” Ray … Ray Harryhausen, the stop-motion animation genius, who was a lifelong friend of Bradbury’s, and is also celebrating a centennial this year.

It’s also the 75th anniversary of the very beginnings of EC Comics, and we celebrate with a history of the company focusing on their artists by author Grant Geissman, the recognized expert on EC. (There’s also a very special surprise that brings both Ray Bradbury and EC Comics together!) The worldwide phenomenon of Moomin also celebrates its 75th anniversary with an article by comics historian Paul Gravett, plus an incredible collection of fan art.

Moving on, we look at the 50th anniversary of two historical American comics series, Conan and Jack Kirby’s Fourth World, featuring, respectively, articles by Roy Thomas (who brought Conan to Marvel Comics in 1970), and John Morrow and Mark Evanier discussing “King” Kirby’s groundbreaking creation, the Fourth World, which included the New Gods, the Forever People, Mister Miracle, and—believe it or not—Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen. Finally, we celebrate legendary underground comix publisher and distributor Last Gasp and its owner, Ron Turner, in a career-spanning article by Jon B. Cooke (Comic Book Creator and The Book of Weirdo). Plus, a look back at the award winners from 2019, and those we lost in the past year are paid tribute to in our traditional “In Memoriam” section. All of this, plus the return of fan art paying tribute to our anniversary celebrations. The book even includes some amazing ads, featuring exclusive products that would have debuted at Comic-Con this year, that you can order directly from the exhibitors!

The 2020 Comic-Con Souvenir Book will debut on Wednesday, July 22 as a FREE downloadable PDF publication. The link will be featured HERE.

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San Diego Comic Con @Home Begins July 22nd And Will Be Free For All

San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), the organizers behind the annual comics and pop culture convention Comic-Con, today shared details for an initiative in the works, Comic-Con@Home, an online event that will combine aspects of the convention experience with the comforts of home. Circumstances involving the COVID-19 pandemic and California’s restrictions against large gatherings have forced SDCC to cancel their 2020 international celebration that brings fans and professionals from all over the world to San Diego.

With Comic-Con@Home, SDCC hopes to deliver the best of the Comic-Con experience and a sense of its community to anyone with an internet connection and an interest in all aspects of pop culture. Plans for Comic-Con@Home include an online Exhibit Hall complete with everyone’s favorite exhibitors offering promotions, specials, and limited-edition products unique to the celebration. As well, Comic-Con@Home promises exclusive panels and presentations about comics, gaming, television, film, and a wide variety of topics from publishers, studios, and more. As if that weren’t enough, Comic-Con@Home will also have a Masquerade, gaming, and many other activities in which fans can participate from their own homes.

Although Comic-Con@Home will provide badges for fans to print and wear proudly, all aspects of the initiative are free and there are no limits to how many can attend. “For the first time in our 50-year history, we are happy to welcome virtually anyone from around the globe,” said SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer. “Though stay-at-home conditions makes this a very difficult time, we see this as an opportunity to spread some joy and strengthen our sense of community.” Comic-Con@Home will be held on the same dates as the previously canceled Comic-Con, July 22-26, 2020, and online attendees are encouraged to use the official #ComicConAtHome hashtag to be included in the virtual activities. Organizers and participating entities will begin providing additional details in announcements leading up to the event. Interested fans are encouraged to check Toucan, the official Comic-Con and WonderCon blog, SDCC’s website and social channels, and the official channels of their favorite pop culture creators in the weeks to come.

Additional announcements related to the show are still forthcoming, though for now organizers are encouraging fans to check Toucan, the official Comic-Con and WonderCon blog, SDCC’s website and social channels, and the official channels of their favorite pop culture creators in the weeks leading up to this year’s experimental show.

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Comic-Con 2020 Cancelled

For the first time in its 50-year history San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), the organizers behind the annual pop culture celebration, announced today with deep regret that there will be no Comic-Con in 2020. The event will instead return to the San Diego Convention Center from July 22-25, 2021. 

Recognizing that countless attendees save and plan for its conventions each year, and how many exhibitors and stakeholders rely upon its events for a major portion of their livelihood, they had hoped to delay this decision in anticipation that COVID-19 concerns might lessen by summer. Continuous monitoring of health advisories and recent statements by the Governor of California have made it clear that it would not be safe to move forward with plans for this year.

Similarly, WonderCon Anaheim, which was to have been held April 10-12, 2020 will return to the Anaheim Convention Center from March 26-28, 2021.

In addition to their conventions, Comic-Con has been planning a major renovation of Balboa Park’s Federal Building to be completed for the grand opening of the Comic-Con Museum in the summer of 2021. However, the COVID-19 situation has had an effect on those efforts as well. As such, they will be rephasing the Museum’s initially planned major renovations, but will not scale back the experience to be offered to visitors upon the Museum’s grand opening. They anticipate releasing building plans illustrating the Museum’s transformation and sharing more information about those efforts in the coming months.

SDCC also announced that individuals who purchased badges for Comic-Con 2020 will have the option to request a refund or transfer their badges to Comic-Con 2021. All 2020 badge holders will receive an email within the next week with instructions on how to request a refund. Exhibitors for Comic-Con 2020 will also have the option to request a refund or transfer their payments to Comic-Con 2021 and will also receive an email within the next week with instructions on how to process their request.

In the next few days onPeak, Comic-Con’s official hotel affiliate, will be canceling all hotel reservations and refunding all deposits made through them. There is no need for anyone who booked through onPeak to take any action, including trying to cancel their reservations online or contacting the company via phone as the process will be handled automatically. Those who booked rooms through onPeak will be notified when refunds have been completed.

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Stranger Con: A Salute To The TV Series Stranger Things Is Coming To Los Angeles In April

Creation’s 2020 Stranger Con: A Salute to the TV Series Stranger Things Tour heads to Los Angeles in April!

Fans of the popular Netflix show can meet many of the stars of the hit series at the L.A. Convention Center on April 4-5! 

Stranger Things Season 3’s premiere in July 2019 became the most watched show on Netflix to date, propelling the smash-hit series into the upper echelons of must-see TV. 

Guests include Millie Bobby Brown (“Eleven”), Noah Schnapp (“Will Byers”), Finn Wolfhard (“Mike Wheeler”), Sadie Sink (“Max”) – and host Chester Rushing (“Tommy H”) and more guests to be announced – will make this two-day show truly special. There will be many things to do and see, including guest panels, photo ops and autograph signings, cosplay and trivia contests, a Saturday night karaoke party and fun for the whole family! 

For more information and to order tickets, please click HERE.

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