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How To Manage Your Spending While At School

Money management isn’t a comfortable area. In your academic journey, you can develop valuable skills to set you up for future financial success. If you learn how to manage your spending while at school, you’ll shape your financial path moving forward. As challenging as it is, money management isn’t an innate thing; anyone can learn how to keep their financial matters on track. While at school, here are four pointers that can help you manage your spending and accumulate valuable skills that can dramatically improve your financial performance even after the schooling period.

The organization is the key

Organizing your finances doesn’t have to be such a hassle, especially with the readily available tools owing to technological advancements. You can easily find budgeting tools that can help you devise a plan to manage your money, from tracking your cash flows and optimizing your activities to ensure that you get the value of every buck. Knowing what is coming in and how it is going out can help you spot areas that could be sucking most of your money, and with a keen eye, eliminate wastage by cutting certain expenditure. From outlining your financial goals, mapping your cash inflows, and estimating and tracking your expenditure, budgeting and sticking to maintain a well-organized plan can dramatically improve your financial situation. Staying organized ensures that you can account for every penny, an excellent way to manage your spending white at school and beyond.

Stay on your toes

What’s sucking the most of your finances, and what can you do to minimize such expenses? Financing your academic requirements can dig deeper into your pockets, and if you aren’t as keen, you could be wasting a huge chunk of your money on concerns that could be avoided. For instance, before buying those pricey textbooks, it would help if you first checked your school’s library, nearby store for rentals, or online resources that offer access at discounted prices. It could also help if you enlist professional help while dealing with a demanding project. Leveraging reliable and reputable services’ resources, such as from Homeworkdoer, allow you to spend less while furnishing your project’s requirement. The spending hack could prove indispensable throughout your schooling period.

Distinguish needs from wants

You can’t do without some items, such as food, clothing, and educational materials, but can you tell apart what you need from what you want? Those trendy jeans that every student seems to be rocking qualify as clothing, but do you need it? If it costs a fortune and buying it would affect your financial stand, it isn’t worth the trouble. Knowing what you need to enjoy smooth progress and prioritizing it over what you desire goes a long way in managing your spending habits. You can save a lot by adopting creative measures that ensure you have what you need, such as buying second-hand items, preparing your meals, and taming your party animal, considerably improving your financial position.

Take up a job

One of the ways to earn how to manage your spending is getting a job while at school. Once you get the feel of what it takes to pocket that buck, you won’t be as cavalier with the money as before. You’ll be driven to get the most out of every penny, a feature that can help you stick with your budget and diligently spend the money, unlike if it was freely flowing from your parents/guardian. This also helps you adapt to your situation, such as sticking to affordable brands, using student discounts and coupons, among other measures that reduce the financial burden.

Managing your spending while at school helps you to enjoy a smooth learning process. With effective measures, you won’t be constantly worried about financial challenges as you’ll save a lot along the way and easily adapt to the situation.


ViacomCBS To Sell Simon & Schuster To Penguin Random House for $2.175 Billion

ViacomCBS Inc. today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to sell the publishing business Simon & Schuster to Penguin Random House, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA, for $2.175 billion in cash.

This divesture follows a strategic review of non-core assets ViacomCBS undertook early in 2020. Proceeds from the transaction will be used to invest in ViacomCBS’s strategic growth priorities, including in streaming, as well as to fund the dividend and pay down debt.

This transaction is the outcome of a highly competitive auction that attracted interest from buyers around the world, reflecting Simon & Schuster’s position as one of the world’s best known publishing brands. Simon & Schuster has more than 30 publishing units across adult, children, audio and international. Its portfolio of best-selling authors includes Stephen King, Doris Kearns Goodwin and Jason Reynolds, and it owns a rich backlist of perennial favorite titles such as Catch-22 and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

The transaction is expected to close in 2021, subject to customary closing conditions, including regulatory approvals. Upon close, Simon & Schuster will continue to be managed as a separate publishing unit under the Penguin Random House umbrella, and Jonathan Karp, President & CEO of Simon & Schuster, and Dennis Eulau, COO and CFO, will continue at the helm of the publishing house.

LionTree Advisors is acting as the exclusive financial advisor and Shearman & Sterling LLP is acting as legal advisor to ViacomCBS in this transaction.

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5 Most Influential Female Entrepreneurs In South Asia

If you think that modern billionaires are refined socialites, whose fingers are shaking with the weight of diamond rings, we have to disappoint you. This list of the most influential female entrepreneurs will most likely change your perception of businesswomen.

Toni Ko

Toni Ko moved to the United States from Korea when she was 13 years old. After lessons, she helped parents who had a warehouse. In 1999, when she was 25 years old, she noticed how big the gap in price is between cosmetics from the supermarket and pharmacy products. Thanks to her participation in the family business, she had connections in the world of wholesale trade and start-up capital, so she took a chance and launched the NYX Cosmetics brand – selling elite cosmetics at a bargain price. In the first year, Ko received $4 million in retail sales. In 2014, she sold her brand to L’Oréal, the company’s value then reached $500 million. And in the spring of 2016, Co launched a brand of stylish and flirty Perverse Sunglasses for $40 – $60 per pair. Toni was so busy that she never had the opportunity to think about her personal life, but you do. Here’s the ultimate guide on how to win your ex back.

Kwong Siu-hing

She is the widow of the founder of Sun Hung Kai Properties, the largest developer in Hong Kong. Kwong served as company chairman from 2008 for three years after her son, Walter, left the post as a result of a heated conflict with his brothers. Today, she remains the biggest shareholder of Sun Hung Kai with a 26.58% stake. Her 3 sons were supposed to inherit equal shares of this huge fortune after her death; however, since her son died in 2018, his wealth was redistributed between his children and brothers. Meanwhile, his two brothers now already have a great fortune. In 2017, they were ranked 77th on the Forbes list and also ranked fourth among the richest people in Hong Kong.

Wu Yajun

In 1993, the couple Wu Yajun and Cai Kui founded Longfor Properties, a holding company that invests in Chinese real estate, as well as related services. However, with the divorce of the owners in 2012, Wu Yajun’s ex-husband stopped working on the company’s affairs. Before she took up real estate, she managed to graduate from the Department of Navigation Engineering of Northwestern Polytechnic University and work at the Qianwei Meter Factory. Then Wu Yajun decided to change her field of activity and got a job as a journalist in the Chinese News Agency. At that time, the agency had connections with the construction bureau of the Chongqing Municipal Government, which turned out to be extremely useful for Yajun when she began to engage in real estate. Since its inception, Longfor Properties has developed rapidly and was soon able to establish itself in its segment. The huge fortune of Wu is managed by a company called Wu Capital, which was founded in 2013. She specializes in investments in technology companies, including Uber and Evernote.

Yang Huiyan

She started as the main shareholder of Country Garden Holdings Ltd. with a sharp increase in capital. Over the next year, she lost all of her savings. How, after a sharp decline in profits, she was able to increase her capital and write the story of the richest woman in Asia? For the first time, a woman received this status at the age of 26, when she brought her father’s company to the stock markets, and in a few days, increased its capital. The young billionaire’s path did not go without losses – several times, she lost almost half her fortune.

Carrie Perrodo

The oil company Perenco was founded by Carrie Perrodo’s husband, Hubert. This is one of the largest private oil companies that operate in Peru, Gabon, Vietnam, and other countries. In 2016, it was estimated that the company’s revenue was $2.4 billion. Hubert Perrodo died in 2006 during a trip to the Alps. His wealth was equally redistributed to Kerry Perrodo and their three children: Francois, Natalie, and Bertrand. Francois led Perenco, Natalie – a family investment in wine. Carrie Perrodo once had her modeling agency, Carrie’s Models, which she subsequently sold. However, it still exists.


Best Practices To Adopt When Using Credit Cards

Usage of credit cards comes with enormous responsibilities as it influences most of the crucial decisions, including ones credit history as well as credit score. Lacking a good credit history will make it hard for you to pay your bills on many occasions. Are you in the process of weighing options on whether to use a credit card for your daily expenses? Below are detailed guidelines that you can put into practice.

Pay your balances monthly

Do you ever ask yourself how you can make use of credit cards to build credit? What measures can you take to have a good credit history? Always keep your credit balances very low by making monthly payments on your accrued card bill. Avoid by all means high credit utilization as you may have difficulty in payment and over-extension when the billing date is due. One must-know detail about a credit score is the amount of money you tend to owe, which has to be at most 30% of your total score. It will ensure you have both a good credit score and a history in the usage of credit cards in payments.

Embrace the use of cards that accept only authorized expenses

Your credit card should clearly define what type of costs is allowed and what kinds of expenses are prohibited. A good credit card program allows the usage of cards for uses that are needed instead of not wants. Some of the accepted payments include travel expenses and fees at the restaurants. The credit card should provide detailed instructions accompanied by relevant documentation for the accepted card usage.

Specifies the authorized users

Initially, credit cards were easily used among your close associates without any hindrance whatsoever. It was so chaotic since, on the payday, you will be in for a rude shock upon seeing a bill beyond your payability. With new regulations in place, you must state and provide a recommendation of individuals assigned the usage of the credit card. By these regulations in play, you will have better accountability and protection from any fraudulent acts.

Have a close eye on your credit card account

It is necessary and almost mandatory that you check your credit card transaction regularly. You should take safety precautions by watching your account and hence able to detect any fishy changes and ultimately make a follow-up with a credit card service provider. Make it a norm to reach out to your credit card service provider and create new account details without hesitation.


Top 5 Online Penny Slots

Penny Slots might not seem much fun, the thought of playing for pennies might even seem dull and boring with little reward. You’ll be surprised to hear that they are one of the most popular types of slots, both online and offline. For those who are looking to play for fun, not for money and just soak up the casino environment, a penny slot is perfect. Of course, some people love all sorts of slot machines, and you can discover a wide selection of the best here:

Although you might not be winning thousands when playing penny slots, you can still win a jackpot. You might only win £20, but when you consider the fact you are playing with just a penny or two, that’s a great profit you’ve made! Don’t be too quick to dismiss a penny slot, there are some great themes and features. Check out this list we’ve compiled of the top 5.

Book of Dead

Similar to the famous Book of Ra slot, this penny slot involves an Ancient Egyptian theme. With five reels and ten pay lines, there is ample opportunity to win. The special features in this game are what make it so popular. Aim for any of the following: wild symbol, scatter symbol, expanding symbol as well as gambling and free spin features in order to extend your chances of winning big. It has a Return To Player (RTP) rate of 96.21 per cent. On some sites you can even play this slot in free mode, meaning that you can just enjoy it without betting any money but remember, that also means you can’t win anything either.

Golden Colts

It’s time to saddle up, cowboy, and ride the Golden Colts slot. The Wild West is often imagined with lots of guns and gold coins – this slot is no different. There are mega symbols, stacked symbols, wilds, scatters and free spins as well as some other features to enjoy. One of the ways to win big by playing this slot is to land the Gunslinger bonus which will offer you one free spin – a rare gift – and allow you to win up to 30 times your bet.

Blaze of Ra

Another Egyptian slot that hits our list is the Blaze of Ra, it’s incredibly well designed and fun to play which makes it very popular. The graphics of ancient amulets, desert scenery and gods will make you feel as though you’re playing in Ancient Egypt. With a total of 40 payout lines, there are plenty of opportunities to win a fortune with this slot. The mighty god Ra stands over and watches your every move, although you can’t help but feel that he is scaring away the Scarab and preventing you from winning bonus rounds with free spins.

Pirates Charm

Possibly the most exciting penny slot ever produced, this slot is perfect for ramping up your winnings. The Mystery Charm re-spin feature allows you to re-trigger bonuses repeatedly throughout the game. What sets this slot apart from the rest is that you have the chance to play on an incredible 243 pay lines. Channelling the vibes of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, it won’t be long before you’re running down the beach with Captain Jack Sparrow and a handful of treasure!

Vikings Go to Hell

There are many fantasy-themed and mythological penny slots out there but this one is our favourite. The Nordic rulers of the sea, Vikings, are tasked with taking on the demons that lie in the depths of the ocean. In this penny slot, you will want to look out for the Sticky Wilds as they are what enable multipliers and free spins.

Apple Card Launches Today For All US Customers

Apple Card, a new kind of credit card created by Apple and designed to help customers lead a healthier financial life, is available1 in the US starting today. Customers can apply for Apple Card through the Wallet app on iPhone in minutes and start using it right away2 with Apple Pay in stores, in apps and on websites. Built on simplicity, transparency and privacy, Apple Card has no fees,3 encourages customers to pay less interest, offers an easy-to-understand view of spending and provides a new level of privacy and security. This launch follows the Apple Card preview earlier this month, during which a limited number of customers were invited to apply early.

With no card number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature on the card, Apple Card is more secure than any other physical credit card.

Apple Card’s compelling rewards program, Daily Cash, gives back a percentage of every purchase as cash on customers’ Apple Cash card each day. Customers will receive 2 percent Daily Cash every time they use Apple Card with Apple Pay, and 3 percent Daily Cash on all purchases made directly with Apple, including at Apple Stores,, the App Store, the iTunes Store and for Apple services.

Apple Card is extending 3 percent Daily Cash to more merchants and apps. Starting today, customers will receive 3 percent Daily Cash when they use Apple Card with Apple Pay for Uber and Uber Eats.4 Customers can request a ride through Uber in more than 700 cities across the globe and order a meal through Uber Eats in more than 500 cities around the world. Apple Card will continue to add more popular merchants and apps in the coming months. For purchases made with the titanium Apple Card, customers will get 1 percent Daily Cash.

Unlike other cash back rewards, Daily Cash is added to customers’ Apple Cash card each day and can be used right away for purchases using Apple Pay, to put toward their Apple Card balance or send to friends and family in Messages.

Apple Card delivers new experiences only possible with the power of iPhone, including reaching support 24/7 by simply sending a text from Messages. To help customers better understand their spending, Apple Card uses machine learning and Apple Maps to clearly label transactions with merchant names and locations in Wallet,5 and provides weekly and monthly spending summaries.

There are absolutely no fees associated with Apple Card: no annual, late,6 international or over-the-limit fees. To help customers make informed choices, Apple Card shows a range of payment options and calculates the interest cost on different payment amounts in real time.

Apple Card also provides a new level of privacy and security. The unique security and privacy architecture created for Apple Card means Apple does not know where a customer shopped, what they bought or how much they paid.

Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs as its issuing bank. Goldman Sachs will never share or sell data to third parties for marketing and advertising. Apple is also partnering with Mastercard to provide the support of a global payments network.


Apple Card is now available to qualified customers in the US with iPhone 6 and later. To apply, customers can update to iOS 12.4 on iPhone, open Wallet and tap +. Learn more about Apple Card HERE.

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Barnes & Noble To Be Acquired By Elliott, Owner of Waterstones, Bringing Together The Leading Booksellers In The US & The UK

Barnes & Noble, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by funds advised by Elliott Advisors (UK) Limited (“Elliott”) for $6.50 per share in an all-cash transaction valued at approximately $683 million, including the assumption of debt.

Elliott’s acquisition of Barnes & Noble, the largest retail bookseller in the United States, follows its June 2018 acquisition of Waterstones, the largest retail bookseller in the United Kingdom. James Daunt, CEO of Waterstones, will assume also the role of CEO of Barnes & Noble following the completion of the transaction and will be based in New York.

The announced transaction with Elliott is the culmination of an extensive Strategic Alternative Review conducted by the Special Committee of the Barnes & Noble Board of Directors, which was announced on October 3, 2018. The Board of Directors of Barnes & Noble unanimously approved the transaction and recommend the transaction to Barnes & Noble shareholders. Leonard Riggio, the Founder and Chairman of Barnes & Noble, has also entered into a voting agreement in support of the transaction.

Barnes & Noble serves 627 different communities across all 50 states, where it remains the #1 bookseller in the United States. Elliott seeks to build upon this strong foundation as it addresses the significant challenges facing the bricks and mortar book retail space, applying a model that successfully turned around Waterstones over the past decade.

Following the close of the transaction, Elliott will own both Barnes & Noble and Waterstones, and while each bookseller will operate independently, they will share a common CEO and benefit from the sharing of best practice between the companies. Waterstones has successfully restored itself to sales growth and sustainable profitability, based on a strategy of investment in their store estate and the empowerment of local bookselling teams. Under Daunt’s leadership and Elliott’s stewardship, this commitment to bookselling excellence will strengthen the ability of both companies to navigate with success a rapidly changing retail landscape.

In anticipation of his new CEO role at Barnes & Noble, James Daunt added, “I look forward greatly to working with the booksellers at Barnes & Noble. Physical bookstores the world over face fearsome challenges from online and digital. We meet these with investment and with all the more confidence for being able to draw on the unrivaled bookselling skills of these two great companies. As a place in which to choose a book, and for the sheer pleasure of visiting, we know that a good bookstore has no equal.”

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Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Shatters Box Office Records With Historic $1.2 Billion Global Debut

Marvel Studios’ “Avengers: Endgame” made history this weekend with a record-shattering estimated global debut of $1,209.0 million, becoming the first film in history to surpass $1 billion in its opening weekend. It reached the billion-dollar threshold in just five days, more than twice as fast as its predecessor “Avengers: Infinity War,” which held the record at 11 days. The film also set domestic and international records.

“Kevin Feige and the Marvel Studios team have continued to challenge notions of what is possible at the movie theatre both in terms of storytelling and at the box office,” said Alan Horn, Chairman, The Walt Disney Studios. “Though ‘Endgame’ is far from an end for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these first 22 films constitute a sprawling achievement, and this weekend’s monumental success is a testament to the world they’ve envisioned, the talent involved, and their collective passion, matched by the irrepressible enthusiasm of fans around the world.”

“From the very beginning with ‘Iron Man,’ all we’ve wanted to do was tell stories that brought these characters to life onscreen the way we’ve experienced them as fans of the comics,” said Kevin Feige, President, Marvel Studios. “That we’ve had so many other successes in this journey leading to this unbelievable result with ‘Avengers: Endgame’ has been almost entirely due to the fans around the world who have supported us through it all. Our directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, and our writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, really brought this story home, and I am also incredibly thankful for our cast and filmmakers from across the MCU and all who’ve worked so hard to make these films the best they can be, including the amazing teams at Marvel Studios and Disney. And of course, without Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, none of this would have been possible.”

Said directors Anthony and Joe Russo, “We poured our heart and soul into ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ hoping to tell a story that would inspire audiences around the world. Our family of cast and crew felt honored to be entrusted with bringing the Infinity Saga to a close. To Kevin Feige, everyone at Disney and Marvel, and the incredible, global community of fans – thank you.”

Seven years after releasing the first film to ever break the $200 million mark in its debut with 2012’s “The Avengers,” Marvel Studios and The Walt Disney Studios have posted the first-ever $300 million domestic debut in history with “Avengers: Endgame.” The film kicked off with a record $60 million in Thursday previews contributing to a record first-day gross of $156.7 million. A record estimated Saturday of $109 million and a record estimated Sunday of $84.3 million bring the estimated debut to $350 million across three days from an all-time industry high 4,662 theatres.

The estimated international debut of $859 million, including a record estimated debut of $330.5 million in China, is also the highest of all time and even surpasses the previous global debut record of $640 million set by “Avengers: Infinity War” last year (which did not include a day-and-date debut in China).

Key stats for “Avengers: Endgame”:

– #1 domestic ($350M), international ($859M), and global ($1,209.0M) debuts
– #1 domestic Thursday previews ($60M)
– #1 domestic single-day gross and #1 domestic Friday gross ($156.7M)
– #1 domestic Saturday ($109M) and Sunday ($84.3M) grosses; Saturday is first $100M+ day without previews
– #1 China opening day ($107.8M) and opening weekend ($330.5M) and already ranking as the #4 non-local film ever released there
– Fastest film to $1B globally (5 days)
– 8th Marvel Studios film to cross $1B; 2nd to cross $1B this year (with “Captain Marvel”)
– Biggest industry opening weekend across all regions and in 44 markets, including Australia, China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, France (admissions, non-local), Italy (non-local), Spain, UK/Ireland
– Biggest industry single-day grosses in 29 markets, including Australia, China, Korea, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, UK/Ireland
– Biggest IMAX global debut ($91.5M)
– 96% Certified Fresh RottenTomatoes score
– A+ CinemaScore (U.S.)

Marvel Studios now holds the top two global openings of all time (“Avengers: Endgame” and “Avengers: Infinity War”), as well as six of the top 10 domestic debuts and two of the top three international. “Avengers: Endgame” is the 22nd film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an unprecedented collection of interconnected films, all of which have opened #1 domestically. Globally, the films have grossed a collective $19.9 billion to date, with the four Avengers films – “The Avengers,” “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” “Avengers: Infinity War,” and “Avengers: Endgame” – accounting for nearly $6.2 billion. Four of the MCU films currently rank among the top 10 global releases of all time: “Avengers: Infinity War” (#4, $2.05 billion), “The Avengers” (#6, $1.52 billion), “Avengers: Age of Ultron” (#8, $1.4 billion), and “Black Panther” (#9, $1.3 billion). All 22 have been highly rated by critics and audiences, with Fresh RottenTomatoes aggregate scores across the board, including nine over 90%, and 21 out of 22 earning CinemaScores in the A-range.

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Earn Extra Income With The Help of The Internet: Find Out What Works Best For You

It is very important to be practical these days especially when it comes to finances. You may have a reliable day job that helps you pay the bills but it’s still very wise to have a back-up plan or additional source of income to help you earn more and save more. Well, these days, you do not need to look far and you do not need to go out of your way since the internet can easily help you. There are many ways to earn extra income in the internet and you just need to find what works for you.

In this article, we will give some examples of ways to earn extra online. Of course, you need to consider your skills and preferences to make things a lot easier for you.

1. Start A Blog – Do you have knack for creating interesting content? Having a blog is a good source of income. However, you need to do thorough preparations that can take months before you see result. First of all, you need to choose a niche for your blog – will it be about movies, music, travel, food, games and others. Then, think of a good domain name that can easily be remembered by users. You also need to find a reliable web hosting site to run your blog. Finally, you should publish high quality and original content to increase traffic to your site that will eventually allow you to monetise your blog.

2. Create Websites For Clients – If you prefer to just create websites then you can find clients that require such service. There are many clients from different parts of the world that require developers to help create their website. This can be a great and stable source of income since clients usually hire developer to maintain blogs.

3. Write Articles – For writers out there, you can work as freelance writers. You need to find clients who require articles, newsletters, press releases, e-books and others written for them. You can earn per article you write. The best part is that you can easily do this in your free time.

4. Start An E-Commerce Site – You can also start an e-commerce shop to sell stuff like clothes, shoes, bags or you can even sell your own products. This is a practical way to fulfill your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

5. Become A Freelance Graphic Artist – Also, you can work as freelance graphic artist. Clients will send brief on creative materials they need like logo, banners, images, infographics or even videos or animations. You can accept the deal but be sure that you will meet the deadline. The secret to keeping good relationship with clients is to always submit on time. That way, they will contact you in the future in case they have work for you.

Instead of spending hours and hours on Facebook, Instagram or other social networking sites to stalk your ex or your crushes, why not find a suitable online job that you can do on your free time? With this, you will not only use your time wisely but you can also earn extra income to help pay bills and save for your future.

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Introducing Apple Card, A New Kind of Credit Card Created By Apple

Apple today announced Apple Card, an innovative, new kind of credit card created by Apple and designed to help customers lead a healthier financial life. Apple Card is built into the Apple Wallet app on iPhone, offering customers a familiar experience with Apple Pay and the ability to manage their card right on iPhone. Apple Card transforms the entire credit card experience by simplifying the application process, eliminating fees, encouraging customers to pay less interest and providing a new level of privacy and security. Available in the US this summer, Apple Card also offers a clearer and more compelling rewards program than other credit cards with Daily Cash, which gives back a percentage of every purchase as cash on customers’ Apple Cash card each day.

A Credit Card Designed for iPhone

Customers can sign up for Apple Card in the Wallet app on their iPhone in minutes and start using it with Apple Pay right away in stores, in apps or online worldwide. Apple Card gives customers easy-to-understand, real-time views of their latest transactions and balance right in Wallet, and Apple Card support is available 24/7 by simply sending a text from Messages.

Easy-to-Understand Spending

Apple Card uses machine learning and Apple Maps to clearly label transactions with merchant names and locations. Purchases are automatically totaled and organized by color-coded categories such as Food and Drinks, Shopping and Entertainment. To help customers better understand their spending, Apple Card provides weekly and monthly spending summaries.

Receive Daily Cash

Customers will receive a percentage of every Apple Card purchase amount back as Daily Cash. Unlike other cash back rewards, Daily Cash is added to customers’ Apple Cash card each day and can be used right away for purchases using Apple Pay, to put toward their Apple Card balance or send to friends and family in Messages. Every time customers use Apple Card with Apple Pay, they will receive 2 percent Daily Cash. Customers will also get 3 percent Daily Cash on all purchases made directly with Apple, including at Apple Stores, on the App Store and for Apple services.

No Fees and Lower Interest

There are no fees associated with Apple Card: no annual, late, international or over-the-limit fees. Apple Card’s goal is to provide interest rates that are among the lowest in the industry and if a customer misses a payment, they will not be charged a penalty rate.

To help customers make informed choices, Apple Card shows a range of payment options and calculates the interest cost on different payment amounts in real time. As a way to pay less interest, Apple Card will also suggest paying a bit more every month and offers the flexibility to schedule more frequent payments.

A New Level of Privacy and Security

A unique card number is created on iPhone for Apple Card and stored safely in the device’s Secure Element, a special security chip used by Apple Pay. Every purchase is secure because it is authorized with Face ID or Touch ID and a one-time unique dynamic security code. The unique security and privacy architecture created for Apple Card means Apple doesn’t know where a customer shopped, what they bought or how much they paid.

Goldman Sachs and Mastercard

Apple is partnering with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard to provide the support of an issuing bank and global payments network. As a newcomer to consumer financial services, Goldman Sachs is creating a different credit card experience centered around the customer, which includes never sharing or selling data to third parties for marketing and advertising. Mastercard will provide cardholders the ability to shop at merchants around the globe.

A Beautiful Titanium Card

Apple has also designed a titanium Apple Card for shopping at locations where Apple Pay is not accepted yet. With no card number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature on the card, Apple Card is more secure than any other physical credit card. All this information is easily accessible in Wallet to use in apps and on websites. For purchases made with the titanium Apple Card, customers will get 1 percent Daily Cash.


Apple Card will be available to qualified customers in the US this summer.

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