Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

The nice folks at Little Tikes sent us a Picnic on the Patio Playhouse (SRP $319) to review and our 2 year old daughter, Elli was the official tester. The playhouse arrived in a single large box and took about 30 minutes to assemble. A cordless drill and 3 AAA batteries were all that IContinue reading “Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse”

Free Food On Tax Day(s) – April 15 to the 18th

Restaurants are exploiting Tax Day to offer freebies and discounts. The government has extended the filing deadline from April 15 to the 18th, meaning you can take advantage of some free Arby Curly Fries today. Check out the list of participating restaurants and fast food joints HERE.

Starbucks Celebrates New Look With Free Petite Treats

Starbucks unleashed a retooled brand look and a few new menu items this week in cafes. To celebrate the change, which includes the stripping of the chain’s name from its green logo, Starbucks is offering a food freebie today through Saturday. (March 10-12) From 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., customers can get a free PetiteContinue reading “Starbucks Celebrates New Look With Free Petite Treats”

2nd Annual FIRE WIRE Road Trip

My family and I just returned from our 2nd Annual FIRE WIRE Road Trip, where we had an opportunity to experience some of the finest family friendly destinations that Southern California and Las Vegas have to offer.  We were also fortunate enough to spend some time at THE FIRE WIRE Headquarters. Our trip spanned 4 differentContinue reading “2nd Annual FIRE WIRE Road Trip”

Former McDonald’s Executives to Open a New Healthy-Food Chain

Fast food has become synonymous with fatty food, but Mike Roberts, a former president and chief operating officer of McDonald’s, aims to redefine the concept. Teaming up with another McDonald’s alumnus and an Oprah Winfrey celebrity chef, among others, Roberts is preparing to launch Lyfe Kitchen, a no-butter, no-high-fructose-corn-syrup and fried-food-free restaurant chain. The Chicago-basedContinue reading “Former McDonald’s Executives to Open a New Healthy-Food Chain”

The United Steaks of America, A State By State Food Map

Each state within this map of the US includes the food that best represents it.  So what’s missing or did the map get it right? You can click on the image to increase the size of the map for better viewing.

Hearthware NuWave Oven Pro Review

I love gadgets, especially kitchen appliances.  For years I have seen the NuWave Oven advertised on television, and wondered if the claims that they made were actually true.  Would this product really cut cooking time in half?  Could I truly cook frozen meat without defrosting first, and achieve perfectly cooked, succulent and golden brown results?Continue reading “Hearthware NuWave Oven Pro Review”

Bid For A Private Tour Of Pixar Studios

Patton Oswalt, best known to Pixar fans as the voice of Remy, has teamed up with the LA Foodbank for an opportunity no Pixar fan will want to pass up. The highest eBay bidder (here) will win a private tour of the studio’s Emeryville campus.

Nordic Ware Burger Bites Grill Pan & Press Review

Made in the US, the Nordic Ware Burger Bites Grill Pan & Press ($38) offers a quick and easy way to make your very own sliders, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.  Whether you want to make traditional hamburgers or try ground turkey or salmon, this grill pan and press allows you toContinue reading “Nordic Ware Burger Bites Grill Pan & Press Review”

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