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Spin Master Presents Escape Room The Game

Can you keep your cool under pressure? Escape Room The Game from Spin Master brings the thrill and mystery of an escape room to your home. Work together to solve puzzles and find hidden clues to escape before time runs out! The Chrono Decoder counts down from 60 minutes and creates a real escape room atmosphere. Play 1 of 4 different escape room adventures with varying levels of difficulty: Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and Temple of the Aztec. You win or lose together with Escape Room The Game.


– Bring home the fun and excitement of an escape room to play with friends and family at home!
– You have 60 minutes to enter the correct keys on the Chrono Decoder to escape: it will count down remaining time, and emit intense sounds to let you know you’re almost out of time.
– Features 4 thrilling escape rooms: Prison Break, Virus, Nuclear Countdown, and Temple of the Aztec.
– Escape Room The Game is for 3-5 players ages 16 and up, and requires 3 AA batteries (not included).

Escape Room the Game is available on Amazon and additional expansion packs, Murder Mystery and Welcome To Funland, can be purchased separately.

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Big Trouble In Little China The Game

They told you to go to hell… and that’s just where you’re going… Play as Jack Burton or one of his brave friends, on the mysterious quest to rescue the green-eyed beauty, defeat Lo Pan’s ancient magic, and save Chinatown from his evil minions… in Big Trouble in Little China the Game!

There is a secret world where ancient evil weaves a modern mystery… they call it Little China. It’s where Big Trouble was waiting for Jack Burton and his friends as they uncover an ancient diabolical plot. The evil minions of the immortal ghost-sorcerer Lo Pan are waiting to chop down the players with axes and guns in dark alleys and all throughout the battle-torn streets of Chinatown. Now, Jack, Wang, Gracie, and the rest of the gang must muster up all of their courage, survive against hordes of baddies, and then face off in a showdown with the darkest demon of them all Lo Pan!

Big Trouble in Little China the Game sends you and up to five other players on a wild adventure to experience the unknown and mystical underworld of Chinatown. Each brave character uses their own unique talents and abilities to take on various missions throughout Little China; working together to gain enough Audacity to take down Lo Pan, the Three Storms, and a slew of other powerful henchmen, in this cooperative, replayable, cinematic experience.

You will venture through the iconic locations in Chinatown saving the helpless and thwarting evil plans, all the while discovering weapons and rare magics to use to your benefit. Player actions are powered by thematic dice that are rolled each round. These dice will be used to take part in combat, gamble for riches, and get players in and out of “Big Trouble.” But beware: roll bad luck and suffer the consequences!

The clock’s ticking as Lo Pan inches closer to breaking the curse and regaining his mortal form. The heroes are thrown into a final showdown with Lo Pan and his most elite bodyguards to finally put an end to his reign of terror. You’ll need all of your guts and glory to rescue the green eyed beauty, defeat ancient magic, and save Chinatown… in Big Trouble in Little the Game!

Subscribe HERE for updates on the game and preorders.

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Project Raygun & Mondo Present The Thing: Infection At Outpost 31 Game


Mondo just announced a new partnership with Project Raygun, USAopoly’s brand new initiative focused on combining iconic properties with visionary art and design.

“The synergy between Mondo and Project Raygun was immediate, both driven by zeal and a deep-rooted appreciation of timeless and relevant pop culture,” explains VP of Project Raygun, Mike Gonzales.

“When Project Raygun started talking about tapping into fan’s passion and nostalgia for iconic properties and bringing them to life, it was clear that Mondo was the perfect fit to help us deliver the ultimate experience to the gaming and collector community,” continued John Davis, USAopoly and Project Raygun’s President and CEO.

Our first collaboration will center around John Carpenter’s 1982 sci-fi horror thriller, The Thing. In the new signature board game, titled Infection At Outpost 31, the tension and mystery of The Thing is recreated as players race to discover who among them are infected in the hidden identity game play engine. We recruited one of our favorite artists and package designers, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative, to handle art duties.

“When we set out to create the first licensed Mondo board game the biggest question was; what film property would we go after? So many of the films we celebrate at Mondo would be an absolute blast in game form,” explained Jay Shaw, Mondo Brand Director. “As soon as John Carpenter’s suspense masterpiece, The Thing was mentioned it very quickly became our top choice,” Shaw noted.

“The next step was to figure out how to actually make a game. We all love playing them, but none of us had designed one before. Game mechanics are an incredibly complicated art form and we didn’t want to enter this space unless we were going to get it right. Luckily our dear friends at Project Raygun were completely up to the challenge. They’ve built an incredibly challenging fast paced game of paranoia that transports players directly into the film,” Shaw continued.

USAopoly, Inc. and Project Raygun will be at Toy Fair in New York City, February 18-21. The division’s inaugural product line is scheduled for release starting Fall 2017.

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The Fantastic World of Online Casinos


One of the great success stories of recent years has been the rise and rise of the online casino. So much so that the declining revenues being earned in gaming capitals like Las Vegas have been blamed, at least partly, on the phenomenon.

There are a number of reasons why online gaming has taken off in quite the way it has. For example technological advances have meant that it’s possible to play virtually anywhere on a wide range of devices. It’s also easy to play for as long or short a time as you like maybe while waiting for a bus or travelling on a train.

The online casinos have also been advancing in leaps and bounds themselves to provide players with an ever-more realistic casino experience whether they’re there for the slots, roulette, blackjack or poker.

For example each week new slots are introduced which have been specifically designed with a particular player in mind, whether they’re Marvel Comics fans or are looking for a chance to win a substantial progressive jackpot.

For poker players there are generally a wide range of games to play including tournaments as well as simple game play. For those who are new to the game it’s also the perfect way to develop skills and learn winning strategies in a far less pressured environment than in a “live” scenario.

Having said this, one drawback of the online casino in the past is that it has not been able to re-create the atmosphere of the real thing but, fortunately, this issue has been addressed by most of the major online casinos.

This has resulted in a boom of the dazzling feature live casino which goes to great lengths to be as realistic as possible. So once you’re online and playing you can expect to see real, live dealers playing in real time and there are even “chat” functions. The high quality streams and real interaction will transport you to anywhere in the world as you experience the full blown casino atmosphere from your own home. It differs so much from normal online casino because you get a real sense of interaction with the real dealers’ one on one when playing live casino games such as blackjack live. Many pay hundreds of pounds to travel to places such as Vegas but with the technology an online casino like 888casino puts into their games and just how well they implement it means we would definitely recommend trying their live casino games if you fancy enjoying a bit of banter whilst you play live casino games at a real casino table online.

With good looking graphics and sound effects to create a real ambience it really does represent a major leap forward for the online casino experience.

Another aspect that does a great deal to attract players to the online version are the very generous joining bonuses that are often on offer. Generally these match the player’s initial deposit up to an agreed limit but the very best ones are simply free bets to be enjoyed.

A number of casinos are also starting to cash in on the projected boom in virtual reality to create an even more realistic casino experience in which a player will be able to sit round a table to compete against others who may be from the other side of the world or even play against friends who can all meet up in a virtual space.

So while the present already looks good, the future of the online casino looks to be even brighter. And, while that may be great new for fans of the online experience, it may well prove to be harder and harder for the bricks and mortar casinos to compete.


Hasbro Launches Historic Worldwide Vote Asking Fans to Pick All Eight MONOPOLY Tokens


Will MONOPOLY fans vote to keep the Scottie dog token in the game?

Hasbro today announced the MONOPOLY Token Madness Vote, which leaves the fate of the eight current MONOPOLY tokens, including the Scottie dog, top hat, car, thimble, boot, wheelbarrow, battleship and cat in the hands of the fans. Starting today through January 31, fans worldwide can visit to choose eight tokens that they’d like to see in the next generation of the MONOPOLY game. Fans can pick eight tokens from a list of more than 50 contenders including the current tokens and new options such as a penguin, rubber ducky and bunny slipper. Hasbro will reveal the results of the vote on World MONOPOLY Day, March 19. The fan-picked MONOPOLY tokens will be updated in the MONOPOLY game hitting shelves this August.


Hasbro will also introduce the MONOPOLY Token Madness Edition which includes the current eight tokens, plus eight golden colored tokens included in the vote, available now for the approximate retail price of $19.99.


MONOPOLY tokens have been a key element of the game since it was introduced in 1935. The car, thimble, boot, top hat and battleship were among the original set of MONOPOLY tokens while the Scottie dog and wheelbarrow were added in the early 1950s. In 2013, fans voted the cat token as the newest Monopoly game piece while the iron token was retired after receiving the lowest number of fan votes.


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Clue: Star Wars Edition


Hasbro has released Clue: Star Wars Edition ($28.95), an interesting Star Wars version of the classic Clue murder mystery board game. The object of this game, however, is to steal the plans, escape the 3D Death Star, and finally save the entire galaxy as Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, R2-D2, or C-3PO. It is currently available to purchase from Amazon.

It’s the Clue game transported to the world of Star Wars. In this game, it’s a period of civil war, and players have managed to sneak onto the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Star! Be the first player to find out which planet Darth Vader plans to destroy next, which room the Death Star plans are hidden in, and which vehicle is the correct escape vehicle. The cards revealing the correct planet, room, and vehicle are placed in the mission folder at the beginning of the game — no one sees what these are until the end. The player who correctly identifies what’s in the folder wins!


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Punderdome: A Card Game For Pun Lovers


From the daughter-father duo that created Brooklyn’s beloved live pun competition comes Punderdome, the “Punderful card game that will replace Cards Against Humanity at your next party” (

One part game, one part conversation starter, you don’t need to be a pun master to master Punderdome: the goal is to make bad jokes and have fun along the way.

A player (the prompter for that round) draws two prompt cards from the deck, and then reads the prompts to the rest of the group, who have 90 seconds to create a single, groan-worthy pun that combines the two prompts.

When time is up, pun makers share their puns with the prompter, who awards the prompt cards to the player whose pun he or she likes best. The winner then draws the next pair of prompt cards and the process repeats. Players win by obtaining 10 pairs of cards.

2 3


 Every Game Set Comes With:

– 200 double-sided cards (100 White and 100 Green)
– 2 Mystery Envelopes with fill-in prize slips
– 2 80-page pads for drafting puns
– 1 instruction card and 1 pun example card
– A stu-PUN-dous time for 3 or more players

Order HERE for $18.

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How Pop-Culture Affects The Design of Online Casino Games

Casino, roulette #1

Online casino games allow people to enjoy playing traditional casino games like including slots and bingo.  The casino games segment has the largest market share in the online gaming niche.

The explosion of online casino gambling over the last decade is one that has taken the world by storm. Volume reported in 2015 stood at $41.4 billion, a figure that is triple the reported volume in 2005. The numbers are even more impressive when you consider the fact that there is no participation from the United States. Online casino gambling is near illegal in the country.   Research says that the transaction volume of online casino gambling will be at least $5.2 billion higher by 2020 if 20 jurisdictions opened up in America before then.

The rise of casino sites that accept PayPal such as can be found here, which allow faster transactions is a strong reason for the increase in popularity. However, one major factor that has fuelled the rising popularity is the fact that online casino games are designed with the pop-culture influence, thereby making the games more attractive to millenials.   How is this achieved? We will use the creation of a slot machine as an example.

How a slot machine is created

As someone who is a stranger to the world of casinos or computer programming, online slot machines will look like a basic tool. However, such games are some of the most demanding for developers.

It will take at around a year to design a premium online slot machine from scratch, up to the deployment stage on various platforms. The process takes the expertise of more than a dozen people ranging from game designers to mathematicians and server developers. In some higher end games, special graphics designers may have to be brought into the team.

Although each game varies, development teams generally use slot mechanisms that already exist. This is to streamline the research and development. It is also a way to make sure that the new game produced is one that the gaming public is already conversant with.  This is why at the end of the day, players can still find their way around games and rules from simplistic games like Bars and 7s to more robust ones.

So how does pop-culture come in?

In the past online casino games mostly featured landmarks or everyday objects. Players were used to seeing games based on the Pyramids of Egypt, The Statue of Liberty or other similar exotic locations. Today, the landscape has changed. Although we still have such games, the newer designs feature pop-stars, actors, actresses and even sports stars.  The pop-culture based theme makes the games more appealing with people who are already conversant with the stars the themes are based on.

Once a theme has been settled upon, the next stage in design is to figure out the mood of the game. Will it be based on real licensed photographs or cartoons? How will the rules and bonuses be crafted to reflect the mood?  Once these points are sorted, the online casino game is complete.

Pop-culture has led to advancements in many niches. The online casino gaming world is one of those that have benefitted immensely. This is even more so for paypal casinos as they already have a massive draw.

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The Difference Between Social Gambling & Real Money Gambling

Millions of people all over the world play casino games, for real money and socially. The two are similar, but there are significant differences between them.

People have been playing card games and other games of chance for many centuries. These games can be played for fun or for real money. If you enjoy playing them for real money, you have probably been to a casino at least once in your life. There are quite a lot of online casinos and this is a great source that’ll help you distinguish the good from the average.


Pros and Cons of Real Money Gambling

You may be playing the very same casino game, but whether you’re playing for really money or just for fun, socially, can make a big difference. We’ll start by looking at the advantages of real money gambling:

– You can win money – This one is quite obvious and it is the main reason why people gamble;
– It is a lot more exciting – If you enjoy playing a game, it is certain that you’ll enjoy it more if you could win a lot money;
– You become more competitive – Earning money is probably the best incentive and playing real money casino games will teach you to take things seriously and always try to be the best at everything that you do.
It wouldn’t be fair and objective not to mention the downsides of real money gambling, so here they are:
– You can lose money – Again, quite obvious, that is the cost of having an opportunity to win money;
– The social element is lost – Real money gambling is too competitive and it isn’t always very friendly. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t want to chit-chat with someone who is taking your money;
– Highly regulated and restrictive – Different countries have different laws regarding gambling, and residents of certain states and countries aren’t legally allowed to engage in real money gambling.

Pros and Cons of Social Gambling

Social gambling became quite popular recently and there are numerous social gambling apps which can be downloaded for free. Social gambling too has its advantages:

– You don’t have to spend money – Since it’s social and just for free, you won’t have to reach in your pocket;
– It is casual – If you’re looking for a way to relax social gambling is a lot better than real money gambling, as the former is quite casual and friendly;
– Gain experience – Social gambling is a great practice for real money gambling. It is always good to learn how to play the games without risking any money.
However, social gambling also has its negative aspects:
– You can’t win any actual money – Sure, 1 million dollar worth of chips sounds great, but it’s not actual dollars, just like Monopoly money isn’t real money;
– You can spend money – Even though you can’t win any real money, you can still spend your hard-earned if you make in-game purchases;
– Not as exciting – Playing social casino games with friends or people you just met is fun, but it is not as nearly as exciting as actual real money gambling.


Both Are Growing and Profitable Industries 

We’ve seen the pros and cons of social and real money gambling and we’ve seen that the two markets are different. But in many ways, they are very similar. Both are on the rise and the number of players, games, operators, apps is constantly increased. The increased revenues, are perhaps an even stronger indicator. The gross gambling yield in the UK alone is £12.6 billion.

Sure, we all know that real money gambling yields revenues and profits. But the same is true of social gambling as well. In the past it was just a way for operators to promote gambling and to engage a larger number of people. Particularly in countries where online gambling was not allowed, but a legalisation was expected.

Statistics show that social gambling is also a very profitable business. Last year, social gambling generated $3.5 billion. It is expected the industry to grow by $1 billion by 2017, which is an unprecedented growth. You will probably be surprised when we tell you that the social gambling branch of one of the leading industry brands is generating more revenues that its real money gambling branch.

Real money and social gambling are actually quite connected and complement each other. Many people who play social casino games also play real money games and vice-versa.


The Best Bingo Related Scenes In Film & TV


Bingo, although stereotypically associated with the older generations, is still a much loved pastime and is now increasing in popularity thanks to the growth of the online industry and modern reinventions of the game. With an upsurge of young followers, coupled with a wealth of games, offers and online bingo bonuses, the industry is thriving in 2016.

In fact, such is the game’s influence, that it has also become a staple in modern culture. Whether it be for humour, politics or just to set the scene, bingo proves to be a popular choice amongst today’s film and TV directors.



Rampage is a 2009 mass murder thriller which received a cult following. Despite its apparent gruesome plot, the bingo scene in Rampage is rather humorous. The movie is about a boy filled with hatred at the world and decides to take his anger out by going on a killing spree.

Equipped with a Kevlar suit and an arsenal of weapons, he embarks on his rampage and comes across a bingo hall. The hitman wanders around the bingo hall seemingly unnoticed as no players appear to pay attention to his presence, instead immersed in their game at hand. Leaving his plethora of weapons on the able, he takes a ball from the bingo caller and shouts it out, it is only then he is noticed but still, people continue to play despite the new caller’s sudden armor suit and rifle. He leaves without harming anyone deciding the players are close to death anyway. The scene is said to be portraying the high levels of concentration bingo requires.

Bad Grandpa


Bad Grandpa is the fourth installment of the Jackass film series and makes for a hilarious movie. The Bad Grandpa, unsurprisingly the protagonist of the movie, is preparing to take part in a game on bingo, with the fellow participants oblivious to the hidden cameras. The prankster grandpa makes some inappropriate remarks and disgusts bingo fans by drinking bingo fluid.

His continuous ill-suited force fellow bingo-goers to move tables and is a scene that will leave you cringing for the poor unsuspecting gamers. A definite must watch for fans of senseless humor.

The Babadook


Much like Rampage, Babadook is one of the darker films which uses bingo as part of its plot. The psychological thriller tells the story of troubled widow Amelia. She works in a care home which represents the mundaneness of her life. Amelia calls a bingo game for the residents in an attempt to liven things up, however, her attempts often see her being reprimanded which is a representation of her place in society.

Better Call Saul


Better Call Saul, the spin-off prequel for the successful Breaking Bad crime drama, also features a bingo scene. The scene is rather poignant as it allows him the motivation he needs to make some changes in his life.

Seeing Saul call a game of bingo is rather unusual but necessary, not only does it reveal an endearing side to his character but it also allows him to get a lot off his chest as it leads him a rant at the puzzled patrons at the retirement home.

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