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Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition

Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition is a new fill-in-the-blank comedy game that’s just like Cards Against Humanity, but it’s written for kids and adults to play together.

The makers of the game have been working on it for over a year in consultation with child development experts and psychologists. The plan was to surprise everyone with this in the fall, but a lot of families need something to do right now.

HERE is the free public beta of Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition which you can print it at home and play it right now with your bored family.

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Monopoly Marvel 80th Anniversary Collector Edition

The Monopoly: Marvel 80 Years Edition board game is a celebration of Marvel’s epic catalogue of comics. With gameplay inspired by the Marvel Universe and iconic Marvel artwork — including art by Alex Ross — this game is a must for Marvel fans. Properties include Covers, Marvel Knights, and Team Leaders, and instead of houses and hotels, this edition features Issues and Omnibuses. The last player left when all other players go bankrupt, is the winner.

Order HERE.

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Poker Facts For Poker Fans

So, you’re a Poker fan, are you? Well, sit back, relax and delight in these facts your beloved, ever-entertaining Poker. 

1. Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world, having been around for well over 200 years.

2. Poker was originally created in America, first drafted and developed in the Louisiana area.

3. The earlier versions of Poker were played with only 20 cards, quite different to the 52-card deck that we see today. Back in the day, four players would each be dealt five cards and the betting would then begin based on who had the best hand. Historians have come to the educated conclusion that the first 52-card game was introduced to the world of Poker from 1834 onwards. 

4. Believe it or not, there was once a game of Poker that was said to have lasted almost eight and a half years. A theatre in Arizona, called The Bird Cage Theatre, claims to have hosted the longest game of Poker to ever have been recorded. Apparently, as the legend dictates, the game began in 1881 and lasted an amazing eight years, five months and three days. According to the theatre in question, the players that participated were all well-known, wild-west kind of personalities who liked to bet big, with the minimum stake to grant entry to the game being $1,000. 

5. In 1973, the first ever live Poker tournament was televised, much to the pleasure of the American audiences. The tournament in question was the World Series of Poker, which took place in the gambling epicentre Las Vegas!

6. Poker is thought to currently be the most lucrative game in the world. Despite how much footballers, NBA players and golfers are known to make, the top five largest prizes on offer in the super high roller Poker tournaments come together to equal a total sum of $44,202,738, which would therefore make Poker the more lucrative event to participate in.

7. UK Poker has appeared in the Guinness Book of World Records. In 2013, the game earned its place amongst the many wondrous and shocking pages of the well-known record holder’s catalogue by having the largest game of Poker take place in Onchan on the Isle of Man. At this tournament there was a massive 225,000 eager players vying for the top prize of $25,000, having paid a surprisingly low $1 to enter.

8. Poker is believed to have evolved from the game Dominoes, as well as taking inspiration from other ranked card combinations along the way. It is thought that a game of Dominoes played by Emperor Mu-Tsung and his wife back in 969 A.D is when the concept of a card game was first blurred into that of the principles of Dominoes. Interestingly, bluffing was found to be entirely integral to the Emperor’s game which is an aspect that has followed through to the way we play modern Poker today.

9. Over 300 MILLION seven-card Poker hand combinations exist within the game. How many have you got all figured out? 


Xbox Series X Gaming Console

The Xbox Series X (Price TBD) is Microsoft’s next-generation flagship console that is slated to be released this holiday season.

Its custom AMD Zen 2 CPU will have eight cores clocked at 3.8GHz each, paired with a custom Radeon RNDA 2 GPU with 52 compute units running at 1.825GHz. The result is 12 teraflops of processing power, enough for 60fps in 4K, 8K support, and frame rates up to 120 fps. 16GB of RAM and a custom 1TB NVME SSD give it dramatically faster load times and the ability to resume games instantly. A dedicated port on the rear of the console will support storage expansion cards.

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Locke & Key: Shadow of Doubt Card Game

IDW Games has announced Locke & Key: Shadow of Doubt, a new card game based on Joe Hill and Gabe Rodriguez’s best-selling graphic novel.

In Locke & Key: Shadow of Doubt, players explore the mysteries of the Keyhouse. They go on adventures via using the magical keys in the house to unlock locations and activate special abilities. But beware, one of the players in the group may be concealing their identity as a demon. It is a light game meant for the fans of the comic book series and TV show alike.

The game is for three to six players, plays in 45 minutes, and will retail for $19.99. It will be available in July 2020.

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Nintendo And LEGO Group Are Reinventing Play With Launch of LEGO Super Mario

The LEGO Group announced a partnership with Nintendo that will change the way people interact with Super Mario in the physical world and engage in LEGO experiences. 

Both companies share a passion for innovation and play and their collaboration has led to a reimagination of the LEGO building experience, enabling an entirely new way to play inspired by the beloved video game icon, Super Mario.

Neither a video game nor a traditional LEGO brick-based set, LEGO Super Mario is a new product line that features an interactive LEGO Mario figure who collects coins in real-life game levels created with LEGO bricks. The new line will let kids experience the playful world of Super Mario like never before. Super Mario will be brought to life in the physical LEGO world and new levels of challenge and styles of play will be part of the iconic LEGO experience enjoyed by generations. 

LEGO Super Mario will launch later this year.

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Playing Casino Games Can Be A Wonderful And Entertaining Experience

Every year, millions of people visit one of the numerous casinos found all over the world in order to challenge their luck and to enjoy spending time in their luxurious facilities. However, the potential to win and the fancy casino facilities are not the only reason why people enjoy playing such games of chance. In reality, it is the thrilling sensation deriving from the dopamine rush in the brain that makes people enjoy casino games like slots, Roulette, Blackjack or Video Poker and that feeling is not restricted within the walls of a casino. Players can enjoy their favourite games at any time and from anywhere, by simply using their desktop or portable device to access the online casino website or application of their preference. 

Truth be told, casino games are games of chance, and this means that you will need to have Lady Luck on your side when you play. On the other hand, playing casino games can be a great opportunity to make some quick cash, if you understand the nature of the game and you make sure that you do not let your emotions take over. Before starting to wager real money, players can try most of the games found in online casinos for free. This is a great way to see how the game works, to test playing strategies and to test one’s limits. 

Playing for Fun and Playing Real Money

Before starting to play, you need to do your research about the casino you are considering opening an account with. Your choice should be based on brand trustworthiness. This means that you need to find an online casino that abides with the rules of a respected regulator, like the UK Gambling Commission. Once you have tried the demo versions of the games and you feel ready to try playing real money, then the first step will be to log in to your casino account and to pick the most suitable payment method for you to make a deposit. 

Some online casinos offer generous bonuses to new members. These bonuses come in the form of money or free spins. Such promotions are great when you play for real as they multiply the funds you have to play. Just imagine having up to $400 more to play your favourite slot or table games.  

Picking a Casino with a Wide Variety of Games

When it comes to game availability, online casinos should offer nothing less than what the popular Las Vegas casinos have to offer. This means hundreds of classic and theme-based slot games, multiple versions of popular table games. Additionally, online casino providers should also offer live casino games, where the customers can play against the dealers in real-time. 

Do Not Underestimate the Value of Good Customer Services

It is normal for online casino players to prioritise game availability, user experience and bonus campaigns. However, these are not the only aspects that can make the customer journey enjoyable. One should never fail to consider the value of customer services, even if the help of customer advisors may not always be needed 24/7. In whatever concerns communication, customer service advisors are every online casino provider’s frontline. This is the reason why many businesses – not only those being in the gambling industry – consider customer services the backbone of their operation. Long story short, a skilled team of advisors that will be available for as many hours as possible every single day, can make a world of difference for the overall playing experience of online casino members.  


Godzilla Monopoly & Jenga Games Coming Soon

USAopoly in collaboration with Toho International, Inc., has just announced the upcoming North American launch of two brand new Godzilla tabletop games: Monopoly and Jenga!

Demolish the competition in a city-terrorizing twist on the classic board game with Monopoly: Godzilla. Begin the invasion by buying, selling and trading locations like Monster Island, Goro’s Workshop, and Kitakami Lake and take over the board with Facilities and Bases. Custom sculpted tokens of giants such as Mothra, Godzilla, King Ghidorah, and Mechagodzilla easily impose on anything in their path!

And Godzilla is on the rampage again, this time with Jenga: Godzilla! Remove one block at a time from the tower, and then stack it on top, while Godzilla marches toward the tower raising the threat of destruction with every step! The last player to stack a block on the top of the tower without making it fall wins the game!

Monopoly: Godzilla and JENGA: Godzilla Extreme Edition will be available in specialty stores this Spring, with a $39.99 and $19.99 MSRP, respectively.

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Three Card Blackjack: A Combination of Blackjack And Three-Card Poker

If you have been around the online gambling scene for a while now there is a good chance that you have recognized that casinos are changing things up. Not only are they doing this to keep things exciting, but they are doing this to draw new customers is while keeping old ones coming back. In fact, this is one of the greatest things about gambling online. You will have access to so many more variations of games. Playing poker in a land-based casino might mean that you only have access to Texas Hold’Em or five-card stud.

This won’t be the case at all when gambling online. All that being said, one of the newest games that are turning the industry upside down is three-card blackjack. If you want to take advantage of the game and everything that it has to offer, you need to know how to play and what playing the game entails. That is exactly what you are going to learn below.

The Rules of The Game

The first thing that you need to know about this game is that it is played only using one single deck of 52 playing cards. Players will make their initial ante and then the dealer will proceed by handing out three cards to each player as well as three to himself. Once the cards are dealt the players and the dealer will try to make their best blackjack hand by utilizing any of the three cards. The real major difference here is that the players will not have the option of splitting or hitting. The cards that you receive are the only ones that you will be playing with, so you better hope that you get a good hand right off. The idea behind this is that it takes the game of blackjack and makes it more random or luck-based.

How You Can Win

It doesn’t matter if you are playing blackjack or three-card blackjack at sbobet, the objective is going to be the same. And, that objective is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. That being said, once the player deals all the cards, he or she will have the option of upping the ante. You cannot split or hit, but you can up the ante if your cards look enticing enough. Keep in mind that if your hand does not look enticing enough, you will have the option of folding at any point. When you do this the game will be over and everyone will reveal their hands.

Payouts And Potential Outcomes

After all, the cards are dealt and the bets are in place the dealer will have to qualify before the game continues. What does this mean? This means that the dealer must have a total of 18 or more. If the dealer does not qualify, the ante bet pays out an even amount of money at 1 to 1 and the bet is then pushed. If at any point the player hits 21, the game will be over and the player will be granted the win.

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What Gambling Activities Does PayPal Prohibit?

PayPal is one of the top money processors on the Internet. If you’ve been running a business or you like buying items online, there is a good chance that you’ve obtained a PayPal account. Unfortunately, PayPal is not the most versatile process. You’ll likely run into limitations from time to time when utilizing this system. With that being said, you should know that certain activities may be prohibited by PayPal. Does this include gambling activities? Within this guide, you’ll learn more about PayPal’s policies.


Unfortunately, PayPal has banned a lot of items including gambling activities. For instance, you’re not going to be able to buy any weapons using your PayPal account. Whether you’re trying to buy a billy club, tactical baton, or knife, you’ll likely run into problems. You’ll need to find a different way to finish the transaction. It is pertinent to make sure you find another way to pay. You might be able to use a check or something else but PayPal will not work for these items.

Games Prohibited

PayPal prohibits a lot of games. With this in mind, you should make a list of those games before signing up. You will not be able to play games of chance or skill with your PayPal account. Casino games, sports better, greyhound racing, and lottery tickets are blocked. You cannot use PayPal to get involved in any gambling-related ventures. However, there might be a way to gamble using PayPal but it will depend on the merchant. If you’re interested in using your PayPal account to roll the dice or pull the lever, you should not give up yet, as there are a number of quality providers like agen sbobet that accept PayPal.

Below, you’ll find out more about merchants that have been approved for these activities.

Works With Approved-Merchants

PayPal only agrees to work with specific merchants. All merchants must be pre-approved and meet PayPal’s satisfaction before an account will be issued to them. In order to be approved for a merchant PayPal account, you must prove that your gambling platform restricts account holders living in the United States and other countries where gambling activities are illegal. 

Merchant accounts that are not approved by PayPal are not permitted to send or receive payments that are linked to any type of gambling activity. Payment restrictions for non-approved merchant accounts include gambling debts, winnings, and wagers, all of which are conducted through online transactions.

PayPal classifies gambling activities as lotteries, placing wagers, registering wagers, and accepting wagers. Other gambling activities include online gaming that requires a deposit fee and monetary payout. Casino games, such as blackjack, keno, roulette, slots, craps, and pai gow, are also prohibited by PayPal.


At the end of the day, you may or may not be able to gamble using PayPal. It depends on the type of activity you’re engaged in and the merchant you choose. It is vital to research until you’re able to find a casino that has been approved by PayPal. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to play your favorite games and fund your account using PayPal. You can find casinos that allow PayPal deposits by using your favorite search engine. This is the easiest way to find casinos that have been approved by PayPal.

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