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Stay On Your Toes With These Online Poker Games

We’re sure that, by now, you feel like you’ve exhausted all possible options when it comes to playing online Poker. Well, we’re here to prove you wrong! Expect the unexpected with these adventurous adaptations of the classic game of Poker that we’ve all become accustomed too. From bonus features to new ways to win, you certainly won’t get bored when you join of the fun-filled games we’re about to introduce to you below!

Aces And Faces 4 Lines

Here is a game that adheres to the tried and trusted rules of Poker, but with a little twist. In this version you are actually playing with four lines, or hands, of cards, instead of just one, setting it apart from the original traditions of the game. 

As you’d expect, the better your hand, the bigger your payout will end up being. You will also have the chance to choose how many cards you want to replace, although this chance will only come along once! 

The visual style and layout of the game makes gameplay fairly easy, as you’ll find yourself instantly familiar with the visuals. The difference comes in the four-line selection of cards, all activated at the same time. But, don’t let this scare you, as the rest of the rules have remained exactly the same as the classic.

Taking inspiration from the four card lines, there are also some added four-of-a-kind combinations to look out for, designed to increase the amounts you’ll be able to win. Also, after each win that you earn in this game, you will get the chance to potentially double your stakes! To do this, you’ll have to use the Double feature, which pretty much does what it says on the tin – when you draw a card and it beats the dealer, those double stakes will be all yours!

Tens Or Better

Here we have another take on the classic game. Tens or Better offers up a version of the game that we all know and love but with a twist. All you need to find in order to win is two tens, or the best possible winning combination. The layout and workings of this video slot are simple and easy to comprehend, specially favoured due to its rich pay table.

Betting starts from as low as £0.05, with the chance to climb up to £50, if you should be feeling so brave. Your overall stake is worked out by coins, with up to five available to place on each hand. Once these decisions have been made, you are free to hit the “Deal” button and pick which cards you wish to “Hold”. After this, the rest of the cards in the hand will then be revealed. 

With the main goal being to land yourself a winning Poker hand, the best you can hope for is a Royal Flush. This little beauty will pay you out a generous £4,000, as long as you are staking five coins per hand.


Horror Ultimate Edition Trivial Pursuit Game

There’s no turning back from Horror Ultimate Edition Trivial Pursuit Game! 

Explore the darkest corners of pop culture in this fact-based challenge where survival skills are a must! 1,800 blood-curdling questions from across all horror genres will test your mastery of the macabre. Rely on your skill and luck to make it out alive through six comprehensive categories: Gore & Disturbing, Psychological, Killer, Monster, Paranormal, and Comedy. 

For 2 or more players. Ages 17 and up.

Pre-order HERE for $49.99.

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Can Bingo Scenes Really Add Tension To Movies?

There is a reason for almost everything when it comes to making a blockbuster. Every prop choice, costume choice, and nuance in acting is done to flesh out characters, add poignancy to scenes, and to add hidden layers that people go back and watch for years to come. One of the ways in which many films add tension is through scenes that have tension weaved into them – such as playing a game of bingo. How are bingo scenes used in films to create a certain feeling throughout the film? 

Bingo has been used to comic effect in certain films. The sequel to the Martin Lawrence classic, Big Momma’s House 2 (2006), where he returns as FBI Agent Malcolm Turner in his ‘Big Momma’ suit has a scene that takes place in a bingo hall. Turner’s aim is to extract some information in disguise, using the bingo game as a distraction for the conversation. But the tension also riles up some of the other players, including a woman who accuses Turner of ‘stealing her man.’ Bingo is used in this scene to add a fast-paced, tense environment – with a hint of humor- which helps move the story along. 

Similarly, Jackass’s Bad Grandpa (2013) spoof, where prankster Johnny Knoxville dons prosthetics to appear as an older gent, tips some bingo tropes on their head as he drinks the dabber fluid and makes a cocktail in the middle of a bingo game. The seriousness of the game for some of the onlookers helps to feed into the comedy, as Knoxville continues to do increasingly bizarre things. 

Bingo scenes have been used for darker purposes, however. The pop culture hit The Babadook (2014) – an Australian horror film full of deeper meaning – features a scene where the protagonist is running a bingo game in a care home. The psychological thriller is brimming with tension and the scene helps to add to that, making it feel that the characters are stuck – both in the care home and in the predicament with the Babadook. 

The reason bingo works immediately to evoke emotion and audience understanding in film is that audiences are familiar with it. The tension remains, even when the people playing are actors on a screen. Similarly, this helped the proliferation of online bingo as the tension from the physical game has been adequately transferred using methods that help it thrive online, such as progressive jackpots. 

For the overall winner bingo slots often utilize a progressive jackpot, which enables all players to contribute to a prize fund. Not only does this offer a real-time assessment of how much money could be won in the jackpot, but it means that the games have an added layer of tension. 

Bingo is a useful trope in film to evoke feelings of tension and to provide a backdrop that doesn’t require as much scene-building. Whether the bingo scene is one for comic effect, where the characters are going against what you might otherwise be doing in a bingo game, or one to up the ante for excitement later in the story, it can be useful to set the tone. 


How Are Bingo Sites Aiming To Attract Film Lovers to Their Games?

Online bingo sites have boomed in popularity in recent years thanks to the fact that operators are doing everything they can to widen the demographic of players. In the days of physical bingo halls, the type of people playing was mainly restricted to middle-aged women and OAPs. But in the modern age, both genders along with young adults are enjoying the online offerings. Indeed, in 2017 it was found that 25 percent of players were aged between 18 and 25. Part of this is thanks to the use of themes which are designed to instantly draw players in. When looking for inspiration for these games, developers frequently turn to films.

Themed Bingo Games Based on Movies

When playing at an online bingo site, players are often faced with an abundance of choice when it comes to selecting a bingo room to play at. These rooms have unique themes which are specifically designed to attract different players. Some of the most notable ones found online are based on classic films and follow a theme from that picture.

One of the most notable examples of this is the Grease online bingo room. Taking the classic musical as inspiration, it makes players feel as though they have walked into the setting of Rydell High. It’s no surprise that the 1978 musical directed by Randal Kleiser was chosen as an option for a bingo hall. It is the best-selling musical of all time and is still hugely popular in mainstream culture. This is highlighted by the fact that HBO has decided to create a spinoff series at the iconic setting. Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies is set for release on HBO Max in the near future.

Plenty of Film Options in the Slots Department

Online bingo sites have branched out to offer players more variety when it comes to games, and there is usually a wide range of slots on offer. Looking at lists of slot games, films are a favorite of developers when it comes to thinking of themes. By using well-known films, the slots are instantly recognisable and also give players that comforting feeling of familiarity.

One slot that would appeal to lovers of classic pictures is Naked Gun from Blueprint Gaming, one of the jackpot bingo games at Betfair. This game is not only fun and entertaining, but it will also stir up feelings of nostalgia for the hilarious 1988 movie directed by David Zucker. Leslie Nielson was one of the most prolific actors of all time, appearing in more than 100 films and 150 television programmes. Despite acting in so many great pieces of entertainment, the actor is probably remembered most for his turn as Frank Drebin in the classic Naked Gun film series.

Film lovers who log onto online bingo sites will instantly recognise their favourite offerings in the list of games, and this may tempt them to play. Developers are likely to continue to use well-known movies as a way to attract more players.


Successful Gaming: 5 Ways You Can Improve And Become A Better Gambler 

Gambling is not a child’s play – that is why it’s labeled ‘not for persons below 18’. When you take the route to try your luck in gambling, you are always ready for loss and gain. When the die rolls on your favor, you can make a fortune, but in most cases, you end up losing because you don’t play your cards well.

Majority of people that play online casino South Africa end up losing because they don’t take time to adopt the best strategies for gambling. You can take gambling as a career and make some income out of it. That means you have to improve yourself every day and become the best punter.

In this article, we mention how you can minimize your losses, increase your fun, and improve yourself to become a successful gambler.

1. Only play games you understand

When you visit a casino, there are plenty of games you can choose to play. You can opt for Blackjack, poker, craps, baccarat, roulette, and horse racing. Whichever game you choose to play, you must ensure you have the experience and skills.

Although most online games don’t require any special skills to play, you only want to venture into something you’ve done before to increase your chances of winning.

Often the best game you can play and win in any casino is poker because it has a smooth learning curve. If you fall in love with poker, you can make some good money out of it. The other benefit of poker is that you can face other real players and not the casino. If you are more skilled than other players, you will win.

Besides playing poker, you can also try horse racing and sports betting. For example, in sports betting, if you know how to analyze matches, you can stake high and win some good money. Sports betting do not require a lot of money for staking.

2. Know how to manage your funds

If you want to become the best in gambling, you have to manage your money well. That means you should know when to stake and when to stop gambling. It would help if you also manage your bankroll well.

A sound bankroll management strategy and discipline will help you escape the tragedy that comes when you lose all your money at the casino.

The simplest way to manage your bankroll is by setting aside some fixed amount you want to gamble. At no point should you gamble more than the amount you’ve set even when the odds seem to be on your side. Separate your gambling money from the money you use in your everyday life. When placing your stakes, it should not exceed 5% of your total bankroll.

3. Gamble only when you are sober

Most punters will drink beyond the limit when gambling, and that can often impair their judgment. Being a little tipsy when placing your bets is never that risky. However, if you want to make the right moves when playing poker or roulette, you have to be in your full senses. Drinking influence your sound decision making and you often lose a lot of money when you gamble as you drink.

There is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol as long as you don’t drink too much. To resist too much drinking, you can leave your credit and wallet at home and only walk into a casino with some fixed amount you want to spend.

4. Practice to become perfect

Before you start risking your hard-earned cash in online casinos, you should first practice the games you want to play. Practicing in a risk-free environment gives you the chance to gain some new skills in gaming.

You need these skills the next time you step inside a casino to gamble your cash. Practicing may not be helpful if you like playing games that don’t need effective decision making like online slots. Everyone can play slots even if they are not the best decision-makers – it is usually a game of chance and luck.

5. Have a logbook

How do you know you are winning or losing if you don’t keep records? If you want to track your gaming, you must record every bet outcome. For every amount you stake, always keep a record of it. Having a record of your bets can help you determine which gaming style or strategy is working for you.

Your records should be detailed – include odds, stakes, dates, and type of game. Keeping a meticulous gambling journal helps you calculate your winning and know whether you are progressing.

Final Thoughts 

Everyone can become a successful gambler if only they apply the right strategies. You should play as much as you can to improve your skills. You should also know how to manage your money. With these five tips, you are always on the right foot to becoming the most successful gambler.


The Most Helpful Secrets For Playing Online Slots

Compared to all other online casino games, slot machines are the easiest games you can play because of their simple structure. Unlike games like blackjack and poker, you don’t need any experience, to start spinning the reels of the game. As long as you create an account in a licensed online casino that offers a rich variety of online slots, you are good to go. 

As simple as the games are, however, there are still a few things that you can do to increase your success rate whenever you are playing the game. Most players assume that online slots are all about the mindless spinning of reels without making any deliberate effort of calculating your moves. But that isn’t the case, you still have to have a strategy that will help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Thus, if you have never tried playing slot machines online, or you’re a beginner who’s still trying to get a sense of the slots, then you’re in the right place. And in case you are a veteran, there are a few tricks you can still pick in today’s comprehensive slot machine guide

Manage Your Bankroll Properly

Learning to manage your bankroll properly is a technique that’s going to take you far, irrespective of the type of casino games you are playing.

Slot veterans always consider proper bankroll management as an art because it is the only way you can keep your feet dipped in the gaming for longer. What we are saying is, it is not wise to play if you don’t know how to correctly manage your bankroll. 

The secret behind managing your bankroll properly is: you need to set your winning and losing limits, based on the amount of money you are planning on investing in a slot session. If you become realistic with all these limits, you are assured of getting a much better experience whenever you play slots.

Be Smart With The Paylines

Usually, online slots come with paylines, some of them are fixed and some of them are adjustable. For the games that have adjustable paylines, you should activate as many paylines as the game allows because more paylines means more chances of landing a win. 

Leverage Casino Bonuses

To win open yourself for more winning opportunities on slot machines, you should not overlook casino bonuses. However, as you claim these casino bonuses, you should also consider the terms and conditions so that you can understand what you need to do to fulfill your end of the bargain.

By choosing the most lucrative offers, you can easily increase your gaming time and thus, boost your money-making opportunities. In case you are wondering which type of bonuses are best for you, keep an eye out for the following:

– Free spins with wagering requirements of 30x or less
– Free Spins without any wagering requirements
– No deposit bonuses, with or without free spins
– Matched bonuses with low wagering requirements
– Cashbacks on your losses

Stake Max Bet Whenever You Play Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are a bit different from the conventional slots because of the different kind of dynamics they have. They are normally characterized by huge progressive jackpots that could easily turn lucky players into millionaires. Some jackpot slots usually require you to place maximum wagers per line if you are to participate in the massive prize pot. You must, however, watch your budget because the massive stakes per line could quickly eat into your bankroll.

Don’t Forget To Test The Game For Free

As obvious as it seems, this is something that a lot of players fail to do, especially when faced with a new game entirely. You should know that all online slots today come with a demo mode that allows you to take the game for a test run before putting your money on the line. Playing the game for free will help you understand the game first and even help you gauge whether it’s a game you’ll actually enjoy playing for real money in the first place.

Remember To Have Fun!

While the tips we’ve discussed here will bump up your winning chances, nothing’s a guarantee because the Random Number Generators used in the games make it practically impossible to predict the outcome. And as you shoot for the stars, you must remind yourself that this is only a game and nothing more, if you aren’t having fun, you shouldn’t play either. What are games for if not to show you a good time?


Ravensburger Announces The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game

The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game differs from traditional board games in that players interact with different game boards within the “book.” Players will become immersed in the story as they complete each chapter and navigate their way through locations found in the 1987 film, The Princess Bride. In this chapter-based board game, players need to work together to keep the plot of the story on course and tell all six chapters despite constant interruptions from a sick Grandson and interference from Vizzini, Count Rugen and Prince Humperdink. Players cooperate to complete challenges by moving the seven paintable character miniatures and discarding Story cards from their hand. Once all chapters are completed, the players win the game and true “wuv” prevails.

The game is 1-4 players for ages 10+ and will cost $25 at Target and on Ravensburger’s official website. The game will be released on October 4th, 2020.

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Jackpot Tiers in Online Slots – How Do They Work?

Walk into any land-based casino, and the first thing you will notice is slot machines with flashy lights on top displaying the jackpots. This is the same case for online casinos. The moment you launch into your account, your first glance will be the massive jackpots of certain slots. But what are jackpot tiers and how do they work.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Jackpot tiers in online slots are also referred to as progressive slots. It is the jackpot that progresses whenever a player makes a bet. A small portion of that bet is taken and added to the amount. If someone hits the jackpot, then the amount resets to a lower amount and then begins growing again.

Progressive slots come in different sizes with some amounting to a few euros while others can go to millions. They are available in different forms, each bringing different prizes and game rules. However, the most important thing is to understand how these machines work out and how different they are from regular slots. So let’s get started.

Types of Progressive Slots

Before any further ado, it is important we understand the types of multi jackpot tiers of slot machines. There are about five common types of these games:

1. Single-Level Progressives
2. Multi-level progressives
3. Wide-Area slots
4. Local Progressive Slots
5. Symbol-driven progressive
6. Bonus-drive jackpots

This was once the only type of jackpot tiers when slots were invented. A display meter on the top or sides of the machine could show one big amount that kept increasing whenever players wagered on the game. But to win this rising amount, gamers had to line up a combination of various symbols.

The single-level progressive pokies are quite rare in the gaming market, but you can find them in 3-reel or classic slots. One good example of a game with this jackpot type is Blazing 7s.

Symbol-Driven Progressives

This is the most common jackpot tier. Its concept is actually applied to all forms of progressives. In symbol-driven games, you need to line winning combinations to receive a payout. The number of symbols you need varies from one slot to the other. For instance, a 3-reel slot might require a combination of three of the jackpot triggering symbols while 5-reel video slot might need five of them. A good example of a symbol-driven slot is Golden Goddess Mega slots, which requires the player to land five wild symbols on an active payline.

Multi-Level Progressives

Most online progressive slots have multiple jackpots. It was first started by Aristocrat Technology, which featured the now common progressive levels Mini, Major, Minor, and Mega. Just from these names, you can know that mini jackpots are the smallest prize while mega contains the highest amount. The latter is difficult to hit while those with a few euros can be won often.

But Aristocrat’s system is not the only one in the market. There are other multi-level progressive slots that use other forms using precious stones like bronze and sapphire.

A great example of a multi-level progressive slot is Mega Moolah by Microgaming. It uses the Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand system.

Local Progressive Slots

This is also referred to as linked-progressives. It defines as jackpots found in only one casino, and that is linked to other games. If that amount is won, all the machines will reset. Normally, this jackpot-tier can go up to $100,000.

Wide-Area Slots 

Unlike the local progressive slots, wide-area progressives (WAP), can be found in a bigger area and not just one casino. It is the most common type that links slots games from multiple casinos in one state.

WAPs accumulate funds over an unknown period of time after which it can sum up to $1 million and sometimes go over. One great example of wide-area progressive slots is the Megabucks slot, which is also one of the most lucrative games in the industry.

Bonus-Driven Progressives

Imagine jackpots that are triggered every time a bonus round is active. Well, this is what the bonus-driven slots entail. The jackpots in this type are awarded during bonus rounds. One way this can happen is through free spins, mini-games, or even a bonus wheel.

Different games come with different ways to earn the jackpots. Some might require the player to land specific winning combinations while others might need you to collect gold coins. So it varies from one game to the other.

How to Win in Jackpot Tier Online Slots

Winning online slots, whether they have fixed or progressive jackpots, is a hard task. It majorly depends on luck and few skills. Progressive jackpots slots are usually very lucrative than the fixed ones, the reason why players are crowding them. Due to their high demand and increased gameplay, the jackpots continue progressing higher and higher meaning the amount can sum to millions of dollars.

This, in turn, makes it even harder to win the amount. So what do you need to do to boost your chances of winning these jackpots? Are there any special skills you need to learn before play?

Well, no! Progressive slots, just like the regular ones, depend highly on luck. Some people will even tell you to play with the Maximum Bet if you want the best payouts, but there is no proof of this happening.

You might even lose more than you expected. However, Max Bet works only when you have a big bankroll to spend, and you are ready psychologically to lose risk and lose money. But if you emerge successfully, then you will bag in more than what you wagered on.

Another way you can possibly increase your chances for a progressive jackpot is by matching the required symbols. This can be special or mystery symbols but either way, landing them can result in a jackpot.

It is also a wise idea to focus on the mini and minor jackpots than the mega or grand amount. This is because mini jackpots are easier to obtain, and winning can occur often. However, the Mega jackpot occurs rarely and is very difficult to get.

Whichever strategy you choose to use to try and win the jackpot tiers, make sure to gamble safely and responsibly. This means you should plan a budget and stick to it through the game. Do not bet the maximum stake if you cannot afford and do not chase losses by wagering more or you might end up losing all your bankroll.

How Does Jackpot Tier Slots Work and What Are the Odds?

As said before, progressive slots work in a simple way. Whenever players place bets in the online slot, a small portion of that bet is taken and added to the jackpot. The more the players bet, the higher the jackpot gets.

So, what are the odds of winning in a progressive game? Well, as usual, the house always wins, and these games are not an exception. Multiple jackpots games are hooked to larger player networks. This means that the RTP will be quite lower than the standard or classic slots. For instance, if 10,000 players are competing for the same jackpot, then you have 100% random chances of winning, and your odds are 1/10,000.

However, if a few players play the game locally, then your odds increase. It is basically a numbers game, and you have to play smart. But you have to be aware that software developers provide these progressive pokies to many online casinos to increase the amount. Remember that they are also looking for some profits and where do you think they get them from?

Luckily, casino operators do not alter the winnings in progressive slots since they operate using a random number generator system. This makes sure that all payouts are true, honest, and fair to all players. So gamers should not doubt the massive amounts offered being messed up.

Most Popular Progressive Slots

So now that you are familiar with how these games work, what are some of the best and top progressive slots?

Mega Moolah: This is one of the best jackpot tier slots that has awarded millions of dollars to players. It is a video game developed by Microgaming and features multiple jackpots starting from mini, minor, to mega. Its prize can go all the way to $1 million.

Megabucks: Megabucks tops the list of any progressive jackpot slots. Its amount can start from $10 million and over. However, the game plays out in over 25 years, and its odds are between 1 and 50 million.

Wheel of Fortune: Based on the TV show, Wheel of Fortune is another slot machine that can award generously. Its big payout can start at $200,000.


There you have it. By now, you know the types of progressive slots and how they work. These games can be very fun, but the odds are not that high. Many gamers play them, and each one of them is trying to win. Remember, the more the people play them, the higher the amount and difficulty in winning.

However, you should know what you are getting yourself into. If big wins are your thing, then you can try your luck. But if you are a beginner in them, then it is a sensible idea to go for lower or fixed jackpot slots.


Why Do Rock Bands Agree To Collaborate With iGaming Business?

Since the entry of slot themes as a crucial concept in slot development, online gaming software providers have been brimming with ideas to make them notable exceptions. One of the most intriguing topics out of the many that have been touched on so far is that of music, especially rock bands. The online platform is not crawling with rock music slots like those of other prominent categories, but they still manage to shine as excellent choices. For instance, the Guns N’ Roses slot demo by NetEnt stands among the greats, even when placed against titles from other theme classes. Below is a look at why some of the most famed rock bands choose to collaborate with the iGaming business to create games themed around them.

Exciting Atmosphere

In the early days of slot creation, punters focused less on the design and more on the thrill that came with anticipating big wins. Ever since then, player tastes have changed tremendously with a lot of focus being applied on the entertainment value of a pokie as much as what it has to offer in winnings and bonuses. If rock bands are known for anything, it is their ability to pump up a crowd, and they provide the same to slot machine games. Members of rock bands often jump at the opportunity to reach an audience beyond the stage by being featured in slot games. The pumped-up nature of rock music offers action, excitement, and animation to accompany good winning values.

Immortalize Timeless Hits

With the music industry being bigger than ever, hits are being churned out at a faster pace. Currently, some of the bops that dominate the sector include Old Town Road, Bad Guy, and New Rules. These songs will most likely go down in history as classics, but for now, they resonate with only one or two generations.

Famous rock bands that are featured in slot machines, on the other hand, have been releasing hits since as far back as the eighties. This has given them a lot more time to earn legendary status with both the old and young generations. Songs like Twisted Sisters’ We’re Not Gonna Take It and Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train are still popular with people to date despite having been around for decades. Rock bands take the opportunity to feature in pokie machines as a way to immortalize the most famous hits in their career and give fans an even more exciting way to listen to some of the songs that they love.

Ideal Target Market

Most research studies indicate that the average online gambler is in their forties. Therefore, most slot lovers grew up in the golden era of rock bands, which saw the rise of legendary groups like Guns N’ Roses, Twisted Sister, and Motorhead. Even though these bands have slowed down over the years with new generations acquiring different tastes, they still look to offer their fans a taste of the edgy days when MTV was considered taboo. Even though a lot more is available for music than this channel, rock band slots allow players to have a dose of nostalgia and revisit the good old days while taking a shot at collecting winnings.


Most rock band celebrities are not complaining when it comes to how deep their pockets can run. For instance, the lead vocalist of the Guns N’ Roses band AXL Rose boasts an impressive net worth of around 200 million dollars, which is a similar range to that of Ozzy Osbourne. Even so, most of these artists do not mind having an endless source of royalties money to add to their wealth. Slot machines present such a platform since online gaming software developers have to pay to feature their brands in games. These payments continue to roll in as long as their slots are available to the public, much like with their music.

Popular Rock Band Slot

With so many reasons backing the entry of rock bands into the iGaming business, numerous groups have invested in creating slots games to mark their career success. Some successful titles under the theme category include:

Guns N’ Roses

Guns N’ Roses is among the most famous rock bands of the eighties and nineties. The group is still together to date and was releasing music as recently as 2018. NetEnt took the tie to honor GNR with a slot machine of the same name, which was launched in celebration of their 30th anniversary in January of 2016. The slot machine welcomes players to the band’s world tour on five reels that carry twenty bet lines. The game features some of the group’s biggest hits that play in the background including Welcome to the Jungle, November Rain, Paradise City, and Chinese Democracy. The visuals of the game match the intensity of the tunes, especially the black playtable with the band logo plastered behind golden symbols.

Guns N’ Roses slot game appeals to gamblers with more than just nostalgic music to encourage the placement of stakes between 20 to 200 coins per spin. The game awards winnings as high as 750 times the line bet, and this amount is awarded by the lead singer AXL when he forms a combination of five icons. Other incentives included in the pokie are:

– Regular wilds
– Destruction wilds
– Bonus wheel
– The Crowd-Pleaser Bonus Game
– Encore Free Spins
– Appetite for Destruction Wild
– Legend Spins
– Solo Multiplier

This game is available in nearly all casinos that support NetEnt software.


Megadeth is the brainchild of the bassist David Ellefson and the guitarist Dave Mustaine, which started out in Los Angeles. The band is often credited with the popularization of American trash metal alongside other popular groups like Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax. The band was formed back in 1983 and is still together to date.

The Megadeth slot game touches on the success of the group, and it is created by Leander Games. The slot machine features a literal heavy metal theme with the five by three grid created using metal casings and surrounded by bright stage lights. Megadeth online slot includes the band members David Ellefson, Chris Broderick, and Shawn Drover. Dave Mustaine appears as the wild symbol, and he can expand to cover an entire reel. The slot logo awards the fixed jackpot win of 500 credits.Â

Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a one-person band whose ingenuity is admired to date even though his music career only lasted four years. The legend is credited with having changed the course of pop culture as it is by fusing a wide range of music genres with particular focus on rock, soul, and jazz. Jimi redefined what it meant to be a composer, singer, and songwriter, which is why NetEnt included him in their lineup of music slots.

The Jimi Hendrix slot game has been available since 2016. Rather than capture the modern era of realism in its presentation, the game carries the artistic vision of the counterculture era, which resonates with most fans of Jimi’s music. The slot machine uses regular bet limits of between 0.01 and one credit per coin, with each of the twenty play lines capable of holding between one and ten of these coins. The set is decorated with a variety of bonuses, including Red Guitar Respin, Purple Haze Feature, Pick and Click, Crosstown Traffic Free Spins, and Coin Win feature.


Motorhead holds 26th place on the VH1 list of the greatest hard rock artists. Since the band was formed in 1975, they have sold more than fifteen million albums across the globe, which makes them an obvious choice for a slot theme. NetEnt is behind the creation of the rock band’s slot game, which is simply named Motorhead.

The slot features a unique 3-3-4-4-5 grid arrangement that is sat on a black and grey stage. The playtable can hold as many as 200 coins per spin, with each one holding between 0.01 and one credit. A music feature is included as well where punters can turn the Rock Mode on and off at pleasure. Some of the featured hits put on blast in the background are Overkill, Killed by Death, Ace of Spades, and Iron Fist. The game bonuses are pretty impressive as well, and they are as follows:

– Wild – denoted by the golden ace of spades and substitutes other symbols
– Scatter – lands on the third to fifth reel to award ten free spins
– Mystery Reel Feature – one of the reels features mystery symbols that turn into one of the regular icons once the grid stops spinning
– Bomber Feature – activates randomly before any spin and awards a cluster of mystery symbols that can cover as many as ten tiles

Bottom Line

Rock bands are likely to continue featuring as themes in slots and other casino games as a way to relive their legendary work. Those that are currently available in pokies have seen an explosion in their retro hits, even with new generations that did not see the initial song release. The method to this madness continues to benefit everyone involved from the software developer and rock bands to the players.


Battle Alongside The Gods With These Slots

The thrill of live casino online is perhaps the best part of playing Slots from the comfort of your own home. The Age of the Gods franchise is one of the most popular online anthologies of Slots that you are likely to come across! The games are based on Greek mythology, and are filled with stand-out graphics and immersive symbols, spilling out across the reels.  With all this on offer, there’s no doubt that you’ll soon become a huge fan of the Age of the Gods series. Keep reading to find out more about our top picks!

Age of the Gods: Norse King of Asgard

First let’s look at one of the newer additions to the Age of the Gods family. The King of Asgard is originally a Germanic figure from Norse mythology, later made popular by the much-loved Marvel universe. 

In this game you can expect to find three progressive jackpots, along with free spins, fixed jackpots and a minimum wager of just £0.10. You will also be joined by a few little helpers who will help you to unlock the lower-value prizes, such as snakes, wolves and ravens.

In order to trigger the larger wins and bonus features you must roll in the powerful god symbols called Loki and Odin. Loki will push Odin across the reels and ensure that you get the best bonus that’s on offer, boosted by a multiplier that will increase each time the reel is re-spun. Odin will only appear on reels two through to six, reactivating the re-spin feature.

As long as you place the minimum stake, then you will be in for a shot at one of the three progressive jackpots. Each one will continue to increase the more players that are in the game, until finally someone bags those top prizes. These can equal up to 100,000 coins or more! 

Age of the Gods: God of Storms Jackpot

If jackpots are what get your juices flowing, then you will love Age of the Gods: God of Storms Jackpot! Gameplay begins at just £0.01, with four different progressive jackpots to choose from. As the game continues, you can increase the number of win lines and adjust your line bets through one of 10 denominations – bets being capped at £20 per line.

The wild symbols are one of the most interesting aspects of this game – instead of having just one wild, there is two! The original wild is a slab of stone with the word “wild” etched into it, and it becomes even more powerful when the icon is stacked and covers other symbols, creating even more winning combinations. The other wild is a long ship, which can also be stacked, but what’s more – this symbol will start the wild wind re-spins round. Any time that the ship can be seen on the reels you’ll receive a free spin. The God of Storms will also appear at the side of reels and blow the icon to the left, bringing forward more multipliers and re-spins. When the ship is finally blown off of the reels, you’ll be rewarded the final free spin as well as a 5x multiplier.

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