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Disney Announces Playmation, The Next Step In The Evolution of Play


Disney Consumer Products introduced the world to Playmation – the next step in the evolution of play, where digital gets physical and imagination becomes real. The groundbreaking system of toys and wearables uses smart technology to inspire kids to run around and use their imaginations, as they become the hero or heroine of stories from across The Walt Disney Company.

Dreamed up by a team of technologists, Imagineers and storytellers from across The Walt Disney Company, Playmation is the culmination of extensive research into the world of play. A new third party study commissioned by Disney reveals that parents feel nostalgia for the way they used to play growing up and that they also have a desire to keep their kids active. The study also found that children enjoy being active—yet at the same time, they have a growing appetite for technology-infused products.

The online study of 2,000 families across the country shows that while almost all parents believe in the power of active and creative play, they believe technology is also an important part of growing up today. In fact, 9 out of 10 parents are open to new technology that could play a role in keeping their child active.

Playmation also marks a new chapter in Disney Consumer Products’ long-term partnership with Hasbro. DCP and Hasbro collaborated on physical product design and manufacturing of Playmation. Hasbro’s record of innovation and consumer insights make them the perfect partner to ensure that Playmation is a truly ground-breaking play experience.

Disney Toy Shoot

Disney Toy Shoot

Disney Toy Shoot

Disney Toy Shoot

Playmation Marvel’s Avengers is the first in a series of systems in development around Walt Disney Company franchises, and will hit shelves this October. At launch, the Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack will include five connected toys: one piece of Avenger Gear (Repulsor), two Power Activators and two Smart Figures – a Super Hero (Captain America) and a Super Villain (Iron Skull). Getting started is easy, strap the high-tech Repulsor Gear onto your arm (it fits adults, too!) and listen closely to JARVIS as he takes you through the tutorial on how to control your new Gear, inspired by Iron Man technology. Other Playmation Marvel’s Avengers connected toys that work with the Starter Pack will also be available separately for purchase at launch, with more on the way.

Also available at launch, is the AvengersNet app where you can register your Avenger Gear to see progress, explore additional locations and characters, and get access to new missions. New recruits to the Avengers can fight Marvel Super Villains including Ultron, Iron Skull, Loki, or join fellow Avengers Super Heroes like Black Widow, Falcon and more as they battle to save the Earth by running, jumping, ducking and dodging – whatever each challenge requires.

Playmation Marvel’s Avengers uses familiar technologies including smart toys, wearables, wireless technology, motion sensors and more, but applies them in ways that are completely new to create an experience that’s never been possible before. The Repulsor Gear connects with the Power Activators and Smart Figures to take you on a variety of adventures through locations around the Marvel Universe, from the Avengers Lab in New York to the jungles of Wakanda. Playmation is purposely not tethered to an Internet connection so players can run around and explore each adventure from anywhere they want – a bedroom, living room or yard. With multiplayer modes, recruits can sync their Avenger Gear to tackle missions and combat arenas together, or face off in competitive play.

The Playmation Marvel’s Avengers Starter Pack will have a suggested retail price of $119.99 and will launch in October 2015 in the United States and Canada at mass and specialty retailers, select Disney Store locations and, and will be available for pre-order starting July 7.

Star Wars and Disney Frozen systems are currently in development for 2016 and 2017, respectively. Each will use a range of technologies to create a system based on the different ways that kids play and experience their favorite stories and characters from that franchise.

For more information, visit

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Gallery 1998 Announces Clue Art Show Opening On June 26, 2015


Gallery 1998 has announced a Clue Art Show opening on June 26, 2015. The show will feature art inspired by your favorite murder mystery.

The opening reception will be held from 7-10 PM and the show will run until July 11, 2015 at G1988 West.








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The Many Different Ways To Play Roulette


Today, anyone who’s asked to think of a casino game will invariably name roulette. It’s one of the most iconic casino games, and these days, it’s played by millions on online casino sites such as 32red and Roxy Palace as well as being a perennial favourite in the land-based casinos.

There’s something about the image of roulette that draws people to play it. It’s a game that’s simple to play and it’s purely down to chance whether you win or lose (or, in the case of online roulette, it’s only down to the simulation of chance provided by the random number generator software that’s part of the online game). But although it’s easy to play, there’s something hypnotic about watching the wheel, willing the ball to land on the numbered pocket that you’ve bet on, or to land on black or red, whichever you’ve chosen to back. With online casinos today, the 3-D imagery that you get with online roulette games gives the impression that you’ve got a real roulette wheel in your living room – or wherever you happen to be playing.

The game of roulette has ancient origins. It’s thought that a similar game used to be played in ancient China and in Roman times, the centurions would play a game of chance using the divisions of an upturned chariot wheel.

Today, there are lots of variations on roulette played away from the casino setting. Let’s take a look at some of the alternatives to classic roulette.

Salt and sugar roulette

This is a great game to play when waiting for your food in a restaurant. Take the salt and sugar packets from the table, and rip off the tops of one sugar pack each. Replace the sugar in one pack with salt, then shuffle all the ‘sugar’ packets under the table and hand them round. On three, everyone has to down the contents of their packet. One unlucky person will draw the short straw and be left with a mouthful of salt.

Chat roulette

Chat roulette is another variety on the roulette game. Users sign up to the website and whenever they login they are paired with another user at random to start talking to one another. So, again, it’s a question of ‘you never know what you’re going to get’. As well as being able to type messages to each other, the chatters are connected via webcam and audio. Users can leave a chat at any time, by initiating another random connection.

Spin the bottle             

This is a party game that’s so easy to set up – all you need is a group of people and an empty bottle. The classic version of this game is when the players sit in a circle around the bottle. One player sets the bottle spinning and has to kiss the person that the bottle points to when it stops spinning – so it’s always been a popular feature of teen parties over the years. There are many other variants of this game. One example is to have a tray of mixed hardboiled and raw eggs. When the bottle stops spinning, whoever it is pointing at has to pick an egg and crack it on their forehead – obviously hoping that they will get a hardboiled egg, not a raw one.

And then of course, there’s the ultimate game of chance – Russian roulette – although, thankfully, few people, apart from NFL running back Herschel Walker, actually play this potentially deadly game!

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Why Flash Games Have Become Increasingly Popular


Flash games have become increasingly popular and there’s a reason why. Browser-based games that deploy Flash and Java technologies are typically known as “Flash games”. What do players appreciate the most about these games, it boils down to three things: availability, variety and affordability!


One of the largest advantages of Flash games is their wide availability. The games can be played on many platforms and they don’t require extensive hardware. If your computer has access to the Internet and a web browser, you can play a Flash game.

Another huge advantage to Flash games is that there’s no need to install them on your computer. All you have to do is open the web browser, type in the game’s URL, wait for the game to load and begin playing. Therefore, anyone, anywhere can play the Flash games online – at home, school, work, etc.

A third huge benefit to Flash games online is that you only require basic, everyday computer skills to play them.


There are all kinds of Flash games online; so everybody will find a game that appeals to them. The Flash game market is huge. If you want action packed fighting or shooting-type of games, they are available. If you want puzzle based games, you can find those. There are numerous games out there so you’re bound to find something that appeals to your varied interests


You might think you would have to pay a lot of money to play Flash games online. Actually, you’d be wrong! The majority of Flash games online are free.

For a huge selection of Flash based games check out It is the ultimate site for free online games! Every adventure in their collection is completely free to play and tons of fun. From action to sports, and dress-up to strategy, they have the perfect game for you!

Their site hosts all types of online games. Everybody from advanced gamers to casual players will love the large selection. If you’re looking for a few minutes of easy fun, they have quick and simple challenges. For a deeper adventure, dive into one of their many difficult journeys. No matter how you like to play, is designed to give you the perfect experience, every time!

Begin your adventure by choosing a category or searching in the top box on their website. Enjoy totally free gaming for as long as you wish!

One popular gaming section on is their soccer area! You no longer have to worry about the weather outside, because you can play a fun game of football indoors, with one of their many football games! has a huge selection of games with varying gameplay, from realistic, 3D matches to 2D, cartoon-themed games. Reenact headshots from real games or become an overhead champion in their soccer games!

Keyboard controls in their football games are player-friendly and meant to turn you into an all-star in no time! Within minutes, you’ll be putting heavy spin on free kicks and dancing around your opponents with ease. Many of their football challenges feature in-game tutorials which will help you learn controls and allow you to practice before playing a real game. But, if you want to just launch into soccer action right away, then go ahead! In most soccer games, a standard keyboard will be all you need to control your players!

Head to today!

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Slotomania For Android Game Review


If you are a slot machine fan then this game will hook you from the start. Slotomania is an online slots app that offers endless possibilities and fun with the game of slots. The game comes with a variety of themed slot machine games. It gives players  lots of opportunity to win bonuses, free rounds, gifts and even mini games. Best of all it is available for free download on your Android device.

A Slot game for everyone

At Slotomania you have option to choose from wide range of slot machine to play from. Once you download the game you will start your play with the Farm Fortune slot. Other themes like Kiss of Empire, Forest magic, Queen of the Desert and Party in Wonderland can be downloaded within the game itself. Other themes are also available but you will need to unlock them by playing the game. You need to complete tasks or achieve a desired level in the game to unlock the next theme. The more you play the more money you will be able to earn!

How to play?

The rules are quite simple just like playing slot machines in real life. Choose a slot, it will come with different symbols and 5 different columns to match them. Match at least two symbols in a row and if they are eligible for the line then you will be awarded points.

The fortune theme provides farm animals like cows, pigs, chickens and dogs. The farm also produces farm products like tomatoes, pumpkins, sunflower and grapes on the slot. Other images that periodically appear on the slot machine are scarecrows, tractors and barns.

Connect with your friends

Slotmania allows you to connect with your friends and family via Facebook and you can also check their progress in the game. When you connect your Facebook account with the game you will earn free coins that you can later for additional spins.

It will also allow you to review the leader board and you can determine who is trying to beat you. Push the spin button, cross your fingers and hope for a great score. While playing there are some milestones that you will have to reach in order to level up. You can also share your milestones with your friends via social media and earn additional free spins by sharing. The more you share, the more you will be able to earn.

All in the Box

With the huge number of themed slot machines, this game will easily keep you engaged for hours. The game has impressive graphics, addictive gameplay, well-designed rules and creative slots that will keep you addicted to game play for hours. In addition the game also encourages fun competition with your friends which makes it more interesting. Overall the game is brilliantly designed and if you like casino slots then you will definitely like this game.

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Scrabble Twist


Scrabble Twist is a new handheld gadget from Hasbro which gives the famous vocabulary-matching game a tactile and mobile twist.

This fast-paced version of the word-building game is best suited for kids and parties: You’re given five letters with which to build a word — you tap the letters you want in order, then twist the device to end your turn. Then you pass it to the next person, or just keep playing if you are in single player mode. When the game ends each player will be scored automatically.

Scrabble Twist will be released in the fall of 2015 and retail for $20.

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Escape The Room Game Is Becoming One of NYC’s Hottest Attractions


In this life-size puzzle created by Victor Blake, funseekers have one hour to get out of a locked room.

Escape The Room is an interactive game in New York City that challenges players to escape from a locked room by solving a series of puzzles before time runs out.

The game’s Manhattan venue includes three rooms to choose from: a spy thriller room, a Sherlock Holmes-style parlour, and an office. Escape the Room was created by Victor Blake.

Escape the Room, 25 W 31st St., 11th floor, between Broadway and Fifth Ave. Tickets are $28. Reservations at


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Disney Abandons The Old ‘Star Wars’ Expanded Universe, Will Connect All Creative Developments Going Forward


The Star Wars franchise quickly branched out from the original films to other forms of media like comics, books, and even television series.

Something called the Star Wars Expanded Universe, or EU, has traditionally encompassed all licensed material outside of the six feature films created by George Lucas. Film canon always trumped EU canon, but the two coexisted peacefully with aspects translating between them. With the purchase of Lucasfilm by Disney and subsequent announcement of new film developments, fans have been wondering whether the EU would be incorporated into this new vision.

Disney has today revealed that any new creative developments going forward, including the new films, will be overseen by a single story group for the sake of consistence and coherence. Previous EU content will remain in print according to demand under a new Star Wars Legends banner.

There may be content pulled from old EU for use by the new Lucasfilm Story Group, but this is effectively the end of what it was previously.

Now, with Lucasfilm’s Story Group, the EU will be unified like never before. Across the new films, TV animation, comics, novels, and games, the Star Wars narrative will be entirely consistent and cohesive. “I think the idea of aligning the content,” says Kiri Hart, head of development, “is actually a really fantastic and exciting opportunity that no other fictional universe could really even support.”

Read more HERE.

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Card Table


Card Table, a free app lets you and up to three friends play poker, gin rummy, bridge, blackjack, war, or any other card game you can think of, all using a single iPad as the table and your iPhones as your personal hands. It works over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

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Bored Game


A parody commercial for Bored Game – the greatest game never made.

Starring 80’s games such as The Technodrome, Hot Shots Electronic Basketball, Boglins, a GoPro mounted to a slot car, Mall Madness, the TMNT Pizza Thrower, Power Glove, Toe Jam & Earl, Laser Tag, Don’t Wake Daddy and at least one thing you had in your room growing up.

A M ss ng P eces production. Written & directed by Dark Igloo. Some assembly required.


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