Cannabinoids In Sports: A Detailed Guide To CBD For Better Health

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds in the cannabis Sativa plant that interact with receptors in our central nervous system. This feature ensures that they can be successfully used for therapeutic use. Also, CBD was broadly used during the covid-10 pandemic … find out more about it here. Cannabinoids: Benefits And Uses Medical cannabis uses cannabinoids toContinue reading “Cannabinoids In Sports: A Detailed Guide To CBD For Better Health”

Mode Wireless Charging Electric Toothbrush

Mode is the future of brushing, where innovation meets routine. With no other toothbrush on the market that combines docking, charging and a nightlight, Mode uses 38,000 sonic vibrations per minute for a gentle yet deep cleaning.  By eliminating cords for charging and designing an aesthetically pleasing bathroom essential, Mode is challenging the status quoContinue reading “Mode Wireless Charging Electric Toothbrush”

3 Benefits To Cosmetic Procedures And Treatments

It is often assumed by the general public that cosmetic procedures are purely for aesthetic purposes or solely exist to improve one’s appearance. While it is true that cosmetic procedures like weight loss injections or plastic surgery can improve or correct certain parts of a person’s physical appearance, there are many other benefits as well.Continue reading “3 Benefits To Cosmetic Procedures And Treatments”

The Reasons Why CBD Has Gotten So Popular

With CBD becoming increasingly more available, due to changes in legislation surrounding it, the chemical compound has gotten increasingly popular with all types of different people right across America and the rest of the world. One reason for this is because it has made its way into a wide range of different products – fromContinue reading “The Reasons Why CBD Has Gotten So Popular”

5 Ways To Prevent A Meniscus Tear During A Basketball Match

Talking of knee injuries, a torn meniscus is the most common one.  More than 850,000 surgeries are performed every year in U.S. since the cartilage does not heal properly. It can impact the agility of a player. In fact, the leg muscles can become instable which can affect your performance. Basketball is a sport whichContinue reading “5 Ways To Prevent A Meniscus Tear During A Basketball Match”

“Will You Wear A Mask? I Ask” Performed By Mark Hamill

The legendary Mark Hamill used his incredible voice acting skills to perform the lines of the characters in the illustrated book “Will You Wear a Mask” by Tom Ruegger.  This children’s book was created to support President Joe Biden’s public mask mandate, to increase health and safety across America. The poem, told in the beloved styleContinue reading ““Will You Wear A Mask? I Ask” Performed By Mark Hamill”

Quip Gum

Gum can relieve stress, curb appetites, and freshen breath. But certain types can also be good for your oral health. Quip Gum rises to the challenge.  The slim dispenser (in 5 collectible colors!) packs and protects up to 10 pieces of gum — no more smashed chiclets or gum sticks. It’s easy to fill, satisfyingContinue reading “Quip Gum”

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