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CBD Bath Bombs: A Little Known CBD Secret That Women Love

There are not many things that are more relaxing than a nice bubble bath, and if you are undergoing a period of stress, be it because of work, relationships, or friendships. They really can hit the spot quite perfectly. But it is not just in terms of helping with stress that they can be an asset to someone wanting to spend a bit of time healing up. Being able to relax and take the pressure off your muscles and joints can be of massive assistance to someone who has suffered an injury or is recovering from a tough session at the gym or training for their preferred sport. On top of all of that, taking a bath is a great way of cleaning yourself up, which nobody can disagree with the benefits of making that extra effort to make sure that you are sparkling clean. A great asset in having a bath like this and getting the most out of one is using a bath bomb. There really aren’t many ways of setting up your bath nicely without needing too much hassle. Because you just drop the bath bomb into the water and straight away you are off and ready to jump into your bath and start soaking in it. What a lot of people aren’t aware of, is that all that healing and stress relief can be improved even more without making any more effort than they are already doing so. As of now it is available to purchase CBD bath bombs for pain that are made using CBD, so now you can get all the benefits of having a normal bubble bath with your favourite bath bomb. But you can also get on top of that, the added benefits of soothing your mind and body by adding CBD to an already excellent bit of self therapy. 

What makes a CBD bath bomb even better than a normal bath bomb?

You might think that bath bombs are good enough already and that you don’t need anything else to get the most out of your experience using them. Whilst nobody is going to disagree that bath bobs are a fantastic addition to your cleaning routine, to say that there’s nothing that can improve the experience is something that could not be farther from the truth. There is a good chance that if you are drawing a bath with the intention of using a bath bomb. You are definitely looking to enjoy a much needed escape from the frantic nature of real life. So while soaking in warm water is a good way of doing this. If you are to make use of what CBD can do for you then you will be able to make that escape have a much longer lasting effect, and have you more and better equipped to tackle the challenges of real, day to day life. By using CBD bath bombs, you are not only able to smell and feel clean, but the cannabinoids help regulate the balances of your body’s internal chemistry and leave you feeling clean on the inside and the outside.


Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but those that love the Quarter Pounder can still rejoice!  For nearly 50 years the Quarter Pounder burger has been a craveable and delicious fan favorite. McDonald’s knows that love is always in the air for their die-hard burger enthusiasts, so the burger chain launched the Quarter Pounder Fan Club to give everyone a tangible way to publicly display their affection for the hot and deliciously juicy 100% fresh beef Quarter Pounder.  

This week is dropping an all new, limited-time line of fan club swag exclusively for Quarter Pounder enthusiasts including a Quarter Pounder Scented Candle Pack. The set of 6 custom scented candles in glass containers are inspired by the following Quarter Pounder ingredients: Bun, Ketchup, Pickle, Cheese, Onion, 100% Fresh Beef.

More info HERE.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington In A Snowman Candle

Remember when Jack Skellington disguises himself as a snowman while exploring Christmas Town for the first time? While he’s singing the best song on the soundtrack, “What’s This?” 

This candle brings that scene to life. When you light it, it slowly melts to reveal a metal figurine of Jack! How cool/spooky is that?

Order HERE from Hot Topic.

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Stephen King’s House To Become Museum And Writers’ Retreat

Constant readers will soon get the chance to hang out at Stephen King’s mansion in Bangor, Maine — although he likely will not be on the premises.

On Wednesday night, the Bangor City Council unanimously approved a request by King and his wife Tabitha to rezone their home as a non-profit, allowing it to house an archive of King’s work (offering restricted visits by appointment) and up to five writers at a time. The couple was not present at the meeting. In recent years, the family has spent most of their time on the road or in Florida or Oxford County, Maine, according to their lawyer, Warren Silver.

“The King Family has been wonderful to the City of Bangor over time and have donated literally millions of dollars to various causes in the community,” one of the city councilors, Ben Sprague, told Rolling Stone. “Preserving his legacy here in Bangor is important for this community.”

“They did not want the house to become a Dollywood or some kind of tourist attraction,” David Gould, a Bangor planning officer, told New England Cable News. “That would bring all sorts of people to the neighborhood, and they have other neighbors that live there.”

The King residence at 47 West Broadway has nevertheless become a kind of tourist destination over the years. Fans often snap photos in front of the house, a blood-red mansion with an ornate gate boasting all sorts of winged creatures.

In a 1983 essay, owned by the Bangor Historical Society, King explained that when he first moved to the town, the idea for IT was stewing in his mind. The book was set in fictional Derry, Maine, a proxy of Bangor.

“I had a very long book in mind, a book which I hoped would deal with the way myths and dreams and stories — stories, most of all — become a part of the everyday life of a small American city,” he wrote, detailing how he visited the town library to research its history. The librarian informed him that they had 12 tomes about Bangor, but none were all that good.

When King told her he wanted to write a novel set in the town, she replied “’Wonderful! Just like that fellow Ben Ames Williams! What a nice man he was! Sat in there every day for most of one summer. He was so pleasant and polite!… Who ever would have guessed what awful things he was writing!”

Williams was an American novelist and short story writer and, perhaps coincidentally, ended up sharing a first name with IT character Ben Hanscom, a frequent visitor to the Derry library.

Reprinted from Rolling Stone

Update: Stephen King clarified the purpose of the Bangor property on social media:

“There’s been a lot of recent press — and some misinformation — about what’s going on with the house at 47 West Broadway in Bangor.

We are in the very beginning of planning the writers’ retreat at the house next door,  providing housing for up to five writers in residence at a time. The zoning change getting press coverage was the first step. We are 1 to 2 years away from an operating retreat.  

The archives formerly held at the University of Maine will be accessible for restricted visits by appointment only. There will not be a museum and nothing will be open to the public, but the archives will be available to researchers and scholars.”

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IKEA & Ori Team Up To Develop ROGNAN Robotic Furniture For Small Living Spaces

Cities are booming and at the same time living spaces are shrinking. That’s why IKEA is exploring flexible and innovative solutions that empower people to have big dreams for small homes – introducing ROGNAN robotic furniture developed in collaboration with Ori.

To meet this need, IKEA is collaborating with Ori, an American startup that has developed robotic furniture for modern living and has been challenging the limitations of space in living spaces – now introducing ROGNAN. With ROGNAN as a robotic furniture solution for small space living, people will be able to turn small spaces into smart spaces that have all the comfort and convenience of a home. ROGNAN is a bed, closet, sofa, and desk all in one! 

ROGNAN is built on Ori’s robotic platform with system thinking in mind, working with the IKEA storage solution PLATSA as a standard geometry. This means that people can easily change the function and look of ROGNAN, or move PLATSA to another place if that’s needed, being more conscious and less wasteful of what you buy by prolonging the life of the product and letting the product adapt to your life changes. ROGNAN also works with TRÅDFRI cabinet and wardrobe smart lighting.

The form, function and price of ROGNAN is based on the needs of an urban, extreme small-space living consumer; determined through home visits, data and expertise in the IKEA retail markets of Hong Kong and Japan.

The first launch of ROGNAN will be in Hong Kong and Japan during 2020. 

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Advantages of Using Clearabee Bee Bags

One inescapable task of running a house is getting rid of rubbish. A pile of waste is both unsightly and a health hazard. If you are having an excess of rubbish such as after a house party, the Clearabee skip hire service can be quite helpful. The bee bags they provide will ensure that you do not have to deal with unsightly piles of rubbish in your home. Here are some of the benefits of this service. 

Same Day Delivery

When you use the skip hire service by Clearabee, you can expect the bee bag to be delivered to your home the same day. If you had visitors and the piles of rubbish became too much, this service is quite useful. You will get your bee bag in good time, which means it will not have time to become a health hazard. 

Varying Sizes

Whether it is just a bit of garbage or a lot of garbage from a small construction project in your home, you are covered. There are a wide array of bee bag sizes when you choose this skip hire service. You can choose a small one or a huge bee bag to accommodate all the rubbish. Some of the items that you might need to dispose of include soil, light construction waste, and garden waste.

Emergency Delivery

In most cases, the bee bags are delivered the next day after you place an order. However, some situations might demand you get the bee bag the same day. As such, Clearabee offers you the option to get rid of waste via a same-day request. The best part about this is that there is an option to order for labour too. Thus, you can sit back as your rubbish is safely taken far from your home and processed. 

24 Hour Delivery Guarantee

Once you place an order for bee bag delivery, the task is acted upon immediately. However, if any reason causes delays, do not lose hope since there is a 24-hour service. In case you need the bee bags delivered fast, there is a small extra fee. However, it is minimal compared with next-day delivery. 

Varying Payment Options

Once you decide that you need to get rid of rubbish, making a payment for the skip hire service is important. Clearabee offers various online payment options. As a result, you do not have to struggle just to utilise the skip service. The site is protected using modern technology to ensure that you are safe during the transaction. Best of all the service is affordable. There is also a loyalty program for those who wish to save on the costs of using the service. 

Availability at all Times

Rubbish might need to be disposed of at any time. Thus, the service is offered on the weekends, holidays, as well. On weekdays, the hours extend well into the evening to give room to those who need to make a late inquiry. No matter where you are, you can access this service and speak to the customer support team to make inquiries. 


Clearabee tries to meet all the needs of its customers. The scheduling is easy, and booking is possible via a phone call. In short, this is a flexible company. For those with environmental concerns, this is a great company. They recycle about ninety percent of all the waste they collect. As a result, they ensure that any waste that can be processed does not reach a landfill, which is not good for the environment. The company is also present on social media, where you can contact them for any further inquiries.


Fender Amp Mug

The Fender Amp Mug is an officially licensed Fender product. It’s an oversized ceramic mug that will help keep your drink warm. It features the shape and design of the original Fender amp. …This slick Fender Amp Mug is great for lovers of rock n’ roll! It’s also perfect for budding guitar players, Fender fanatics, and music fans in general.

Order HERE for $15.

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Can You Help Furnish The Brady Bunch House?

HGTV needs your help for their upcoming program A Very Brady Renovation!

As anyone who has ever watched any HGTV show knows, a renovation is never truly complete until the staging team comes in with furniture, decor and all the little details that really make a house a home. The renovation of The Brady Bunch house is no different. After all, is it really Carol and Mike’s place without the iconic horse statue in the living room?

In order to truly bring The Brady Bunch house back to life, HGTV needs vintage furniture and decor items true to the original TV series. As you can imagine, many of these items aren’t easy to find. From the living room couch and credenza to the home’s front door handles, HGTV has a whole list of sought-after items. Check out this photo gallery to see which items are in high demand.

If you own or know where to find any item ever featured in the The Brady Bunch home, you can let HGTV know by direct messaging any of HGTV’s social media channels, by sharing a photo of the item with the hashtag #verybradyreno, or by sending an email to

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Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser Record Player

The Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser that let’s you tape like a rock star! Personalize your space with this premium, nostalgic dispenser with woodgrain and silver finishes that keep it feeling modern. This dispenser is weighted for easy dispensing and can handle rolls up to 1500″ long. Keep your favorite Scotch Brand Tape at your fingertips. It’s the preferred tape for offices, home offices and schools.

– Record Player shaped tape dispenser with weighted base for easy dispensing
– White and woodgrain base with silver arm
– Includes 1 roll of Scotch Magic Tape
– Attached hub won’t get lost or misplaced
– Dispenser is refillable
– Holds 1 in. core tape, up to 3/4 in. wide and 1500 in. long

Order HERE.

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The Beatles & Crate And Barrel Come Together For New Home Decor Line

Crate and Barrel just introduced an exclusive art collection featuring images and illustrations of The Beatles. The collection includes 21 large framed pieces, framed on large scale, archival quality canvas.

Most of the artwork showcases the band’s milestone moments and three kids prints are included in the collection.  With a band as timeless as The Beatles, this art is sure to stay stylish in your home even as design trends fluctuate.

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