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The Beatles & Crate And Barrel Come Together For New Home Decor Line

Crate and Barrel just introduced an exclusive art collection featuring images and illustrations of The Beatles. The collection includes 21 large framed pieces, framed on large scale, archival quality canvas.

Most of the artwork showcases the band’s milestone moments and three kids prints are included in the collection.  With a band as timeless as The Beatles, this art is sure to stay stylish in your home even as design trends fluctuate.

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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo 

Marie Kondo comes to the rescue by helping people sort through the physical and metaphysical clutter in their lives on her new Netflix show, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

The diminutive Japanese “Tidy Guru” released her best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in 2014, which professed, among other things, one simple rule for people looking to clean up their homes: hold each item, and keep only the things that spark joy.

On the show which is streaming now, Marie visits a variety of families, including a couple with a baby on the way, a family who had to downsize homes, and a woman who lost her husband and is struggling to let go of his things.

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The Upside Down Christmas Tree

The online Christmas tree retailer Treetopia is selling a tree that faces upside down. This unique shape saves space and offers more room for presents 

Fall head-over-heels in love with Treetopia’s 7-foot Knocked Upside Down Christmas Tree. It features a full shape and 100% classic PVC needles with hand-strung clear lights that cast a warm glow during the holidays. Its unique shape makes it a whimsical backdrop for your beloved ornaments while providing ample space for presents.

The tree comes in either a trimmed or untrimmed version.

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Star Wars Yoda Metal Bookend

Display a collection of sacred Jedi texts—or your favorite page-turners—with a little help from Master Yoda. The bookend’s slanted design gives the effect of the revered Jedi Master using the Force to do the heavy lifting.

Order HERE from Hallmark for $19.95.

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5 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Move

If it’s been a while since your last move, or you are gearing up for your first, you might think that the process is a relatively simple one. All you need to do is pack up your things and load them into a truck, right?

You’re right, but there are a number of complications that can occur along the way. Even well thought out moving plans run into problems that are outside the realm of control. Here are five excellent examples, along with how you can smooth them over.

1. Your Hired Movers Never Showed Up

It happens a lot more than you might think, unfortunately. Without the helping hands you were counting on, what are you supposed to do now? How are you ever going to get your things to the apartments for rent in Bellevue?

When hiring a moving company, it is always best to make a deal that is in writing and signed by both parties. Calling them a week ahead of time to remind them of the date is also highly recommended. Ensure that they have the right address and phone number, too.

If your movers are a no-show, call the company to find out exactly what is happening. Sometimes, movers get behind schedule due to various complications such as traffic. Whatever you do, don’t panic.

2. The Moving Truck is Too Small

If you chose to rent a moving truck and haul your stuff on your own, then this problem is solved by making additional trips. If your journey is a long one, take the truck back and explain the situation. The company will most likely add on the difference for the larger truck with no extra costs.

If your movers showed up with a small truck, multiple trips can quickly rack up additional charges. Your best bet is to have them move the largest items in your home and transport smaller belongings in your personal vehicle. You should also call the company and demand any extra charges be removed, provided they did a home walk-through.

3. Injuries

When navigating tight corners or stairs, it isn’t unlikely for someone to suffer an injury or for your property to become damaged. Injuries can cause an instant change in plans for the day, which makes planning for safety a crucial part of the process.

Clear out any obstacles, wear comfortable clothing, and keep an eye on your shoelaces. Work with your moving buddies to ensure everyone remains as safe as possible when lifting heavy objects.

4. Damages

When it comes to damages, sometimes you’re simply out of luck. However, you are entitled to compensation if a moving crew damages your belongings. It isn’t an easy process, however, which makes labeling your fragile belongings beforehand the smarter option.

5. There’s No Parking

Apartment dwellers, you know what terrible experiences parking limitations can cause. Whether it’s paying extra charges to the movers or running out of time before you have to return your rented truck, this is a nightmare no one wants to experience. While some movers might be lucky enough to have ample parking at a place like the luxury apartments in Hercules, CA – Aventine apartments, the rest of us aren’t so lucky.

Your best bet is to work smart. Call ahead to see if you can reserve a parking space out front for moving day, or see if a friend can hold the space for you with their car until the movers arrive. Sometimes, you’re just going to have to pay the extra charge.

Moving can be a nightmare, which makes planning ahead for the unforeseen essential to a smooth transition. When the unexpected does happen, don’t panic. Remain calm and rely on your wits to make the most of the situation.


Bathroom Designs By Olympia Ceramica Inspired By DJ Gear

Gianluca Paludi, the artistic director for Olympia Ceramica, has created a series of stunningly sleek modern bathroom designs that take a cue from the spinning world of DJ’s. 

The deeply inset sinks look like turntables, while the faucets cut diagonally across the sinks as if it were the stylus arm and the mirror features old-school equalizer lights. 

Aptly titled “Vinyl“, these designs will be making their debut appearance at Salone del Mobile.Milano, which takes place April 17 – 22, 2018.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle

The Fowndry is featuring a stainless steel Star Wars Stovetop Kettle designed to resemble the silhouette of Darth Vader‘s iconic shiny black helmet. It also features a handle made out of his lightsaber hilt.

In space, no-one can hear you steam… which is a shame because the superbly menacing Darth Vader Kettle has a whistle that could awaken The Force. This officially licensed, high quality stainless-steel stovetop kettle will have 1.7L of water boiling with barely suppressed rage faster than you can say “the brew is strong with this one…”

You can order the kettle HERE for $70. 


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C by GE Sol – All-In-One Smart Light, Featuring Amazon Alexa Voice Control

A brighter idea for smarter homes: The C by GE Sol is an all-in-one smart light that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa. The industry’s first lighting product with Amazon Alexa integrated, the C by GE Sol is part of GE Lighting’s vision to unleash the power of your home, enabling you and your home to do more.

Product Info:

– Amazon Alexa Integrated: Featuring the functionality of a standalone Alexa device, the Sol by GE is wifi connected and allows you to use your voice to control lighting features, set timers, check the weather, tell time, and play music from your Alexa enabled music library.

– Exclusive Features: More than a smart light, the Sol features visual cues for clocks and timers, manual and automated light temperature variation that allows users to select the perfect hue to fit a mood or to ensure a smooth sleep cycle.

– Smart Lamp For Any Room: A perfect lighting solution for the office, the bedroom, the kitchen or living room. The C by GE Sol is a smart light that enhances the security and convenience of any room through voice control and scheduling via the C by GE app.

– Smart Home Ecosystem: As an Alexa powered device, the GE Sol works seamlessly with a wide range of smart home connected devices and thousands of Alexa skills. Part of the C by GE family, the GE Sol connects directly with other C by GE products such as C-Life and C-Sleep smart light bulbs.

– Sleek Modern Design: The result of solar inspiration, the Sol by GE features a sleek design that acts as an aesthetic bridge between functional technology and interior design.

Order HERE from Amazon for $113.

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How To Make Your Housewarming Party One To Remember

Moving into your new home is an exciting milestone for you and your family. It’s a chance to make new beginnings and memories together. You’ll also want to show your new abode to your friends and family, and in what better way than a housewarming party?

Make it one to remember by following a few essential tips that are going to help you do it right. It’s best to go all out than it is not to plan and hope for the best. Get ready to roll your sleeves up and work hard to make sure it’s an event worth talking about. Give it your all, but then remember to relax and have fun on the day of the party.

Send out Unique Invitations

Your invitations set the tone for the housewarming party. Instead of doing what everyone else does, create invitations using Adobe Spark’s Free Invitation Maker. They even have the option for you to make a video invitation. A video invitation gives you the flexibility to describe your date with music and narration, giving guests an experience they are sure not to forget. Give your guests a sneak peak of your house and end it with a teaser about having to come to the party to see more.

Secure Enough Food

Whatever you do, make sure there’s enough food. You don’t want to run short and have your guests leave hungry. No matter if you cook or cater, make sure there’s a variety of food options and that there’s plenty to go around. The food is one of the main reasons people go to a party and all they’ll discuss after. Talk through the menu with your spouse and go online to research different ideas and themes.

Get your House in Order

While you’re not expected to have all the details organized after you move in, you do want to have your home looking presentable for the party. Focus on the rooms where your guests will be spending the most time first. Have enough seating and spots for people to mingle. Include candles, décor and small touches that make it look and feel homey. Push your party out far enough in advance that you give yourself enough time to prepare and organize a bit before the big day.

Offer Entertainment

Whether it’s for the kids, adults or both, have entertainment that spices up your party and makes it enjoyable for all. Hire a band, have a bouncy house or play yard games. Make sure there’s music playing in the background and give your guests a few different options for how they can amuse themselves while at the housewarming party. Since it’s a big milestone in your life, it’s worth spending a little extra money to make the party that much more memorable.


Keep in mind all the work that goes into having a housewarming party when you decide to invite people over. Plan and prepare in advance, so you’re not rushing around at the last minute. Enjoy showing off your new home and spending time with your company on the day of the event.


Southern Lights Electric Bell Jar Table Lamp

Handmade in Nashville, Tennessee, this table lamp is an ideal choice for an end table, office desk or just about anywhere in your home. The lamp features a vintage style socket, cream cloth covered cord, and comes with an exposed old-school filament style bulb. The base is made of solid American Walnut and includes a hand silkscreened nameplate.

Order HERE for $135.

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