Magician Simon Pierro Performs iPad Beer Trick At The Hofbraeuhaus

Magician artist Simon Pierro shows the iPad magic at the world famous German “Hofbraeuhaus” in Munich, Germany.

Magician Mathieu Bich Fools Penn & Teller

On the Jonathan Ross-hosted magic competition show Penn & Teller: Fool Us, magicians are challenged to successfully fool world-renowned illusionists Penn and Teller for a chance to open for the duo at their long-running magic show in Vegas. Magician Mathieu Bich successfully fools Penn & Teller with his signature “Spreadwave” card trick.

Michael Chabon & Ayelet Walden Developing HBO Series Tentatively Titled Hobgoblin

HBO has commissioned famed screenwriter/author Michael Chabon (Wonderboys, Spider-Man 2) and his wife, novelist Ayelet Walden to develop a period piece detailing the exploits of magicians against Adolf Hitler. The series, tentatively titled Hobgoblin, will focus on a group of con men and magicians using their skills in deception and illusion to outwit the forcesContinue reading “Michael Chabon & Ayelet Walden Developing HBO Series Tentatively Titled Hobgoblin”

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