Stagecoach, The Presidential Limo

President-elect Barack Obama is getting a new ride to go with his new address on Jan. 20. General Motors Corp. recently delivered to the U.S. Secret Service a brand new presidential limousine (codenamed Stagecoach), replacing the 2006 model Cadillac DTS presidential limousine that President George W. Bush has used. The new limousine, dubbed the 2009Continue reading “Stagecoach, The Presidential Limo”

The Thousand Watch Project

Remember the pocket watch? With the advent of cell phones, wrist watches are dying a slow death. But it is difficult (if not impossible) to throw out your old wrist watch even if it is broken. Is that because when it was worn it was almost an integral part of the body? Does it representContinue reading “The Thousand Watch Project”

Portland’s Famed Powell’s Books May Get A Facelift

The famous bookstore an architect calls Oregon’s second-largest retail attraction, behind the Tillamook Cheese Factory, is in for an artsy facelift – the economy willing, The Daily Journal of Commerce reports. Portland architect Ernest Munch is designing a three-level building of 28,000 square feet to replace the structure that provides the main entrance to Powell’sContinue reading “Portland’s Famed Powell’s Books May Get A Facelift”

Spaghetti Trees

When this report was broadcast on the BBC in 1957, hundreds of people phoned in asking how they could grow their own spaghetti trees.  More hoaxes can be found HERE such as the left handed Whopper, the baseball phenom Sidd Finch and the Taco Liberty Bell.  

The DC Vault: A Museum-in-a-Book with Rare Collectibles from the DC Universe

In 1935, popular culture was forever transformed when DC Comics published the first book of “all new, all original” comic material. To the delight of millions of readers everywhere, the modern comic book was born, and from its pages came leaping an exhilarating cast of characters. Now The DC Vault ($33)unlocks DC Comics’ most fascinatingContinue reading “The DC Vault: A Museum-in-a-Book with Rare Collectibles from the DC Universe”

The Museum of Online Museums

The Museum of Online Museums is a repository of world wide museums, galleries and shows.  There is no admission or long lines and you can explore a multitude of wonderful quirky exhibits such as The Museum of Bad Album Covers, The Vintage Board Game Collection or The Comic Book Cover Browser.    

Roger Wood Clockmaker Extraordinaire

Roger Wood creates with time in mind. Yet even though the clock can be a consistent element of his work, it’s often secondary to its creation. Whether it’s a curious timepiece or a unique assemblage, Wood thrives on working with an immeasurable array of findings from the tarnished and forgotten to the odd or intriguing.Continue reading “Roger Wood Clockmaker Extraordinaire”

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