Limited Edition Beatles iPod Coming to Bloomingdales?

Though the Beatles‘ music remains unavailable on iTunes, Bloomingdales may play host to the first official meeting of the Fab Four and Steve Jobs’ device. The department store has acquired the rights to Beatles images from Apple Records and will produce a series of T-shirts, jackets and accessories that bear images from posters and albumContinue reading “Limited Edition Beatles iPod Coming to Bloomingdales?”

Sub Pop Turns 20

Despite the fact that Sub Pop has been declared dead twice in its 20 years on Earth, the venerable indie label that has taken its lickings kept on ticking, right up to the present day. Co founder/label president Jonathan Poneman says he started the label as “a blindly ignorant music fan.” And after breaking Nirvana,Continue reading “Sub Pop Turns 20”

Can Rick Rubin Resurrect ZZ Top?

According to Billboard, ZZ Top has signed a new record deal with Rick Rubin‘s American Recordings imprint through Columbia. The veteran rock trio is planning to hit the studio with Rubin producing, for an album more in keeping with “La Grange”-era ZZ Top than its pop-friendly ’80s sound, according to manager Carl Stubner. The bandContinue reading “Can Rick Rubin Resurrect ZZ Top?”

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