25 Classic Sesame Street Visits

With the kiddie show starting its 39th season today with an appearance by Feist, Entertainment Weekly counts their favorite celebrity guests who figured out how to get to Sesame Street — including Ben Stiller, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, and lots more.  Watch them HERE.  

The Return of The Banana Splits

Warners consumer products division has whipped up a new version of the Banana Splits. Hanna-Barbera’s 1960s phenom is returning in a multiplatform effort starting Sept. 2, with shorts and musicvideos airing on Cartoon Network and its website. Future efforts will include DVD and audio CD releases, as well as live performances. Turner Animation’s Stu SnyderContinue reading “The Return of The Banana Splits”

Stephen King: How TV Ruined Baseball

Yes, it’s a column about baseball. But before you click away (grumbling, ”If I wanted to read about sports, I’d subscribe to Sports Illustrated), let me add it’s also about TV and greed. Have you ever noticed that those two simply go together like peanut butter and jelly, or ”Cheech? This subject has been onContinue reading “Stephen King: How TV Ruined Baseball”

Rescue Me: Minisode 8: “Clue”

“Clue”- Sometimes even fire won’t stop the forces of nature. Lou, Franco, and Garrity engage in a battle of words and wits with a new game, while waiting for Mike the probie to finish his work. Watch Season 5 of Rescue Me on FX, Spring 2009.  

Rescue Me: Minisode 7: “Sandwich”

“Sandwich”- Lou and food go together like, well, Lou and food. Tommy (Denis Leary) and the boys enjoy a freakish food treasure hunt that sends Lou to the “bad” place, or more accurately Vinnie’s in Bay Ridge. Watch Season 5 of Rescue Me on FX, Spring 2009.  

Rescue Me: Minisode 6: “Supreme”

“Supreme”- Tommy’s (Denis Leary) dreams and nightmares follow him everywhere. When he steps out for a night in old New York, the women catch his eye, but past regrets and fiery demons catch his mind. Watch Season 5 of Rescue Me on FX, Spring 2009.  

The New Faces of LOST

Production on Lost‘s fifth season gets underway in 12 days, so that can only mean one thing: Fresh intel is starting to pour in! Sources confirm that Team Darlton is looking to introduce two new characters this season – and they’re both as mysterious as they are lethal. They’re also coming in as recurring playersContinue reading “The New Faces of LOST”

The 50 Most Famous Cars of All Time

Whether they were notable for their superior performance, or for the superior performers who drove them, RideLust’s list of the 50 Most Famous Cars pays homage to all the truly iconic automobiles of our time (and a few that slipped in under “editorial bias”…) So without further ado, and in no particular order here isContinue reading “The 50 Most Famous Cars of All Time”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Quiz

Hey, we needed something to do while we wait for Larry David to write season seven. How else would we get our fill of Larry and his social awkwardness? If you’re craving the show like we are, check out this Curb Your Enthusiasm quiz. It’s pret-ty, pret-ty good.  

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